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Gio Reyna golazo serves as winning goal for Borussia Dortmund


Gio Reyna would’ve hoped for an early spark with Borussia Dortmund in 2023 and after being called on as a second-half substitute vs. FC Augsburg, the 20-year-old walked away as the hero for Edin Terzic’s squad.

Reyna came on in the 70th minute for Borussia Dortmund and needed only eight minutes to deliver the eventual winner in a 4-3 victory at Signal Iduna Park. It was Reyna’s third Bundesliga goal of the season and his first since Nov. 5.

The back-and-forth affair between Dortmund and Augsburg featured seven goals, with the visitors hitting back on three different occasions. Jude Bellingham, Nico Schlotterbeck, and Jamie Bynoe-Gittens scored for the hosts while Arne Maier, Ermedin Demirovic, and David Colina cancelled the lead for Dortmund three times.

Reyna entered the match midway through the second half and called his own number with a magical strike in the 78th minute. The attacking midfielder let a pass bounce before volleying a right-footed shot into the top-left corner of Rafal Gikiewicz’s net.

Reyna finished the match with two duels won, three total shots, and two passes in the final third. His goal was a major confidence boost for the U.S. men’s national team attacker who will be seeking to get back to a key role for Borussia Dortmund.

Borussia Dortmund jumped into sixth place in the Bundesliga standings and will next travel to Mainz on Wednesday.


  1. I thought in Dortmund’s games before the WC that Gio looked disinterested and did not put in full effort. Also Dortmund did not play him the full 90 minutes. I put both down to worries about injury which would be understandable. If he showed the same lack of intensity in the few training sessions before the first WC, I can see why GB might have lost some faith in him.

    He was much more active in his latest appearance for Dortmund, something I was happy to see, no matter the reason.

    It is time to let this all fade into the past!

    • dortmund’s leadership made clear they didn’t see what you saw.

      beyond that, since when did we become the club effort police. as a USA fan i don’t care if his last dortmund game is going through the motions saving energy for me. a lot of the flyspecking of form fanboys do is more appropriate to new players being scouted as opposed to people with proven history as among the best players on the NT.

      i personally cannot begin to say how dumb it is to take a player this talented, who plays 3 different positions for dortmund, pigeonhole him as just one position where you make him 3rd string, and almost like try to play him as little as possible. i told people going into this weah might win the job and have some sort of a reyna plan including moving him around. 9 was a black hole. the obvious solution is reyna has played both 9 and LF in addition to RF. so either christian goes middle and reyna left or vice versa, weah right, that’s 3 top notch players high and at least some degree of solution of the 9 issue.

      last point, the UCL fanboys who probably barely played soccer won’t get it, but sports at a high level often depends on maintaining a lot of confidence to bolster creativity and a side effect of that can be some attitude. the precise way it manifested was bad but i like he has some fire in the belly and knows his worth. i don’t think what we needed was another dutiful GB robot. we needed some people who had some skills and took some risks.

      • Got it. You wanted a key cog of our WC squad to be a 19 year old who had played a whopping 20 some professional games over the last 2 years.

    • Doesn’t bother me. USMNT needs more confidence bordering on arrogance. The rest of our sports in the US have those players. Time for soccer to have a few. All of the great players in every sport have what you would call arrogance.

      • but at what point does that arrogance ruin relationships with his teammates? His celebration continues to show he doesn’t get it, he has a lot of growing to do. That goal was the perfect opportunity to show some humility and that what’s going on has been forgotten about and that he’s moved on, but no! Now there are stories coming out in the Athletic about the Reyna’s doing the same thing when Gio was with the U-17’s, threatening management because their son was getting what the parents thought he should have

      • one thing i learned in my “second sport” is self doubt does you no good. you have to believe you can make the shot to take it well. even before that, one of the benefits of my youth select success was i expected to win and was fearless about having to mark someone with a reputation. conference player of the year? i got this. if you do that scared you probably get beat.

        i think some folks are also missing the “memphis depay” reference he was making. he was responding to a specific GB comment, derogatory of his roster, by copying a memphis celebration after scoring a goal.

        i think he’s more talented and elite playing soccer than the coach is coaching soccer so signal away.

    • David, sometimes the arrogance is necessary. I’m one of the people who always calls Gio a brat but here he is silencing the critics by putting in the extra effort and brilliance necessary…… Having the negative motivate you and doing something positive. I like it…. He just needs to keep it up

  2. So many levels to that celebration. Was he silencing the fans questioning his professionalism, was it silencing 3G, was it be quiet and let me play mom? Then we are reminded DePay used Gio’s normal celebration at the WC, followed by the “all bark no bite” comment after the match. So was Gio firing at Memphis or at Gregg for saying “we don’t have a Memphis Depay” as if to say “yes we do Gregg”. Let’s not forget Gio ended up the adult in the room at least from what we know publicly. He had a bad attitude, was called on it and changed his behavior. Even after Gregg foolishly revealed the story, Gio’s public response was measured and reasonable and if not for his mom calling USSF would have been the end. Gio clearly plays better when he’s got a little chip on his shoulder. Trying to prove your coach wrong isn’t usually the worse motivation.

    • is there a reason you have to be a jerk and mention professionalism twice in your post where he bangs home a winner? did you not think we’d notice how much you tried to remind us? after his success?

      you lot want to believe you taught him something. you seem to almost want to take credit for what he did today. i think he has a problem with a coach who was fairly mediocre. i think that coach used his “after the fact” stomp fit as a smoke screen for his own “before the fact” decisionmaking. we still haven’t gotten a straight answer why he didn’t play the first game.

      but per usual the status quo fanboys are going to spin this as not y’all being silenced but instead you somehow cajoled this out of him. ok, then, if he had this in him, why’d he get 52′ total at the world cup? he’s hushing not just the doubters but the excusers, i am pretty sure.

      • Did you even read my post? Complimented him on being the adult in the room in the aftermath, pointed he plays better with a chip on his shoulder, called his response on Insta measured and reasonable. I didn’t question his professionalism I said was he signaling to “the fans that questioned his professionalism”. Not to mention Gio will never read any of this so whether a poster here compliments or criticizes it makes no difference to Gregg or Gio. We’re not tagging their accounts, even then most of their blue check mark accounts are run by their “people” and the players have their own private accounts that they actually read.

      • he missed some games early in the season but had 2 goals in the buildup to the tournament then 1 coming back out. i see continuity, you want to back the lousy coach. the only one who sees it this way is the lousy coach. even good coaches who favored weah right side would have found reyna’s way on the field some other spot. i refuse to play along with some self serving counterfactual where a player who was scoring goals before the tournament is pronounced unfit or off song to justify a coach making a hard decision, that i think in reality had more to do with the odd notion that wing forwards be picked for defensive tracking. which is a good reason why we averaged less than a goal a game, and why our qualifying team had fewer goals per game than most recent qualifying efforts, including the doomed 2018 team (which averaged .2 G/g more).

        i refuse to play along with the narrative. and i think you knew what you were doing when instead of complicating your own position or giving him unvarnished respect, you twice reminded people of his bad choice. he already kissed the ring once while having to eat playing 52′ in 2 games. he served his time.

        i also giggle that the fanboys talked about wanting bigger than life attackers and now they want this one chained up. but then they keep running interference for a coach whose idea of supposed freedom soccer is keepaway, which i always took to be hyper controlled. no dribbling, no risks taken. precisely the opposite of the sales pitch and what won the trophy.

  3. i thought some of the GB sycophants started spouting a lot of nonsense like that he wasn’t that good, after what went on. stuff like this should put that to bed. he’s a good player and while weah should have been starting RF, the EXTENT to which reyna gathered splinters is indefensible. the coach never explained why he was initially benched in any accurate and transparent fashion — he was fit — and the fanboys seem to confuse a “training professionalism” issue with a “quality” one. great players do not suddenly suck because they fall out of fashion with a particular (in this case mediocre) coach.

    the irony of the thing is if reyna had dutifully drudged through practices and the parents kept their mouth shut or quietly dropped a dime to a newspaper, would GB be being analyezed more for his mediocrity and this inexplicable decision — dude can obviously play. only because of the politics and loafing and such can GB kind of hide in a fog of back and forth and see if he can emerge as our “safety school.” otherwise holland just looked bad and people were going to ask questions about reyna’s usage regardless of mama bear getting involved. it’s only distracted. hopefully showings like this push the discussion back towards coaching reality, ie, how do you not find a way to have him on the field for at least a half every game, some role, some place.

    • lame revisionist history…again, lol

      no one doubts Gio’s talent…his immature attitude, his arents meddling…yes

      great strike from him. good to see him growing after the steaming pile of BS

      and who is a GB sycophant here? I know none. Those who won’t give him the respect he earned with results? I can name a ton here

      • hyperbole. trust me, wander around twitter and other fora and you will find plenty of people who had begun doubting him. and JR above is acting like this is something new provoked by how he got treated as opposed to a reminder of how he is, period. personally i find it equal parts amusing and sad watching fanboys track whatever choices and excuses the coach makes. a guy who can hit that, regardless of professionalism, shouldn’t get 2 world cup appearances for 52′, most of which were the coach trying to bail himself out of his holland hole.

        i mean has your lot not grasped the irony that is when this coach knew the tournament was slipping away he played reyna a half. that is the “tell” on what he really thought. “save me.”

        my hope is we get a better coach for which we either have to make fewer excuses, or when he makes a decision, his fanboy imitators are at least mimicking excellence and not confusion.

      • It’s amazing seeing the same people give flowers to players who haven’t done shit yet, and still they prop them up when he reality is we have a pool of talented players who can’t stay healthy if their lives depended on it, and yet blame Greg when they don’t perform to “their level”, or wonder why he had to change his lineups more often than people change their underwear.

        The fact is a lot of fans never liked Greg, more specifically how he was hired(I fall into the latter camp btw), but my problem is when certain folks assign luck or say the players won despite Greg, as a way to diminish his accomplishments. So, if the players could just win despite Greg, where was this “magic” when we needed it most in Qatar? Oh that’s right, they couldn’t because the entire premise is and always has been bs. I’m not in favor of Greg coming back for a second cycle, and it has nothing to do with the dramedy in and after Qatar, as I actually applaud how he handled Gio at the WC, but more so because I think new and fresh ideas are needed the second time around to avoid potential complacency. However, considering what’s gone on I don’t know who we’ll be able to attract with a better track record than Greg, so bringing him back if nothing more than for another year or two to keep some semblance of continuity in place would not bother me one bit. If he’s lost the locker room by saying what he did at the leadership conference that’s one thing, but from all accounts many of the players are still backing him and his management style to this point. Stuff is still filtering out from Qatar and even an article in the Athletic from a few days ago recounted the Reyna’s meddling in how Raphael Wicky ran the U-17 team at the WC when Gio was a player at that level, so who knows where this thing ends up

    • No one said he stunk. There was however an obvious difference between his play prior to the first injury in Sept of 2021 and how he was playing in Sept and Oct. of 2022. There was even a difference between Mar. 2022 and his performances in the fall. Was he bad this fall, no. Was he as explosive as Tim Weah or Christian Pulisic? Was he still better than Arriola or Morris? Of course, that’s why he was on the roster and played instead of Jsmooth once he’d apologized. Gio’s last competitive minutes before today was a month and a half ago. Do we think perhaps he’s gained more strength and confidence in his hamstring with 8 more weeks of training and friendlies. Lastly, how was he used today by his club? Oh yeah in a limited role.
      The information that would be interesting to know is what did “limited role” mean. Did it just mean Tim was starting against Wales or did it mean Gio wasn’t ever going to start in Qatar and only play 10-15 minutes a match? Because of the cluster that followed we probably won’t every know that answer. Given that Gio had to come off after 30 minutes in the final friendly against SA because of an injury scare and has only averaged 41 minutes per appearance in all competitions for BvB and only 36 minutes per match in the Bundesliga before the WC having him come off the bench wasn’t unreasonable.

      • do you really believe that mr. overdetail didn’t set out to the kid precisely what “limited role” meant sufficient to provoke the walking effort? what part of GB screams low information and ambiguity? the coach used not just weah but also morris instead for wales. i kind of doubt he wasn’t given a pretty good idea of this sort of use.

        i think it would serve the coach to frame this narrowly as a limited communication of one sentence, ie, “limited role.” player then flips out. you then back the coach by saying well maybe it was a little vague and he overreacted. i kind of doubt he overreacts to vague or if he had been told, look, you won’t start but will get in second halves, and i will be expecting you to help us win games. i think the coach is a lousy man manager who wins his games front running, and i bet he told reyna exactly what to expect. just like the jillions of “reads” they are supposed to process, and all the other information overkill. he then acted unprofessionally but you know, if the coach said, i am favoring hustling defensive play, don’t expect to play much, limited role, and i was one of the top players on the team, yeah, it would take an epic amount of self control to get much practice effort from me.

        side point, what about knowing how to motivate your players? at the time i said telling a dude game 1 he would have limited role is idiotic and demotivating. again, he doesn’t know how to manage players or personalities. at best he has xs and os ideas. at best.

        fwiw while it is in reyna’s interest to clarify he wasn’t hurt or out of shape — to protect his market and brand — i don’t know if he’d care to publicly parse exactly how much he was told about his “limited role.” the real debate that serves him is precisely how many caps and minutes, and whether he should have been used as an AM or 9 some also. i don’t see much point — other than internet debates — in debating how much explanation total he was given. i just think this coach is slippery and based on his professorial posture i am sure he gave him aeons of detail of how he’d been demoted.

        i mean, this is his (former) friend’s kid. you really think he was sat down and all it was, was one sentence, “limited role?” no explanation? no apologies? no, chin up, you will have your chance?

      • this is your friend’s kid. how bad do you have to mishandle the meeting (group or individual) where his “limited role” is announced where your buddy’s kid starts walking through practices on you? like the kid who probably called you “uncle greg” growing up checks out on you. how bad. part of the job is psychologist and selling him on what role he does get.

      • Oh I totally think Gregg told him what was meant by the phrase “limited role”, what I’m saying is we don’t know what that explanation was.

      • Mr. Voice,

        “i thought some of the GB sycophants started spouting a lot of nonsense like that he wasn’t that good, after what went on. stuff like this should put that to bed. he’s a good player and while weah should have been starting RF, the EXTENT to which reyna gathered splinters is indefensible.”

        It’s not GB sycophants.
        The people who want Gregg to stay seem to be a minority, Landon, Long, Ariolla,, etc.

        Then there is the second group, the people who want Gregg gone. Larger group if you just casually scan all the American soccer websites.

        Then there are people who take issue with the Gregg-goners because they don’t like the Gregg-goners reasons for wanting to fire Gregg. Which is darkly amusing because even these “Gregg gone but only for the right reasons” want Gregg gone.

        There is also a subset who want him to stay just to piss off Claudio and Danielle. Excellent rationale.

        I loved JK because he stuck it in the face of the Old Boys Club and shook them up. But that was a much bigger dragon to slay than a mom and pop in suburban New Jersey.

        Still, the “Gregg gone but only for the right reasons” could get their wish.

        The bottom line is very, very few people really seem to want Gregg to stay because he would be the best thing for the players and the program. Which should be the only rationale for considering any manager.

        I’m betting on Gregg being snuck back in because it is the most convenient thing to do, though firing McBride is not a good sign for Gregg. And of course, they need to consider the possibility of lawsuits popping up. Hudson just might beat out Dave Sarachan for length of temporary stay.

        If they truly clean house on this, it may be a while till they get a replacement since they will probably have a labor shortage in key admin positions. Welcome to the post pandemic workplace.

        If Uncle Gregg is back, if I’m Gio I do a Vela until after the 2026 World cup is over.

        I’m not known for being a GB sycophant. I followed Gio very closely like most fans. It was my expectation that Gio might not be fit enough, mentally or physically, to make the World Cup. I would not have been shocked if he had not been on the roster.

        Once he was on it, I figured he’d be some kind of super sub, at best, because let’s face it. Gregg has NEVER figured out what to do with Gio except stick him out on the wing and hope he comes up with some magic, as the kid can do, every once in a while.

        That’s the extent of Gregg’s ability to make use of maybe our most talented player, a player Gregg has known since he was a baby.

        But y’all seemed to forget about how little Uncle Gregg got out of his nephew before the World Cup.

        The player whose lessened playing time really surprised me was not Gio, it was Brenden. What the fuck was up with that?

        Weah didn’t beat Gio out. Both should be on the field at the same time. What Timo does fits better into Berhalterball. Gregg was never interested in playing Gio where he does best for BVB, more centrally. This was clear to me on November 12, 2020, when the USMNT played Wales in a friendly and flew Seba the Fake 9, all the way over from California to replace Josh in the front three of KDLF, Josh and Gio.
        At the time I thought moving Gio over to replace Josh but as a Fake 9 and then starting Timo in Gio’s wing spot was the simplest, easiest thing to do. Instead we got this SebaTF9 foolishness. That started the USMNT down the road to where they wound up with Ferreira TF9 in the World Cup vs., of all teams, the Netherlands.
        Here’s what Tim Ream had to say about Gio in that game:
        “We addressed it in camp and [Reyna] did what he had to do, and obviously came on against the Netherlands and played a pretty solid 45 minutes for us and helped to kind of drag us back into the game,” Ream added.”

        “the coach never explained why he was initially benched in any accurate and transparent fashion — he was fit — and the fanboys seem to confuse a “training professionalism” issue with a “quality” one. great players do not suddenly suck because they fall out of fashion with a particular (in this case mediocre) coach.”

        There has been little if any transparency from anyone, least of all Gregg during this whole cluster.
        Gregg kicked it off with his Leadership own goal. Which for me is the first time I became aware of some of the undercurrents.
        Then Gregg came along with the blackmail announcements. He was playing the victim there and did a nice job of outing the Reynas, but it doesn’t seem to have helped him a whole lot since the increased scrutiny seems to have also raised the specter of the “Sebastian not good enough for Austin FC revenge factor.” Did that let loose the revenge train?

        I only know what is publicly out there. As best as I can tell until Gregg’s BLACKMAIL announcement the Reyna’s alleged interference real or otherwise, was an internal matter.
        Of course there were leaks all over the place and lots of rumors but it was Gregg who confirmed that the narrative of the “abuse girlfriend , girlfriend forgives, marry each other live happily ever after “ was FACT.

        Besides that one, here are the only facts I’m aware of:
        After the same time Claudio announced that he voiced his “concerns” (whatever the fuck that means) over Gio’s situation with his buddies Earnie and Brian at the USSF, Danielle then confirmed that she also spoke to Earnie and some of what she said to him. That’s a FACT.
        Both she and Claudio deny asking for Gregg to be fired, or making any threats or any blackmail attempts.

        Neither of them went public until Gregg did.

        So, the two major players, Gregg and the Reyna’s agree on the basic facts of the situation

        The only dispute is that Gregg says they threatened black mail and the Reyna’s deny this.

        I’m familiar with roughly similar cases ( very roughly) for HR situations at work but for the most part they stay behind closed doors.
        For me the primary reason this hasn’t is because Gregg’s strategy, starting with his Leadership gig, has been to broadcast details casting himself as the good guy and the victim. He seems to think if he takes control of the public narrative, it will do him some good. Well, he can take the Reynas with him to hell, but it doesn’t seem to be doing much for him.

        And to repeat what JR said, I’m pretty sure Gregg outlined in detail what he meant by a “limited role” to Gio.
        But neither Gio nor Gregg has said anything to you or anyone else, about it. And right now you wouldn’t believe Gregg or Gio if they gave you the details.
        We’ll just have to wait until one of them contacts you.

      • Vacqui: about the whole Sebastian thing, that happened in Nov of 2021. After which Gio played in all 3 qualifiers he was fit for and started the 2 final friendlies in October. Second Sebastian was seeing fairly regular minutes in Vancouver until a foot injury. Far more minutes than he played for Josh Wolff or Caleb Porter. Not exercising the option helped his career.
        I’m not sure why it’s hard for people to figure out. Reyna was an injury risk. He had to be subbed off after 30 minutes against Saudi Arabia. Any manager would be nervous about a player that had only gone over 70 minutes twice in the last 14 months taking a starting role in game 1 of the WC. No matter where you play him on the field he’s a risk. Bringing him off the bench limits the risk of injury, just as Terzic did today. He also played as a RW, BvB has used him as a winger 13 out of 17 appearances. Rose used him as an AM last season about half the time last season.
        Gregg shouldn’t be rehired because he’s taken the team as far as he can at this point. He’s shown the team they can play progressive soccer and reinstalled thatAmerican ethos of never quit, but he needs to pass it on to the next guy. Someone who anticipates what other side will do and has counters ready for how the opponent responds and counters if those don’t work. Van Gaal wasn’t a genius he just said here we’re going to take away your first option. Gregg had a counter move too but when the guys struggled to connect on time or accurately he had no plan C. Whether you think Berhalter was successful or not, it’s hard to see how he improves the squad going forward.

      • JR,

        I did not know who Sebastian B was before all this to and fro. But all this hurly burly has brought him up as a point of interest. The speculation is that his release was not taken well by Gregg. Whether that is true or not who knows? The fact that he is doing well now in Vancouver doesn’t mean that Gregg wasn’t pissed about him being cut by Claudio.

        People not really being familiar with Gio’s fragile health status and general lack of fitness might be because most of the regulars were borderline unfit or only recently back to fitness. Besides Gio you had Timo , Dest, Weston, Josh, Musah all just recently “back” from injury. Christian had not really been playing regularly . I would say only Zimmerman, Ream and Jedi got to Qatar fully fit and playing regularly for some time with their clubs. Four games that close together and of that intensity are very hard to do without rotating and Gregg did very little rotating..

        Given that, had I been the manager I’m not sure I would have brought Gio to Qatar.

        Fitness is about a lot more than the doctor saying ” he’s recovered”.

        The reason I keep saying that Gregg will be back is because I believe now that the original idea was to build up a team and bring it to Qatar to set a foundation for 2026.

        Okay but the part of that that does NOT get talked about is they were also building a manager, Uncle Gregg.

        Gregg was a national team virgin, a clean slate. He’s not JK, no irritating criticisms. Arrogant because he’s won a World Cup and you haven’t.
        I imagine MLS, who remain influential. loved the idea. By the way you do know that Jay Berhalter is still the #2 guy after Don Garber in MLS right?

        I believe he and his brother sold the USSF on the idea that rather than put up with these c++ksucking furriners like JK why not, along with a World Cup team, develop a World Cup manager?

        I believe Gregg should go because while he has done an overall good job, the one thing I’m convinced he has demonstrated he can’t do is win a game he’s not supposed to.

        He’s not really good at doing the only thing I really want him to do : win games vs better teams, tough respectable opponents in tough circumstances .

      • the difference between (first cycle) JK and GB is JK would symbolically leave someone off a window and make a career choice comment but they’d be back next time and start in brazil. he wouldn’t impact the tournament itself, and while JK unfortunately has since borne legions of club snobs, at least first cycle it was hot air. dempsey bradley jozy back in the team next time regardless how he viewed their choice.

        JK also would never have pulled what GB did against holland. JK tried a cute passing concept, it was cool to watch them ping it around, they couldn’t keep the tempo up past half time, looked exhausted, created few chances, and the system concept and the players brought in for it were gone in brazil. money on the table he got practical.

        this is truer first cycle than second cycle. second cycle JK fell in love with a group of dual nationals and euro based and didn’t notice finishing 4th at summer tournaments was a bad sign. then he did buy his own club snobbery right off the cliff. he also never reconsidered the formation that worked in brazil even as his midfield and backline imploded. GB reminds me more of second cycle JK, stubborn as a mule. JK was dealing with a developmental hole that the dual nationals briefly patched before getting too old. this team is more talented so it bails him out. but given what i think this team is capable of, what it actually does is just as sputtering. but this gets into whether we tend to get complacent when we advance this far regardless if the team actually could use some work. i think until we stay hungry at this stage we continue to plateau. every time we get to this stage the system ossifies and it gets harder to even compete to make the team. i think we should be constantly looking for an edge.

      • Vacqui, the Sebastian angle is a red herring. Sebastian is a pretty average MLS player (who was on my Crew). But certainly good enough to play as a regular for most midtable teams. Think Ian Harkes. Even if Gregg was mad that Austin didn’t pick up their option, that he would hide his plot by playing Gio whenever healthy for 12 months then in the biggest moment of his life as a manager sabotage his own team by not using a healthy and in form Reyna to punish Claudio for not signing Seb is ludicrous.

  4. What’s the definition of Golazo these days? Any good professional quality goal?
    Our culture is suffering from a *literal plague* of exaggeration. How does he even focus on soccer with all of the bomb cyclones devastating his homeland?

    Good to see him overcoming the Clusterfazo his parents and coach have created.

    • lame criticism. it was excellent. it’s not a tap in from the doorstep. save the “in my day” for goals that wouldn’t make the highlight reel in your day.

      • Nope, not gonna be bullied, IV. It was a well-placed looper. A very good goal. It was a goal a top player makes 50% of the time. “not a tap in” is not the definition of Golazo. Golazo should be a standard that applies to a few goals a year. This was just a very good goal. I’m thrilled for him, but you and the rest of the droolers will just overhype anything.

      • Mr. P

        More reasons this might be called a Golazo;

        1. It shocked everyone seeming to have come from nowhere.
        2. It was very powerful half volley hit right on the laces. Most of the time those miss…….by a lot
        3. It was a late game winner.

    • Dempsey had swagger and a disinterested arrogance. That is different than being spoiled and entitled. Dempsey was very good but he didn’t have a lot of appeal for me watching him play. Still, I respected that he just showed up and did his job. Even more now.

      Not interested in watching USMNT if any Reynas are involved. There is more to loving a team than talent. There is character. The parents have tarnished the reputations of themselves and an entire generation of players that I grew up with great respect for. And it was so unnecessary.

      For me, I was fully uninterested in the drama about the WC and Gio. Berhalter didn’t name him. And it sounded like Gio got it together after pouting. Good for him. Gio outed himself amidst speculation and people want to blame Gregg. So dumb.

      Once Danielle and Claudio (his parents caused what they did) I stopped seeing Gio’s petty actions at the WC as an anomaly or just immaturity. I see a common thread of toxicity and entitlement in a family and that makes me not interested in Gio for the USMNT.

      Plus, Claudio had a history of injury problems. Gio is raising some early caution signs like Pulisic did. Only time will tell.

      I was finally excited about the USMNT again… oh well. Big turn off.

    • Yes, cancel out the noise he and his parents were most responsible for.

      It’s like invading a neighboring country and you’re the victim.


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