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Reports: Juventus considering keeping McKennie from international duty


Weston McKennie is expected to make his first U.S. Men’s National Team appearance in 2020, but reportedly due to the COVID-19 pandemic may be forced to stay in Italy for the time being.

Just two days after Josh Sargent was replaced on the November USMNT roster, McKennie may be forced to stay at Juventus, several Italian outlets reported Friday. Juventus, along with Napoli, are considering keeping their players from heading out on international duty this month.

McKennie is scheduled to join up with his USMNT teammates in Wales ahead of a November 12th friendly against the hosts in Swansea. He would then face Panama in Austria on the 16th before returning to Turin before a Serie A match against Cagliari on November 21st.

The Serie A side has already seen McKennie, along with fellow teammates Cristiano Ronaldo and Paulo Dybala test positive for COVID-19 this calendar year, with Ronaldo missing time after joining Portugal on October international duty.

As for McKennie’s USMNT teammate Sargent, he was forced to stay in Germany by Werder Bremen due to the fact he would have to quarantine for five days after leaving the country.

The USMNT could also be without Christian Pulisic for its upcoming matches due to the playmaker’s hamstring injury which has kept him out of this weekend’s showdown with Sheffield United.

Juventus travels to Lazio on Sunday morning in its final match before the international break. The defending champions currently sit in third place behind leaders AC Milan and second place Sassuolo.


    • From what I understand, the body only produces COVID antibodies for 4-5 days. Last I checked, there have been 3 cases in the US, where people have gotten it a 2nd time. There are also people, who recover from the virus, but their bodies have been drained of antibodies, that it affects certain organs, causing organ damage. There so much they’re still learning. I’m not a doctor, so if there’s anyone that has better, info, I’m all for it. I think, until there’s a vaccine, I don’t see the virus leaving anytime soon. The 1st set of human trials started in March. It takes @ minimum of 12 months of testing for a vaccine, and that’s rushing it. You don’t have to believe me, but if you do some research on what I’ve just posted. I’m sure you will see the same info I have read. I’m not trying to scare anyone, I just don’t think it’s something to joke like Jason statham post insinuates.

      • I believe immunity to the virus is thought to be 3 to 4 months if you were previously infected. Younger people’s antibodies also seem to last longer.

    • Mysterious: the person recovered and is no longer paralyzed. This complication has only presented itself in the British vaccine by AstraZeneca. Apparently the seasonal flu vaccine can also cause paralysis, probably should have read that disclaimer before I signed off I guess.

  1. The pattern has always been: US players leave for international duty, and then don’t start (or even play) the next domestic game. As much as I want to see our best players together AND gain experience playing together, I’m reluctantly okay if they don’t join the camp.

  2. The article doesn’t mention the exact reason McKennie can’t go. Is there a mandatory quarantine for Italy like they mention for Sargent in Germany? None of it makes much sense considering he already had it.

    • According to the latest travel rules I could find dated October 21 he would just have to test either before leaving Austria or upon arriving back in Italy. The FIFA exemption is related to if a player would have to quarantine upon return so I’m not sure Juve could deny his release. Maybe Italy has changed their rules of course.

  3. RB Leipzig is singing the same tune with Tyler Adams as well, meaning if these decisions are all made we’ll continue to be without our best 3 players for another round of NT games smfh….wow!


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