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Galaxy announce signing of ‘Chicharito’

The Chicharito era is officially underway in Los Angeles.

After weeks of rumors regarding a potential arrival, the Galaxy have announced the signing of Javier ‘Chicharito’ Hernandez as a Designated Player. The Galaxy came to an agreement with Spanish side Sevilla for the Mexican striker, but it is not clear yet whether a transfer fee was involved.

“Javier has consistently scored goals in top leagues throughout the world and has been his country’s most successful player over the last decade,” said LA Galaxy general manager Dennis te Kloese in a prepared statement. “He is a competitor who has proven success at the highest level and has scored the most goals ever of one of the best teams in Concacaf. We think he can be one of Major League Soccer’s best attacking threats and help our team in multiple ways.

“We are excited to bring Javier to Los Angeles and we look forward to him representing this city and our fans as a member of the LA Galaxy.”

The Mexican national team’s all-time leading scorer, Hernandez, 31, is coming off a disappointing brief stint with Sevilla. He started just four times in nine league matches for the club he signed with last summer, and scored just once in those appearances.

For the Galaxy, however, Hernandez will fill the void at the striker position left by the polarizing Zlatan Ibrahimovic. The former Real Madrid and Manchester United forward will also give the Galaxy a new superstar with international appeal and a chief Mexican protagonist to rival compatriot Carlos Vela in the derby matches against crosstown foe LAFC.

“The LA Galaxy continue to pursue top talent across the world that will improve our team,” said Galaxy president Chris Klein in the same statement. “Javier is one of most successful players in our region and an iconic figure in this community. The LA Galaxy have represented Los Angeles and have been the benchmark in Major League Soccer since 1996, and our pursuit of the world’s best players for our club will continue to play a part in our success.

“We are excited to add Javier to our club and look forward to him representing the LA Galaxy in our stadium and in the Los Angeles community.”

Hernandez, whose announcement also unveiled the Galaxy’s new home jersey, is set to make his MLS debut in the team’s season opener on Feb. 29 against the Houston Dynamo. His first home game in Los Angeles will be held a week later in a match vs. the Vancouver Whitecaps on March 7.


  1. As an LA Galaxy fan, here is why I hate this signing: Yes, I have a natural dislike for Chicharito because he plays for El Tri, just like I did with the GDS signing 4 years ago. But I think Jona Dos Santos was a smart signing and was done for the right reasons, Jonathan has produced and is the most important player for LAG this season.

    What bothers me about the Chicharito signing is the obvious pandering to the Mexican fan base, or more precisely this hopeless efforts by MLS to try and create a Mexican fan base. It just ain’t gonna happen. They have a superiority complex about Liga MX, and MLS is way beneath their precious sensibilities. Meanwhile, MLS and LAG don’t take into consideration the fact that by trying to attract Mexican fans and bringing over their non-producing icons, they are alienating longtime fans like myself. Will I keep up with the team this season? Probably. Will my son and I make a 6 hour roundtrip to see them play in Orlando, after they made Chicharito their star? Absolutely not.

    • The Galaxy have not learned from the mistake (Luis Hernandez) of pandering to a certain ethnic group? So were the Mexicans still hiding out in the woodwork? You know they always come out for El Tri, but not for a specific player.

      They way overpaid for this guy. History repeats itself and they will return to hiding in the woodwork.

  2. I don’t think this signing is good. I think with that kind of money you can get quite a bit more than that. LA Galaxy should be contention for winning MLS spending that kind of money. I wonder if they make the playoffs.

  3. Regardless of his impact or relevance to MLS, this signing actually brings some excitement to the league. I am looking forward to what he bring… it all hype or is he REALLY that good? MLS is not one of the top leagues in the world or anything but one thing I know FOR SURE about this league…..MLS WILL EXPOSE YOU AS A PLAYER.

    Jozy Altidore, Michael Bradley, Gedion Zelalem, Kenny Saief, Terrence Boyd, Joe Gyau, Caleb Stanko…..and the list goes on and on

    Slip and you might never be in the Mexican National Team again……ever. Good luck

    • People (mostly Mexicans) act like he is the second coming of Jesus. Please! This guy is an overhyped, overpaid Mexican version of Taylor Twellman.

      Initially, he will score goals since defenders haven’t adapted to his strengths but by play off time, teams will adapt and put their quickest and strongest players on him, and he will be shut down like similar players of this type have been. e.g., Dom Dyer

      You’ve already seen it happen in Germany, England (West Ham), and Spain (Sevilla).

  4. LOL. Since message baords have been around long enough now u should read the studies of the people who post like u. There is a clear correlation to life not being so good to you in the real world that u act out here. The emotionally unbalanced, ignorant and angry thrive here. I wish u well in whatever issues befall u in life. I’m sure it cnt be easy for u.

    • Typical beta-hipster without balls or backbone. Go drink your soy.

      Unlike you, I do care for L.A. and hate seeing continue to become such crappy place.

  5. WOW. All hipster white boys are happy now!

    The “little pea” has been sucking the last three season, kissing up to non-existence fanbase (that hates U.S. Soccer), and piss-off most Hispanic fans. This is way below third-rate Ibra!

      • I am Hispanic, not mexican. South Americans and Central Americans are not pro-mexico , actually most us support USNT vs mexico.

      • I am not mexican, you cuck simp! Don’t use “vato” crap with me.

        Born Uruguay and grew-up in L.A. and disable combat vet <

    • All this racist talk should get you banned. This is a soccer website, not a place for you to put people in their place due to their skin color.

      • Why not banned racist remarks from mexican media? Reason why most us Hispanics don’t support mexico, and most white middle-class progressive put Hispanics into one group, now that’s racist.

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