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SBI Question of the Day: What should the Red Bulls do with Aaron Long this summer?

It’s no secret that the New York Red Bulls have become one of regular leaders in Major League Soccer when it comes to exporting talent abroad.

Recently, key figures like Matt Miazga and Tyler Adams have departed for Europe, while Jozy Altidore and Tim Howard provided the pathway years prior with their own excellence within the Red Bulls (formerly MetroStars) organization.

In 2019, the Red Bulls could be facing yet another scenario where they have to decide whether or not to keep star centerback Aaron Long, who currently has two-and-a-half years remaining on his contract.

Long’s contract, however, isn’t actually the issue in this case. With the U.S. Men’s National Team defender signed through the end of the 2021 MLS campaign, the Red Bulls hold all the control right now.

Several outlets have reported that a “mid-table English Premier League side” has placed a bid for Long this transfer window, to which the Red Bulls have declined.

With Long turning 27 in October though, his opportunity to complete a move to Europe could be closing if the Red Bulls opt to keep him past the summer transfer window.

In the previous cases of players like Miazga, Adams, Altidore and Howard, all four players were significantly younger than Long when they completed their respective moves to Europe. For that reason, the Red Bulls would likely need to offload Long soon in order to get a healthy return on the reigning MLS Defender of the Year.

If the Eastern Conference side does opt to go in the other direction though, it’s certainly not bad given how productive he has been since joining the club in 2016.

Plus, the Red Bulls currently lack depth at centerback behind Long, Amro Tarek and Tim Parker — who is expected to return soon from an injury. His experience will be key if the team wants to make another playoff push this season.

What do you believe the Red Bulls should do with Aaron Long this summer? Cast your vote in the poll below and let us know your thoughts on the moves in the comments section.

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    MLS inadvertently hurt themselves when they don’t help facilitate these types of moves.

    • If MLS wants to slow the surge of youth players fleeing for Europe at 18 they need to sell players that have offers and want to go. Adams was sold for around 3 million which now seems low even if it was an in house move, I think NYRB is going to want more than that for a mid season sale. Long’s age brings down his value, but with Chelsea allegedly shopping Miazga for 20 million MLS is going to hold out.

  2. NYRB can have an opportunity to play in the MLS playoffs every year, Aaron Long will get this opportunity once in his lifetime.

  3. I’ve been a Red Bulls fan for years but YES, please sell him as he needs Euro experience to help the USMNT even more. COUNTRY FIRST!

  4. Sell if price is right, he is 26 probably won’t get much better offer going forward. MLS should try to be a selling league.

  5. I do agree if the price is high enough, sell. Without knowing the money you can’t answer.
    NYRB has not won a MLS championship yet ( supporters shield yes )….Toronto has, the difference. Toronto brought IN Altidore mentality, versus NYRB, sell to Altidore to Europe mentality.
    MLS is competitive. I realize that you all but have to sell sometimes, MLS is a mediocre money league and compared to England mediocre might as well be small, but most teams in England aren’t even trying to win the league. Not so in MLS. MLS teams care.
    So the real question is……How is NY going to replace him? Easily, ok sell, if no, then you better hang on, or see your fans griping cause you didn’t make the playoffs.

  6. The Red Bulls need him if they are to have any chance at MLS Cup this year. Tarek looks promising, but he still has a way to go. Barring injury, he will be just as valuable in January as he is now. In any case, I think the Red Bull already said he would stay (not that teams don’t change their minds).

  7. This question gets so laden in bias. How many teams do you think turn around and sell a player they like that they just re-signed in February? Any ideas of market value on a transfer fee may not incorporate the additional value of being under a new contract. Beyond that, why not on our schedule rather than theirs. Shop window is open in December at the end of league. Why disrupt our teams with a few months left so the buyer gets a seamless opening day?

  8. Sell him if he’s worth more than market value (> 8 Million). if he doesn’t make it, you could always buy him back for less than what you sold. Otherwise it could be risky if he gets injured and his value depreciates.


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