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DeJuan Jones replaces Joe Scally on USMNT roster


Gregg Berhalter has been forced into his second roster change of the U.S. men’s national team’s September window.

DeJuan Jones has been added to the roster ahead of Tuesday’s international friendly against Oman in St. Paul, Minnesota. Jones replaces Borussia Moenchengladbach fullback Joe Scally, who left the USMNT squad due to family reasons.

Jones, 26, debuted for the USMNT in January and has earned six caps overall. The Lansing, Michigan native appeared in four in the USMNT’s matches at the 2023 Concacaf Gold Cup.

A former first round draft pick by the New England Revolution in 2019, Jones has totaled 119 appearances, six goals and 17 assists in MLS play.

He has appeared in 19 matches in 2023 for the Revs, registering one goal and four asissts.

The USMNT defeated Uzbekistan 3-0 on Saturday in St. Louis and will seek a second-consecutive victory to close its September schedule.


  1. to toss around some outside of the box — or even fairly obvious — ideas for how to cover our needs for oman: weah (playing there in club), richards (has played wide or inside), weston (played almost anywhere for schalke). i’ve said try cowell back there. he’s scrappy and may never pan out as a productive wing. domestic nonroster players, brooks lennon, moore. gressel but he’s kind of old.

    • Cannon not playing, Yedlin stinks (worst player on Inter), Reynolds in Europe too much travel on short notice, and Moore ok sure. I thought Jones was injured but I guess he played over the weekend.

      • Jones is substantially better than Yedlin, Moore and Cannon at this point and way more consistent than Reynolds. I don’t see this as an issue.

      • you keep implicitly pimping a notion that the man himself pep has veered away from. as i understand it pep’s idea is no longer play 433 and throw the wingbacks wildly forward. barca/ajax style to me is very cavalier. he learned from his german stint. he now slides a fullback or two inside on offense. it tightens up the transition defense and gives the mids some more people to short pass with.

        i throw this out there because we seem obsessed with risk taking wingbacks who get burned on counters as opposed to more fundamentally sound selectivity. you’re dismissive of moore like it’s a non-starter. moore is a starting wingback on the best defense in MLS. i am at a loss why that is unattractive. he’s not an incredible passer? he has one more assist than yedlin does. and to me big picture, firm up the defense, drop the silly keepaway, and just work a division of labor. free the attackers up to just go after people. then backstop them with defenders who don’t get beat.

        i will grant you cannon. i don’t understand either him or cohen being literally out of contract this long. they didn’t have to follow the windows as they were sans deal. they nonetheless missed the MLS roster freeze. there is next MLS season but that’s half a year off. i guess they could still sign in europe someplace but that’s well underway too. it’s caden clark level silly career choices. you’re a pro player, sign a deal “someplace.” if cannon had a team that might be his batphone call.

        yedlin will be too old to bother with in 3 years. onto the next one. we have plenty of options. people scoffed at that on ream then i got to watch an old man nearly get burned twice by the uzbeks (uzbeks!) attempting clever ball handling on a high line. or maybe people forget ream used to win MLS press awards for both the best defender pass and the worst defender gaffe, same season, when he was here. think he did it twice if memory serves. we hid it better in qatar. you try a high line without a vicious press and that’s what got him run off the team last time after the swiss and canada games.

        i found it odd and interesting they mentioned on the telecast GB wanted to try people at jedi’s slot. jedi’s the 1 of the 2 who can defend if he tries. dest is the disaster. bringing things full circle, i don’t get what the man sees, but it sure isn’t thought out like pep. it’s like some dated cliche without the same type or quality of players pep is given the money to sign.

      • IV: what are you even talking about? No one said a word about formation. I can’t even tell if you’re ranting at me, nkh, or someone else. I don’t think I was dismissive of Moore but my guess people might be because they saw the WC. Ream had a poor performance but that forward for the Uzbeks plays in Serie A so he’s not chopped liver. I don’t remember the comments specifically about Jedi during the match, but Berhalter talked about finding a backup for him not a replacement at his press conference.

    • I fail to see a better RB that could have been brought in over Dajuan from abroad, and certainly not domestically, with the game only 2 days away! If you know of one name him, otherwise it just sounds like you’re griping for the sake of griping!

      • @Vaqui – never have I ever considered myself the gripe police, and also have never been called that by anyone else, but to the point it’s just hilarious to me that people whine and complain non stop about petty things and don’t offer any solutions with logic to back them up. People can gripe all they want, but what they shouldn’t do is get testy when their gripes are confronted with logical and sound questions about said griping! It’s interesting you felt the need to defend him, should I call you the gripe defense unit?

      • Ronnie,

        Defending Owen? I’m pointing out that this site allows for commentary from people like Owen. And you. It’s the whole point of the SBI.

        One person’s petty thing is another person’s attention to detail.

        “it’s just hilarious to me that people whine and complain non stop about petty things and don’t offer any solutions with logic to back them up. ”

        You’re easily amused. I missed the declaration that it was required of us to provide solutions for USMNT problems that we bitch about.

        If I say that the USMNT plays like a bunch of lepers in the terminal stages of their disease. (Paralysis and crippling of hands and feet., Chronic non-healing ulcers on the bottoms of the feet., Blindness.) it’s not my job to fix them.

        That’s Gregg’s job not mine. He’s the paid professional not me.

        If I say Gregg is doing a shit job, it’s not not my job to form the legit search committee that the USSF should have formed. That’s Crocker’s job.

        The fact that I have no better candidate for the position of USMNT manager doesn’t make Gregg a better manager.

        Pay me what they pay Crocker, give me his job, then you can bitch at me for not having a better manager than Jason Kreis as an alternative. The USSF keeps the “other JK” around just to frighten people.

        I agree that a lot of the commentary here is primarily inane but you don’t have to react to the inanity.

        Bitching and ranting and raving mindlessly is good for the soul sometimes.

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