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Gooch registers third goal of season as Sunderland rolls


Sunderland rolled to an important road victory on Saturday in EFL League One play and Lynden Gooch made sure to play an important part with a super strike in the match.

Gooch registered his third league goal of the season as the Black Cats rolled past Burton Albion 3-0. It was a victory that moved the Black Cats into the top six and should do wonders for Gooch’s and the team’s confidence going forward.

The U.S. Men’s National Team midfielder doubled Sunderland’s lead in the 32nd minute, rifling a shot off the cross bar and in. It was Gooch’s first goal since September 2020 against Oxford United.

Sunderland would ice its win in the 76th minute as Charlie Wyke got in on the fun at the Pirelli Stadium. It was the Black Cats’ second win over the past three league.

Gooch finished the the match with a 78% passing completion percentage, while also winning five duels, making three dribbles, and making one tackle from his attacking position. He now has three goals and four assists in League One play this season.

Up next for Gooch and his teammates is a home date with Fleetwood Town at the Stadium of Light on Tuesday.


    • He was EPL and C’ship before that, same team, capped, didn’t embarrass himself. I don’t get how relegation changes that. That sounds like you’re more concerned with resumes than players. The player didn’t change. He’s just very loyal to his childhood team.

      • His career has clearly stagnated and isn’t going anywhere sure he had potential at one time but why worry about a player who is no longer going to challenge themselves at a high level. Personally I’m not interested but to each their own.

      • 17-18 1 goal. 18-19 5 goals. 19-20 10 goals. 2g 7a this season so far from MF. “Not progressing?” He is only “not progressing” by the standard you wish he played in a higher league. In terms of that argument, Green Pulisic Donovan and others have been capped off of German II teams which is by definition 3rd division or below. DeMerit climbed all the way up from Conference. A guy with no hope or progress in the English cellar would be one thing. He had 11 appearance in EPL 4 years ago same team. He is a special case.

      • Yes you’re exactly right. Not by my standard. I’m less swayed by impressive stats against inferior competition then a solid all around performance against high level opposition. I believe that to compete with the best we need to have players who’ve demonstrated they can go toe to toe with them. Dominating in a lower league is great and all but there’s just a gap in class. There’s a reason he hasn’t been called up in ages. Just saying.

      • Also for the record the German second division is more competitive then league one. The EPL is the best league in the world and the championship as a result is competitive as well. But the level of play drops off after that point.

    • Sorry I re-read your statement. Ok yes, there are players that have been capped from leagues that are the equivalent of the third division. However those players are all really young and still developing. Gooch is in his mid twenties now.

      • gooch is not in the third division because that’s his level. he’s there because he followed his team down. he was also an EPL player when they rose that high.

    • I played for the same club team all but 1 year as a kid up through U23. I have worked for the same business for 14 years since I graduated. Everything is not about money. They built a statue and named pubs for McBride at Fulham.

      • I just spent 2 days in a freezing house with no power, heat, or water so that some twerp power company could save a few $ on winterizing their plants.

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