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Haji Wright, Josh Sargent both score as club seasons resume

The English Football League Championship season resumed on Friday with a pair of in-form American forwards finding the back of the net.

Josh Sargent and Haji Wright both scored in respective league victories for their clubs. Sargent helped spring a 2-1 comeback win for Norwich City while Wright sealed a 3-1 road triumph for Coventry City.

Wright helped seal a 3-1 road win over the host Terriers on Friday, capping off a latest victory for the Sky Blues. The recent CONCACAF Nations League winner now has 16 goals for Mark Robins’ squad across all competitions this season.

Wright started the match and delivered the fourth and final overall goal of the match ahead of second half stoppage time. His low left-footed strike found the bottom-right corner for a 3-1 Coventry City lead.

Coventry City sits seventh in the league standings following Friday’s win, four points back of Sargent and Norwich City.

“Haji’s very good as well, he’s in a great run of form, finding the net. It was great finish on his left foot and that’s what he’s capable of,” Coventry’s Ellis Simms said postmatch about Wright.

Up next for the Sky Blues is a home date with Cardiff City on Monday.

Josh Sargent helps spring comeback win for Norwich City

Josh Sargent was also amongst the goals on Friday in league play.

David Wagner’s men rallied from a first-half deficit to defeat visiting Plymouth Argyle 2-1 at Carrow Road.

Sargent’s flick-on right-footed finish in the 67th minute helped the Canaries tie the match after the hour mark. Christian Fassnacht’s corner kick was slotted home by Sargent for his 14th goal of the season and 10th of 2024.

An Ashley Phillips own goal propelled the Canaries in front for an eventual 2-1 home victory.

It marks a positive return to action for Sargent, who missed March’s U.S. men’s national team through injury.

Norwich City next visits Leicester City on Monday in a quick turnaround for both clubs.


  1. A couple years ago we were struggling to find a decent CF. Now we’ve got 4 that are true challengers for roster spots….Balogun, Pepi, Sargent, Wright.
    Since Sargent & Wright can both play as wide attackers, and we lack quality depth at the position behind Pulisic & Weah, I could easily see us bringing all 4 to the Copa.
    CB is still a concern, but there are some options….they just lack experience and chemistry.

    • Konrad with a brace in 19 minutes today. His first two league goals of the season. Eibar is in a promotion spot currently (de la Fuente just on loan though). Olympic eligible.

  2. 19 yr old Joel Imasuen got his Bundesliga debut today for Werder Bremen. I know virtually nothing about him other than he was born in US (one site said Atlanta) and that he has 27g in the German 5th tier this season. Two videos with him scoring on YouTube, one with Bremen II and one in friendly against Hannover with the first team last week, so not much to go on his overall talent.

  3. These two are just showing off now. Hard to leave either one off of the Copa roster. Have a feeling Pepi will be with the Olympic team. Which is a great honor.

    The way these two are playing its hard to see Balo as the starter, not unless he gets going for Monaco.

    • I’d take all four. There is just no substitute for guys who score goals. And they are not the same kind of players at all.

      Haji showed there where he’s really good: playing as a wing forward where he can face the goal, take guys on, and finish…he’s really turned into a top-drawer finisher. He’s not really a true CF despite his size. Pulisic can’t play every minute…and Pulisic is also just as lethal if not more on the right side. To me you bring Haji as a winger.

      I don’t see how you leave any of the others off, and I’d much rather have three strikers who can score than, say, a fourth CB or a fourth outside back. Weah can back up right back. So can McKennie. So can Adams. Obviously every one of Robinson, Dest, and Scally can play either side. We do not need four outside backs, but there’s a ton of situations where that third striker could wind up being all-important, especially late on if we’re chasing a goal.

      • Possibly. But Pepi would be the starting striker on the Olympic team. Right he is a sub for the USMNT. Would love to see Pepi with the Olympic team who has a good chance to make some noise and medal.

      • “I’d take all four. There is just no substitute for guys who score goals.”

        The USMNT is built to have the scoring come from Pulisic and Weah. Mostly Pulisic. Eventually Reyna could work himself into that pecking order as well.

        Gregg ,very clearly, has never been overly worried about a #9 who does not score since he has them doing other things. He gave 22 caps to Ferreira who frightens no one at the top level because he sees Ferreira as doing those “other things”.

        Our guys are all hot now but #9’s tend to be streaky and guys like Gregg don’t trust that. Unless you have a Kane or a Lewandoski.

        As good everyone has been, none of them are at that level of reliability. Not yet anyway.

        ” I’d much rather have three strikers who can score than, say, a fourth CB or a fourth outside back.”

        That’s easy to say until you go to a tournament and one of Richards, Ream, Jedi or Dest gets hurt. You saw how much difference it made vs Mexico that Ream was back in.

        This team has little quality depth across the board and having a glut of #9’s is great but they can’t all play at the same time and none of them score by themselves.

        “that third striker could wind up being all-important, especially late on if we’re chasing a goal.”

        The key to that is to not be in that situation in the first place.

      • Vacq-

        I dunno if we’re “built” for that so much as the lack of a dominant 9 has forced us into that…and not coincidentally, we’ve often struggled to score. Gregg does ask his CF’s to do a bunch…but mostly that just means he needs a genuine hoss. Gregg’s striker must hold up the ball. He must press relentlessly. He must be able to drop and combine. And then once he’s dropped and combined, he must then haul ass back upfield to catch up to the attack, and because so very many crosses are going to be coming in, he must be able to get on the end of them and score with his head. Basically, Gregg is looking for Harry Kane (though Kane’s not usually a tremendous presser) or Karim Benzema. (Who absolutely is, or was before age 35, anyway.)

        The problem is, we really haven’t had a 9 who can do all that, and even though you can argue Balogun, Pepi, and Sargent (and, actually, Brandon Vasquez) are all extremely talented guys with the majority of those prerequisites (Haji really does not, though he’s hardly useless) it’s really not realistic to ask all that and then expect them to last longer than 60 minutes or so. And even that takes a set of iron lungs. Which means you’re going to be playing at least two strikers significant minutes every game…and if you need to put an extra striker on in the last 20-25, if you only bring two strikers you won’t have one to put on. And obviously you’ll need at least three if you’re going to play a 4-4-2 or 3-5-2.

        You have to have offensive options on your bench. And, sure, no one wants to be trailing with 20-25 minutes left…but in soccer, when does anything really ever go to plan? Knockout games tend to be super-tight and often go into extra time, and the team that still has fresh difference-makers to bring out usually prevails.

      • “I dunno if we’re “built” for that so much as the lack of a dominant 9 has forced us into that…and not coincidentally, we’ve often struggled to score.”


        Dominant 9’s, like Kane, Lewandoski, Haaland and so on are very rare. For any team anywhere.
        Good managers learn to live without one for that reason. Pep was doing just fine at City before Haaland came around.
        The USMNT has never had one. McBride came the closest and calling him “dominant” is quite a stretch.

        In the last 24 years LD had been our go to scorer, followed after a while by Clint and LD together. Clint eventually handed the baton to Pulisic. None of those guys ( maybe Clint on occasion) played the #9. Jozy was the third scoring option when LD and Clint were around and the second option after LD left. He played as a # 9 a lot but like Wright, Jozy was basically a wing forward who occasionally played target man but didn’t love doing it until his later years when his injuries began to add up and his speed and power went.

        Lacking a dominant #9 is not why the USMNT, particularly the Berhalter editions, have always struggled to score. We’ve struggled to score because overall, our players, with some notable exceptions, haven’t been that good.

        The current scoring glut is impressive FOR AMERICAN #9’s. If you’re comparing these guys to Alan Gordon, Brian Ching, Wil Bruin, Edson Buddle, C.J. Sapong , Kenny Cooper Jr. or Gyasi then yeah they are impressive. But unfortunately you have to compare them with guys like Luis Diaz, Darwin Nunez, Ivan Toney, etc., etc. Our #9’s have to stay consistent for them to be a real help. So the jury is still way out on those guys. If we can get more help for the notable exceptions then you start to have the makings of a real international team.

        In all the years I’ve been watching these guys the USMNT has struggled to create decent scoring chances. That’s why LD was so important. He was pretty good at creating opportunities either for himself or for someone else. But if he wasn’t there or if had an off game, there was nothing.

        Clint wasn’t as creative but he was extremely efficient at making the most out of the opponents mistakes. Fabian just wasn’t around enough and he wasn’t as consistent as LD.

        Don’t get me wrong, if any of these #9 candidates develops some real consistency, it will be a big help.

        But the key player for our offensive identity is not those #9’s.

        It’s Gio.

        If he can finally get untracked and in place, he takes a ton of pressure of off Pulisic. Like CP, Gio can create and he can score.

        And they both have what this team really needs, they are both diva shitbags. They are both punks. They are the guys who wouldn’t pass the ball to Lletget because he was gumming up the works.

        They don’t really believe anyone can stop them, they both think they can do anything and they can handle the big occasion. Weston and Tyler have some of that as well but Pulisic and Gio are the prima donna hitmen, the executioners.

        Or as they used to call Donovan, the “Mexicutioners”.

        If Gio finally gets untracked and Weah stays healthy and regains his form, then the USMNT may have something.
        By the time 2026 rolls around I expect the best #9 to be between Flo and Pepi. I expect Pepi to be the “Erling of El Paso” by then.

        But I wouldn’t rule out any of them, because injury, and loss of form probably will.

    • Potential 18 player team. Which I think it’s ridiculous the roster size is only 18. That’s for another discussion. If yiu can get Musah and Pepi fir the Olympics that would be awesome. Might be a chance for both. My overage players are Mckenzie and Trusty. CB needs help. Here goes for an 18 man roster.

      Attackers: Paredes, Pepi, Mcguire, Cowell, Yow, T. Booth

      Middies: Musah, P. Aaronson, Busio, Tessman,

      Defense: Tolkin, Reynolds, Harriet, Trusty, Mckenzie, Dietz

      GK: Schulte, Slonina

      Paredes can play LB if needed and Reynolds can play at CB if needed.

      Aaronson is needed at CAM.

      • I think you’re fairly close. I don’t think you’ll take 6 attackers. I could see Reggie Cannon over one of your overage guys since he can play RB or CB but we haven’t seen him since before WC so he’s probably out. I think Ferreira fits in so much better than “Buff Arriola” because he can play three different positions. Luna’s got to still be in consideration. We know historically speaking one or two of these guys on your list will be injured and another couples’ situation will change and they won’t be released.

      • Q: not sure, if DeJong is still their plan for next year, why not. If DeJong is moving on Pepi is ther #1 for next year probably not. The Olympics being held in Paris I think will encourage more participation from European clubs as the travel is fairly minor. Most will travel farther on their preseason training camps. I’m not sure on the psychology either Pepi was #1 in qualifying dropped for WC, top scorer in 2024 dropped for Copa might be harsh.

      • JR

        He should have been at Qatar and now you’re telling him he’s not good enough for Copa America? I see an Olympic berth for Pepi as an insult but you’d have to ask him.

        In other words, for NFL fans, do you want to play in the Super Bowl or is a Pro Bowl berth good enough compensation for you?

        How many people can name the last two Olympic mens Gold medal winning teams w/o googling it?

      • JR

        He should have been at Qatar and now you’re telling him he’s not good enough for Copa America? I see an Olympic berth for Pepi as an insult but you’d have to ask him.

        In other words, for NFL fans, do you want to play in the Super Bowl or is a Pro Bowl berth good enough compensation for you?

        How many people can name the last two Olympic men’s Gold medal winning teams w/o googling it?

      • V: that’s what I was trying to say I’m not sure you’d want to do that to your young striker. He responded well last time. Will he respond again?
        I’d imagine they’ve talked to all the Olympic eligible guys to see what they’re thinking and with their clubs. Pepi has responded with goals for both US and PSV when called on.
        I hate that people have dropped his rating because he’s behind DeJong who is a PSV legend. Let’s be honest none of our guys would be playing if they were behind Luuk.

      • JR,

        Olympic Mens Finals
        2004 Argentina Beats Paraguay
        2008 Argentina beats Nigeria
        2012 Mexico beats Brazil
        2016 Brazil beats Germany
        2020 Brazil beats Spain

        The presence of the big boys is these finals is unsurprising.
        What is interesting is did the non big -boy powers like Paraguay, Nigeria and Mexico use their Olympic success to fuel their senior teams dominance?
        I don’t know. I don’t think so.
        What I know is FIFA designated the Olympics to be an under -23 tournament because they did not want it to become the alternative World Cup, at least for the men.

        After watching Caleb Porter “coach” the US Olympic qualifiers back in 2011, it was pretty disgusting and a huge turn off. If they didn’t take it seriously why should I?

        A berth on our Olympic team is a consolation prize. How seriously can you take a tournament that allows you your complement of “ringers from the varsity” in the form of overage players.

        What is this , intramural sports?

      • Vac: as you like to remind our friend IV, it doesn’t matter if you care about winning the Olympics. If Pepi or Musah or even Weston or Pulisic for that matter want to play in the Olympics US Soccer will let them. Supposedly, Mbappe is going to play for France. With a pretty firmly entrenched roster most of whom are between 22-26, it will be important for guys not on the Copa roster to get experience in an international tournament, even if it’s mostly JV teams. Especially since this age group missed out on U20 WC because it was cancelled by Covid (Booth, Morris, Busio, Tessmann, Yow).

      • JR,

        ” Supposedly, Mbappe is going to play for France. ”

        Yes, it is in France and it is alleged to be the best party ever for any athlete. I don’t blame him.

        Neymar got himself on the 2016 on the Brazilian team because he is a little light on winning medals with Brazil, it was in Brazil and at the time the Brazilian men had never won the Olympic title. And they had embarrassed themselves in the 2014 World Cup so someone had to pay for that.

        I don’t begrudge any player who wants to go and it certainly isn’t going to hurt you as a player.

        But the football competitive experience at the Olympics will be better than nothing but not by much.

      • I’ve got to give credit when it’s do. He hadn’t scored since the week of Halloween. His cold streak from distance continues though still no goals from outside the box in over two seasons. I’ve been told he’s unbelievable at them though. The missing link to beat Argentina.

      • JR

        When BVB fires Terzic and brings back Gio, they will then have a big makeover and bring in Julian Green and Duane Holmes.

        That way BVB can score from distance all they want ( with Julian for the close in volleys) and Bayern can’t stop them( BVB will also buy Adams for Bournemouth.

        Just have Gio run this shitshow.

        This is what America can bring to world soccer, the concept of specialists.

        Why screw around when all you have to do is shoot from 35 yards?

      • Vac: Terzic heard all the US message boards predicting his demise and dominated Bayern on the road. Funny if he promotes Cole Campbell to the first team he’ll probably become every USMNT fan’s favorite manager.

  4. 3-2-5

    Pulisic – Haji – Balo – Sarge – Weah

    • Interesting, but I can do better:

      Pulisic – Haji – Balo – Sarge – Weah
      ————-Adams (gk)—-

      • I got one … it’s almost for real 😳 the GGG false 9 makes an all out attacking return

        Haji ————————————— Sarge
        ——————— Reyna————————
        — CP10 —–———————— West —
        ——————— Adams ———————
        Dest —–——————————— Weah
        ———— Chris ——— Miles ————
        ———————— GK —————————

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