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Greuther Furth picks up Green’s option for 2021-22


Julian Green is having a sensational season for 2. Bundesliga club Greuther Furth and the American midfielder was rewarded with an extended contract.

The German club announced Wednesday that Green’s option for the 2021-22 season has been extended. Green has helped Furth to a current second place spot in the 2. Bundesliga and has continued to become one of the best at his position in the league.

“From day one, I felt the trust of those in charge at the game association and have been able to contribute to the development of this team over the past four years,” Green said. “We are currently playing the best and most attractive football since I’ve been at the Ronhof.”

“Therefore, I am pleased that my path is continuing with the shamrock. The club, the coaching team and the team give everything for the success and in the coming weeks we want to try to make the so far excellent season an outstanding one.”

The 25-year-old has scored seven league goals this season while also chipping in two assists over this 23 league appearances. His 90th minute corner kick helped Furth steal a 1-0 victory over FC Heidenheim, keeping them in the mix for automatic promotion back to the top flight.

“Julian has developed continuously here, is a very dangerous midfielder and one of the team members takes on responsibility,” Furth manager Stefan Leitl said. “He is a very important player in our game system and that’s why I’m all the more looking forward to working with Julian in the future.”

Green is closing in on eclipsing 2,000 minutes across all competitions and will be a key piece for Furth as they try to lock down a top-two spot. The U.S. Men’s National Team midfielder hasn’t appeared internationally since 2019, but could return to the fold if the club gains promotion.



  1. How? Lets see. Been decent in B2 until this year. Nothing more…nothing else. Flashes over 4 or 5 games is decent. In todays US Nat team a B@ decent player is not what we r looking for. It looked like he was in consideration for a call up this last window but then he got injured. Nothjing can be done about that. If he keeps playing like he has and GF gains promotion he will certainly be given a shot. With a Gold Cup and Nations Legaue roster he will almost certainly be inc in one. Should have been is typical projection for where he is now…..not what he was. Oh yeah….watched plenty of him at GF over the last few years. Nothing, outside of fans complaining about which marginal player should be called in to replace the other marginal players, because we know every coach is stupid and should know this marginal lower division guy will change everything, said he had to be called. He is earning it now. Great for him and the team if he keeps it up and gains promotion. Here comes the rant about average MLS guys getting called in, espeically for MLS only camps, or degrading the couple of MLS guys who have performed fine, and Green has not shown to be clearly better than, to justify he must be there!!!! Just must. We have a real player pool now. Its only getting better, and so is MLS BTW….no matter what the evidence and the tedious, predictable ignorant complaints will follow….and @nd division ain’t gonna cut it anymore. Guess what…..Brendan Aranson is way better than Green already, so is a healthy Pomykal. We have several prosects who willsell for millions in the next year or two who have way more upside. Keep playing well, gain promo, and prodice in the Bundesliga and he will get his shots. The way it should be. Thinking that a player like him should be on the Nats is the Nats thought process of the past…not the now. Hard for most to get by old biases. Those who can are always at the front of their fields.

    • You could have saved yourself a lot of time by saying that you don’t value Green that much, you’re right, and anyone who disagrees is wrong.

    • I think if you’re comparing him to Musah, McKennie, or Adams you’re right it is not a big slight. Comparing him to Roldan or Acosta that’s a reasonable discussion. I feel a lot of the Green proponents are “Never Berhalter” people as well so Green is their hill to die on but if he did get a call up they’d just replace his name with Novakovich or Wright. That’s really evident when players aren’t called, Berhalter gives the reason they weren’t called was Covid protocols, fans basically either call him a liar or they say who cares it’s a window force him to come no matter what. Then protocol changes and the player is invited, none of those people that were complaining never admit they were wrong. If Green, Holmes, or Lletget for the 22nd roster spot is our biggest problem, I say we are in good shape.

  2. He should be in the US MNT squad. Should have been. He’s quality, calm and creative. He’s already better than some of our prospects and has a ton more experience. How he has been overlooked is beyond me.

    • Of late, every time JG has had an opportunity to be called in he has either been injured or sick via Covid-19, and less so in my opinion because he was being overlooked!


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