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Reyna, Richards remain under close watch by Berhalter


The U.S. Men’s National Team has yet to announce a schedule for this Fall, but once it does head coach Gregg Berhalter has plenty of decisions to make for the roster.

Two players on the radar of Berhalter and his coaching staff are Borussia Dortmund forward Giovanni Reyna and Bayern Munich defender Chris Richards, whom are currently continuing their developments overseas. Both players are under 21-years-old and have represented U.S. Youth National Team in the past, but are now knocking on the door of the senior team.

The 17-year-old Reyna broke into Dortmund’s first team in January and was scheduled to make his USMNT debut last Spring before the pandemic forced international friendlies against the Netherlands and Wales to be postponed. After impressing with the Bundesliga side and helping it finish as runners-up behind eventual winners Bayern Munich, Reyna is expected to get a chance with the USMNT once play is determined and set to resume.

“Gio hasn’t played an A-level international match yet only because our friendlies against Holland and Wales in March were canceled on account of the coronavirus pandemic,” Berhalter said in an interview with German outlet Bild. “He’ll get a chance in our next international match, that’s very clear. Reyna has a fantastic mentality. He’s still a teenager but plays like an old BVB he now has a great chance of starting a great career.”

Reyna, 17, scored one goal and added one assist for Lucien Favre’s team last season, debuting in three different competitions. The young and exciting forward has also risen through the ranks of U.S. Soccer, scoring 15 goals in 32 combined appearances for the Under-17, U-16, and U-15 teams. He will look to join an attack which features Christian Pulisic, Josh Sargent, and Weston McKennie.

The 20-year-old Richards also made his Bundesliga debut last season for eventual treble winners Bayern, but saw most of his playing time come with Bayern’s U-23 team. Richards made 30 combined appearances for Bayern II, scoring four goals and ultimately helping them win the 3. Liga title despite not being able to earn promotion.

Richards is one of many defensive prospects waiting in the wings at Bayern, but also for the USMNT. A former U.S. U-20 Men’s National Team player, Richards is also eligible for a senior call-up later this year and Berhalter has remained to keep watch on his rise with the German giants.

“Of course I also am keeping an eye on him. Chris is one of our central defenders for the future,” Berhalter said. “I’m very happy with his development, and I think the cooperation and the regular communication between us as an American association and FC Bayern is outstanding.”

“We are trying to develop a great player from a great talent together. Bayern has a plan with Chris, he has optimal conditions in Munich, and he’s receiving competitive experience. He will raise his already strong level even further in the new season.”

Both players will kick off their respective Bundesliga schedules on the weekend of Sept. 19th. Bayern Munich takes on Schalke in the opening game of the weekend while Borussia Dortmund hosts rivals Borussia Monchengladbach the next day.


  1. Maybe some have forgotten how we looked before the COVID hit but I havent. All this time off has given Gregg basically a restart. It will be interesting to see if he’s smartened up with his payer selection during his time off. I still have zero faith in him, his tactics, or his player selection. I DO NOT WANT TO MISS ANOTHER WC and I do not think Gregg will ever get us there

    • So easy to forget Adams was available for one match last year, Brooks for 2, Weah wasn’t available for the fall. Reyna hadn’t even played a pro match. Those four pretty quickly eliminate these “poor roster” decisions.

    • US Soccer has not confirmed these, I know it’s on Wikipedia which is only about 50/50. A lot of the roster will be determined by quarantine guidelines in the countries they play in. If say Germans returning have to quarantine for 2 weeks upon return they aren’t going to be released by their clubs.

  2. Hot take of the day, Busio starts as our DM in one of the June qualifiers in 2021 behind Adams and McKennie. Which is more likely Wes and Tyler stay healthy or Busio continues to get better as a regista?

  3. Yeah, I think the headline sort of unintendedly implies that Gio isn’t a lock but that he’s only “on the radar” haha. It’s pretty clear that Gio, Pulisic, McKennie, Adams, and Sargent are our top options right now.

    Of course, there will be the odd commenter wondering why Paxton Pomykal isn’t being called in.

  4. Seems pretty clear in every interview that Berhalter sees the obvious talent- plans on using Reyna. It also seems he is settling in and growing past the security blanket of using players he’s previously coached over obviously superior choices. Will Trapp inked into the line-up was… painful.

    • I don’t think it was a security blanket thing at all, especially when you look at the pool, how many injuries to players who were thought to have been in the team by now and the inability of other players not breaking through with their club teams. Greg has always been a proponent of bringing in younger players but more importantly also let it be known that if you are not playing at the top level for your club(the first team)a call up will have to wait. There are obviously anomalies for everything but I don’t think our pool has anyone that fits that bill thus we saw players who may not be as talented as others but who nevertheless were playing in the first team at club level

    • Who else was there at the time? Security blanket. Ridiculous statement w incredible built in bias on full display.
      The Adams at right back outrage is also pure Idiocy. He has played once for GB. Adams current coach plays him that way. Top coaches all over the world play fullbacjs like midfielders and Adams has the traits but nooooo….one friendly and GB is a fool! The worst fans in the US…US Nat only fans. They are a true cancer to the growth of the game at all levels here. A pox on all of these close minded, ignorant, emotionally unbalanced, immature clowns

      • So if some disagree with your take they are “closeminded, ignorant, emotionally unbalanced, immature clowns.” I am sorry, name calling is the best example of immaturity one can give.

      • Take a deep breath my friend. That’s a pretty hysterical over reaction to what I posted… It’s not even anti-Berhalter- just didn’t happen to like that particular line-up selection and how long it took to go another direction when it wasn’t working. I see promise w/ Berhalter. Think he will grow into the position. At the very least lay in the let’s wait and see camp as we’ve seen so little from him and our national team during his tenure in these weird times in the world and with US Soccer. Lol… your rant regarding Adams who I never mentioned is rather telling. Guess you are responding to previous anti-Berhalter posts more than me? Trapp is a capable MLS player – in my opinion is not international quality. (although frankly, his play with Miami has been tepid at best) Trapp deserved a look- I just happen to think he got a much longer look- a huge benefit of the doubt as a result of being familiar to GB. You may disagree, but that is hardly an outrageous perspective.

  5. To all the naysayers, I don’t know how Gregg can be more clear about Gio! Perhaps this will put a stop to people posting how 3G has not put him on the “Pulisic” path.

    • I don’t think many (if any) of us have questioned if Gio was going to be on the camp call-up list once Gio began seeing consistent minutes at BvB.
      What I and many others have questioned is if Gregg would be willing to put Gio into the starting XI in his 1st call-up. That is a question that won’t be answered until international games resume and Gregg has the full player pool to select from.
      If all healthy, will Gregg choose:
      Bradley/Yueill over Adams @ CDM
      Morris over Gio @ RM
      Roldan/Llitget over Gio @ CAM
      Lovitz/Vines over A. Robinson on the roster as LB options.
      These are questions that we’re waiting to be conclusively answered.

      • If you piece together his comments and look at how the team was aligned in Nov. and Jan. I think we have a pretty good idea in terms of midfield. Now if Gio plays as a true #10 all fall that might change.
        The only comparable in terms of if he starts would be Dest, and he started his first appearance. It’s uncertain if their will be NT friendlies this fall but if there is an all-Europe camp who would start over Gio? The likelihood that those 5 players I named in the MF are healthy by June seems kind of low given the last five years though.
        In terms of LB I’m not sure. If he goes with Gio/Cp in that inverted winger role that both play for club you need width from your FBs so that eliminates Ream playing LB. I’m still not sure Dest won’t play LB with Cannon at RB. I’m not sold Robinson has the technique to combine with Pulisic. Vines hasn’t progressed the way people had hoped, and Gloster is on the bench at PSV II.
        There is a poster who is constantly crying about how Reyna wasn’t called and that Gregg doesn’t rate him. Even though we all know Gio was with the U17 WC team in Oct and Nov and was going to be called in March if not for the largest global pandemic in 100 years.

      • The only one I can see manifesting itself, and not even really a manifestation but more a continuance is JMo staying in the starting lineup, and with the way he’s been playing for over a year you can argue he deserves to stay in the lineup. Gio can be and probably will be moved inside, where I believe he will be more effective and it allows him to be on the field with Morris who is arguably one of our best players right now! Bradley I think is done, especially considering his recent injury, Yueill is a bench option, as well as lleget and Roldan!

    • Ronniet: We are so far away it’s hard to say. How many people would have picked Morris or Reyna a year ago to even be battling for a position. If Aaronson makes a January move and gets time in Germany or Cardosa continues to see quality minutes in Brazil. What happens if Weah returns to form and in what position. It seems like every year there is someone who comes out of no where. Does Konrad take advantage of the dumpster fire in Barcelona and translate that into quality minutes in La Liga? Does Mendez, Llanez, or Ledezma finally breakout of U23 ball? Really if just one of those what ifs happen we’d be in good shape. Let’s just hope it’s not another year of injured did not play being the most common weekly report.


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