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Gio Reyna scores brace in preseason win

Borussia Dortmund continued its preseason camp and Giovanni Reyna was at the forefront of the Bundesliga side’s attack.

Reyna continued his strong preseason, scoring a brace in Dortmund’s 11-2 win over Austria Wien on Sunday. The 17-year-old now has three goals in two appearances, putting in strong performances for Lucien Favre’s squad.

His first goal came after some nice build-up play from Dortmund before the young forward hit a low shot into the bottom corner.

Reyna added his second later in the first-half, sliding a shot in from close range to keep his strong run of form going.

The U.S. Men’s National Team prospect was substituted off at halftime, making way for Nico Schulz. Dortmund would roll to another win in its preparations for the new league season.

Reyna made 18 combined appearances for Dortmund last season, scoring one goal and adding one assist. He was brought into the first team fold in Jan. 2019 and will now look for continued first team minutes this season.

Borussia Dortmund kicks off its domestic season on Sept. 12th against lower league side Duisburg.


  1. Ok no disagreement. Thefe are many ways to make the future sound sexy. Better question— how do people see Reyna’s future I’m the context of other existing great players? Who is the analogy?

    • I think that’s tough at this point, he’ll be tied to Pulisic because they both started at BvB. It would be easy to compare him to Dempsey and CP to Donovan based on their size. If he continues on his path he will likely make a big club move just as CP did around age 20 or 21. That would put him in a place to be #1 or 2 all time if he puts up decent numbers. That’s a lot of ifs though.

    • In the US context, Dempsey is the closest. Reyna looks like he is going to be an “in-betweener” that could almost be a 2nd striker, winger, and a 10 all at the same time. If we are dreaming, I think his ceiling is like Thomas Muller and Kevin De Bruyne level. Guys that are dangerous in so many ways you end up just building around them. Obviously we need to see what a full season with more minutes look like. While those comps seem crazy, at the same age KDB was with Genk’s u19 team, and Muller didn’t debut at Bayern until he was 20. And Dempsey was in High school!!! It’s a fun time to dream about the USMNT.

  2. Here’s my projected rosters should the rumored Oct US based camp and Nov. Euro camp take place. I personally think the Oct US camp is a bad idea public health wise but that’s above my pay grade.

    Backups: Horvath, Dos Santos(?), Gloster, EPB,Richards, CCV, Chandler, Cappis, Holmes, Green, Llanez, Boyd, Weah, Ledezma
    If Cannon, Pomykal, Aaronson are moved then they’d be likely inclusions.
    Johnson, Hamid, Gasper, McKenzie, Keita(?), Duncan, Sands, Williamson, Acosta, Lewis, Akinola, Ebobisse, Zardes
    Sure I forgot someone.

    • I think there are too many non caped players or players who have yet to play a professional minute(Ledesma, Gloster, Llanez) and some who have played very little first team minutes(Richards, Weah, so that is more of a pipe dream than reality atm. Now, if those players break into their first teams and are playing then sure, call them in, or Greg could take the approach he took before Covid and call in players just to get a look at them to see how they fit in with the more veteran players!

      • I went on the premise that players would not be able to travel from the US to Europe without a quarantine period. Thus younger players would have to be included. Although Llanez was given a January shot because of Olympic qualifying he proved to Gregg younger players that haven’t broken into first teams still offer a lot.

  3. Reyna is making a strong case for himself to be in the XI for BvB for the upcoming season. I realize that it’s preseason, and the level of competition isn’t all that great, but he’s performing well and has clearly been a dangerous attacker.
    I am looking forwards to the day when we get Reyna & Pulisic on the field together. I still feel that in Gregg’s system/style Reyna be deployed as a wide attacker…at least to start. But believe that the 2 of them will provide a balance to the USMNT’s attack that we haven’t seen for years.
    Once the international game returns I’m hoping we’ll finally see what a Full strength squad will finally look like.

    • I think we’ll see Reyna and Pulisic in inverted winger roles for the NT (similar to where they play for their clubs. That means we’ll need FBs that can get forward for width which isn’t a problem in the right but is on the left.

    • For now. Personally I don’t care to see Reyna on the wings for any longer than we have to. A 6’1” (and perhaps still growing) player with Reyna’s apparent gifts is like pennies from heaven. Once he is ready, he belongs at the heart of the attack.

      • Think about wher Pulisic plays for Chelsea now imagine it’s Reyna making that back post run. Think about how central CP gets, I’d rather have Sargent dragging the CBs out of the way and let Pulisic play it back to Reyna going against a smaller FB. Just me though.

      • Ok no disagreement. Thefe are many ways to make the future sound sexy. Better question— how do people see Reyna’s future I’m the context of other existing great players? Who is the analogy?

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