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Brian McBride named new USMNT general manager

The U.S. Soccer Federation has hired three-time FIFA World Cup veteran Brian McBride as the new General Manager for the U.S. Men’s National Team, announcing the hire on Friday.

McBride will begin the position immediately, joining USMNT head coach Gregg Berhalter and the rest of the staff and players for January Camp in Bradenton, Fla.

A veteran of 95 USMNT appearances with the USMNT, McBride  scored 30 goals during a 14-year international career with the national team.

McBride, who will report to U.S. Soccer sporting director Earnie Stewart, was chosen from a list of 20 domestic and foreign candidates. Stewart, assisted by USWNT General Manager and Head of Women’s Football Kate Markgraf, conducted interviews with multiple candidates before recommending McBride to the Technical Committee for approval and the U.S. Soccer Board of Directors for ratification.


  1. This seems a positive move. By all accounts McBride is an outstanding person, hard working, humble, focused. The big question is what exactly will he do. Hopefully he’ll be able to convince Gregg certain players don’t belong (ehhh Roldan) and communicate better with potential players about US interest. He’s been critical but fair to the NT as an analyst, as opposed to some of the former NT players that just like to grand stand get themselves attention.

    • Yeah. It’s pretty hard to quantify a hiring for a position whose responsibilities seem so unclear. The more undefined positions US Soccer creates in it’s “organization”… the more ambiguity it creates and even less accountability if that’s possible.

      Hard for any USMNT fan to not love McBride- myself included. Big fan- hoping for something positive here.

      That said……… I can not help but notice… again… and be dismayed at the fact that when US Soccer makes a hire- you can be absolutely certain it will be a friend, former team mate or family member. Inbreeding hampers accountability/self criticism and limits the variety in DNA- thoughts, ideas, creativity.

      • I don’t buy this argument that hiring guys that have worked together/played together is bad. Berhalter played and coached for/with Arena and their styles and preparation couldn’t be more different. Just because you work with someone doesn’t mean you agree on everything I have a lot of co-workers and family that I block on social media because we differ so much. Finally try to name a sports organization that was successful when management and the coaching staff weren’t on the same page? I’m sure someone will name one or two but it’s rare. If McBride can go on National television and talk about mistakes that Stewart and Berhalter made he can do it in conference room.

      • Not saying it can not or should not ever happen- but when every hire is this way- you are clearly not scouring the globe for the very best qualified, PROVEN candidates available. I’m supporting Berhalter, and think he shows potential, but he is very unproven/inexperienced as International managers go. Waiting over a year, putting the entire program in limbo for a guy of his stature in the game clearly demonstrated being “one of their boys” is elevated above all other criteria. McBride is obviously a quality person, knows the game- has zero experience is a complete unknown in this capacity.

        I’m reluctant to type this under a McBride hiring, but am being honest about what I see… even being a bit of a fanboy of his. I absolutely hope he absolutely kills it in his new job…. and that US Soccer expands their horizons/vision.

  2. Y’all probably dont remember it at all, not that I blame you, but right after the T&T loss i posted and used a good portion of that post to extoll the mentality that McBride and his generation had when they put on a USJersey, compared to the lack of drive, pride, and grit that the US developed under JK. I dont know how good of a GM he will make but I am excited and cautiously optimistic that having him so involved will finally begin to bring that back. We have the skill we need to be better than we have ever been, but we need the right mentality. Here’s hoping he can help bring that back.

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  3. Bride was a great, courageous player. I will never forget the 2002 WC game w Portugal. After the USA was up, and Portugal was pretty much out of the game, Portugal started fouling McBride every time he touched the ball. McBride took it in stride and smiled as he picked himself up off the ground. He knew the USA was going to win and no physical play was going to stop his enjoyment of that. Later he would demonstrate the same toughness, staying in games after fouls that would have sent most players out of the game.

    In 2006, he was the lone consistent scoring threat for the US; he took all the abuse that entails both on and off the field in stride.

    If he can bring that same toughness and disregard for criticism to his new job, he may well be a great choice.

  4. If he has the guts to step on GB then Im for this. He has to see that we are on the road to nowhere right now due to player selection and coaching. This might be our only chance to pull out of the death spiral GB has us in. That is if he has the authority to force change. If hes just a figure head then we’re finished

  5. Great move as it will be his job to “foster a growth mentality for the USMNT and to help Ernie Stewart make sure this mindset takes place also at all the youth levels. This shows they are serious about the world cup and strengthening US SOCCER as a whole. Bringing in someone who really was a captain will help strengthen that mentality that was lost during the Las qualifying cycle and diminished when we didn’t qualify for world cup.

  6. I’m on board with it. Not saying it’ll work but at least he’s someone who isn’t afraid to make an opinion of disagreement known to Berhalter. Quote from him….”It’s critically important for everyone to understand the privilege and pride that goes with wearing the jersey, and I’m excited about the opportunity to build relationships with players and clubs that align with the philosophy and values of U.S. Soccer.

    “In this position, part of my job is to work alongside Gregg and his staff in fostering a growth mentality for the USMNT and to help Earnie ensure that this mindset is present in all of our youth national teams. I look forward to working with Earnie and Kate to continue the progress we have made in the last two decades.”

    In other words, so toughen up mentality

  7. USMNT is lost right now in terms of identity,strategy, player transitioning, team design and our focus……maybe, just maybe, McBride is the GM that can help build the team comradary we were accustom to and possibly help bring back the “American Fight” he is known for into the National Team

    Now stop play and give Dempsey, Donovan, Howard and Beasley a call to be part of the management core!!!!! lol

      • Boca serves as an advisor to USSF. ATL’s player development hasn’t been very good. Robinson is a big success but Carleton, Goslin and others have gone nowhere. Even Bello didn’t show much progress last year although injured for a big stretch.

    • Silver you have your clubs mixed up Howard just announced as sporting director for USL squad Memphis 901 that he’s part owner of.

  8. Just because someone was a good or decent player does not mean it will translate to them being a good coach or manager. SMH

    • I agree but being a great player isn’t what is going to make McBride a good manager. His qualities that will are that he is smart, thoughtful, knowledgeable, and has drive. Couldn’t have picked a better person that would have taken the job. He also doesn’t have to move as he still lives in Chicago.


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