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Las Vegas to host 2022-23 Concacaf Nations League Finals this June


For the first time in Concacaf Nations League play, the tournament’s semifinal, third place match, and final will be played in Las Vegas.

Allegiant Stadium will serve as host venue for June’s final four this summer, Concacaf announced Monday. The semifinal round will be played on June 15 before the third place match and final will be played on June 18.

Las Vegas previously hosted the 2021 Concacaf Gold Cup Final, where the U.S. men’s national team defeated Mexico 1-0 thanks to a 117th minute winner from Miles Robinson.

“The City of Las Vegas and Allegiant Stadium will be tremendous hosts of the 2022/23 Concacaf Nations League Finals,” Concacaf President and FIFA Vice President Victor Montagliani said. “We all enjoyed an outstanding Gold Cup Final at the same venue in 2021, and I have no doubt the quality of the teams combined with the world-class facility will draw fans from across our region.

“The Concacaf Nations League has already transformed men’s national team football in our Confederation, providing a consistent calendar of official matches for all 41 of our Member Associations, and allowing their teams to grow and thrive on and off the pitch, and ultimately to strive to reach the next level,” he added. “I am looking forward with great anticipation to the Finals of the second edition of this wonderful competition.”

The four League A group winners will advance to the semifinal round with the No. 1 ranked team facing the No. 4 ranked team. No. 2 will meet No. 3 also in the final four, with the winners advancing to June 18th’s final.

El Salvador, Honduras, Jamaica, and Panama are currently leading the groups in League A, with Canada, Costa Rica, Mexico, and the USMNT also in contention. Group stage action will conclude this month with Thursday kicking off the final set of group stage matches in Leagues A, B, and C.

The USMNT travels to Grenada on Friday before hosting El Salvador on Monday, March 27 at Orlando City’s Exploria Stadium.


    • story goes a couple of french islands — st. bart’s (caribbean) and st. pierre & miquelon (up near newfoundland)– want to join, as well as — kid you not — perhaps greenland. can you imagine a road game there?

      the other weird bit is we have countries in concacaf that are literally on south america eg suriname. when people talk up conmebol, part of the reason “everyone is so good” is they dumped all the small anglo-franco-dutch countries and nearby islands (trinidad is very close to venezuela) on us.

      • ‘Open air’ JR , I think IV means not in a dome, instead of saying “dome” like normal people. He always likes to over complicate things. This is the guy that used the word pendantic. I heard G Valesquez used pendantic on an episode, which had me wondering if those two were the same. (Greg’s speaking syntax doesn’t match IV’s sentence structure.) The same person who uses the term “counterpoint” when a 1rst point hasn’t been established. This is the same person who says HE discovered Gio Reyna while calling EVERYONE else “fanboys!” Then again The man says he’s married, so hope is not lost.

      • I was just confused as to why in a dome matters. I get the grass vs field turf debate. I went and read the Concacaf release and it didn’t indicate as far as I could tell if they’ll use the Raiders’ grass or UNLV’s turf. I believed they used grass for Gold Cup ‘21.

      • It’s Ok: IV’s philosophy on most things USMNT are about the polar opposite of Greg Velasquez. Greg’s support of xG vs IV’s hate of “on paper selections” to name one. Velasquez was a GK, IV claims to have been a collegiate level FB so probably just a coincidence. I did have a theory IV was Danielle Reyna but she was a midfielder not a defender.

      • my post was one sentence saying what i liked and lecturing no one. how is that pedantic. to lurch slightly pedantic in response, i live in a hotter part of the country where we have a couple sliding roof venues. they can be indoor or outdoor at the flip of a switch. ergo “open air” vs just saying “outdoor.” both used to be grass fields, though the NFL venue is now turf.

        the roll out sod is fake and doesn’t play normal. beyond that i saw wes welker tear up his knee untouched running a pattern on our old tray grass. that’s setting aside playing in AC instead of natural wind.

        let’s introduce some reality in here. this would be vegas in june. vegas outdoors in june the players would keel over and the grass would fry, go brown, and shrivel. everything after that is a compromise. i don’t buy these tray fields play normal. the air conditions are also artificial. i have watched a US/mexico game as well as a gold cup quarterfinal doubleheader some years back at our place and the ball just played oddly. i feel like you’re trading off normal soccer for atmosphere. surely we have a natural grass field that also attracts a big crowd.

        and while i am at it the sod games are a slow playing joke. the ball dies. and i remember once we had a goal in a WCQ where a long ball played over EJ’s head seemed to just drop “splat” in front of him without much/any bounce. i particularly think it’s a travesty when we get someone up here like messi and that’s the surface they get.

      • i dislike xG as opposed to G because it’s confusing theory with reality. reality is how many of those puppies get knocked in vs. get missed. reality is if you ever had different teammates different times of the year on different teams and saw how given the ball in the same spot teammate x made the right run, fed the pass with the perfect weight, or finished the shot, while you could put y same spot and he misses.
        it matters who gets that chance.

        my dynamo were told in recent years to pump aimless crosses into the box, which they either couldn’t get to or usually blew. so we had a xG vs. G disparity. in reality, low GF. on paper, decent xG. people who want to make excuses — right up to now — tout the xG. but to me the xG vs. G disparity is telling me you don’t have that much quality. and the xG itself may be overrating some IMO low percentage chances. ones where i am like how did you ever think a goal would come of that other than on paper.

        houston’s GM sucks but he has finally grasped there is eyeball “scouting” and there is spreadsheet “analytics.” i see “scouting” as what teams should be emphasizing — look for technique, mechanics, aptitudes — and “analytics” should be the check. he looks interesting but the few times he played that keeper gave up GAA>2, or the field player has barely ever scored. i feel like it’s lurched the direction of analytics but a MBA or math nerd could do analytics and they wouldn’t know a good soccer player from atom.

        fanboys also can’t seem to make up their mind whether they want the prestige guys at the best clubs or the best numbers guys even if they play in podunk. in recent years it has lurched towards chasing guys on streaks or playing more often even if to me the other guy is more talented and has played consistently better in our shirt. people have forgotten that once upon a time taylor twellman or wondo were league goals gods but would blow NT chances in anything above a C team game. but then even framing the debate this way ignores what you really want is puzzle pieces to work together. a crosser and a target. balls to feet guys and a 10 or false 9. not just some forced system or all star team but like players built to play off each other.

      • “Roll out sod is fake” well by definition sod is grass so ….
        Allegiant Stadium in Las Vegas uses one large tray that rolls into place. NRG used to roll out pieces and put it together like a puzzle. The tray at Allegiant is four feet deep. Is it going to be as perfect as Stamford Bridge probably not but it will be as good as any other large capacity stadium in the US. It will be far better than Seattle where your Eddie Johnson moment accord if I remember correctly and safer than the Texans old 6 inches.

      • you’re talking out of both sides of your mouth on the trays. you’re like but it’s summer in vegas and the field there looked awful at time last season. then you’re making fun of me and wanting the final there. pick one. the criticisms are in print, eg, how the field looked for some preseason games last summer, bare spots, on the field and sidelines etc.

        you’re at times touting it as a good idea but it’s similar to what they do in AZ where the state of the super bowl field was a big source of chatter. in the end you’re still growing grass outside in 100F+ NV in the summer. you’re just trying to not have the fans endure reality.
        good luck.

        but then guess where we’re playing our april friendly……

      • IV if you want the best pitch you’d play it at an MLS stadium, but Concacaf (and that’s who controls it) ain’t giving up 30,000-40,000 paying customers so the pitch is better. The 2026 final is either going to be in SoFi or Jerry World so you better get used to it.

      • IV: I get why people don’t like xG, I was just pointing that it proves you aren’t Greg Velasquez even though you both use the term pedantic.

      • IV: FYI Houston xG
        2018: xG:57(4Th in West) GF:58
        2019: xG:53(8thW) GF: 49
        2020: xG:31(4thW) GF: 30
        2021: xG: 46(12thW) GF:36
        2022: xG: 44(13thW) GF:43
        So in 5 years that xG is reported for Dynamo it’s been pretty well on except for 2021. Their other problem is that their GA was higher than their xGA. Over those 5 years they’ve been giving up almost 3 more goals than are projected and scoring 3 less, underperforming your xG and your xGA is a good way to finish near the bottom.
        As for your idea Berhalter made decisions on paper. Jesus Ferreira was 2nd in MLS in outperforming his xG. He scored 18, xG only had him at 11.6. If Gregg made decisions solely on analytics Vazquez and Ebobisse would have beaten out Ferreira and Morris. Jonathan Lewis and Fafa Picault over Arriola and Roldan. Berhalter rated players differently than you but it wasn’t based on spreadsheets.

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