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Sources: Fiorentina set to make multi-million dollar bid for Busio

The U.S. Under-17 Men’s National Team’s disappointing showing at the Under-17 World Cup did nothing to slow down the rising interest in U-17 standout Gianluca Busio, who has multiple European clubs lining up to try and land him in the upcoming winter transfer window.

Fiorentina is preparing a transfer offer of more than $3 million, sources with knowledge of the impending offer told SBI on Monday. The transfer interest from Fiorentina, first reported by Italian media on Monday morning, isn’t the only interest among Serie A teams, as several are interested in securing the 17-year-old attacking midfielder, who holds an Italian passport.

Sources tell SBI that Genoa is also preparing an offer for Busio, while multiple English Premier League clubs are also interested. Liverpool and Wolves have scouted Busio in person, while Sporting Kansas City scouting director Edward Burleson was recently quoted as identifying interest in Busio from Manchester United and Inter Milan.

While interest in Busio is ramping up, Sporting Kansas City manager and sporting director Peter Vermes cautioned that there was nothing close on the transfer front regarding Busio.

“There’s been interest in him for the past 18 months, and I knew it would pick back up, but it’s not something we’re rushing into by any means,” Vermes told SBI. “Is there interest? Sure, there’s a lot of interest from a lot of different people at the moment, but we’re not in any rush to make a deal. It’s really simple.”

Vermes would not discuss what Sporting Kansas City’s price tag is for Busio, or what types of offers have been made. He did confirm to SBI that Fiorentina made a formal offer for Busio before the Under-17 World Cup, but noted the offer was nowhere close to anything Sporting KC would consider. A source with knowledge of Fiorentina’s intentions tells SBI that an improved offer is imminent, though Busio’s price could rise considerably as English Premier League clubs become involved in the transfer chase.

Busio made 22 appearances for Sporting KC in 2019, registering three goals and an assist. He was one of the few bright spots for the USMNT Under-17s, which crashed out of the Under-17 World Cup without a win, performing well enough to boost the already-established interest in him from European clubs eager to land one of the most highly-rated young Americans in the USMNT talent pipeline.

Busio has one more year left on his current contract with Sporting KC, but the team holds option years on the deal for the 2021 and 2022 seasons.

Sporting KC is clearly willing to listen to offers for Busio, but Multiple reports claim the club has placed a $10 million price tag. That figure has become the standard price often linked to top young MLS talent, a figure that happens to still be the highest price ever paid for an American MLS product (by Villarreal for Jozy Altidore in 2007). Alphonso Davies’ transfer to Bayern Munich in 2017, valued at a reported $22 million, shattered the record for transfer paid for an MLS player.


  1. As an African American, I would certainly think long and hard about a move to Serie A. The stories of racist fan abuse are troubling. The response from some clubs and their supporters’ groups more so.

    • I agree brother. Italy, Russia, and some of the eastern European countries are disgustingly racist. If Busio does go to Italy, I hope he gets some thick skin and excel. I was disappointed Josh Perez didnt get a chance when he was at Fiorentina.

  2. What happened to him at the U17 World Cup? Overhyped and couldn’t compete at his own age level yet ready to compete against grown men in the EPL or Serie A?

    • You seriously think the Busio is overhyped? Not just trolling?
      I am with Vermes, why would you sell him if you can keep him? You wouldn’t, at least not for $3 million. What are the Sporks going to do with $3 million, try to find another Busio?

      • I agree with both of you…

        1. Busio looked awful and disinterested for U-17s. While I am sure he is a talent it did not show at that event

        2. Hold out for as much as possible. If 3M was opening offer see what they come back with. I would however not be greedy as his value could drop as easily as go up.

      • He is a luxury player, who can combine well and has some tricks inside the box. Outside of the box, he does not do anything better than anyone else on the team. He is not a two way player so he can only play behind the forward or attacking midfielder. No team (EPL/Serie A) is going to give him time to develop unless he is playing on a team that values young players. Realistically he isn’t ready to produce in that position at the EPL/Serie A level.

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