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Report: Weston McKennie rejects Juventus’ latest extension offer

Juventus has been interested in extending Weston McKennie’s contract by another two seasons, but the American midfielder has reportedly declined the Old Lady’s latest offer.

McKennie has turned down Juventus’ latest contract extension offer due to no increase in his salary, CalcioMercato reported Tuesday. Juventus has offered McKennie a two-year extension at €2.5 million per year, but McKennie “is not satisfied” with the offer from the club, according to the report.

The 25-year-old has enjoyed a sensational season for the Old Lady, registering 10 assists in 33 combined appearances. McKennie has logged 2,625 minutes of playing time this season, featuring in midfield and as a wing back at times.

In total, McKennie has accumulated 13 goals and 15 assists in 129 appearances for Juventus, lifting the Coppa Italia and Italian Super Cup on one occasion each.

Despite being linked with a move away from Juventus last summer, McKennie has been one of the bright spots in the squad.

Juventus next faces Lazio on Tuesday in the second leg of its Coppa Italia semifinal tie, leading 2-0 on aggregate. Sitting third in Serie A, Massimiliano Allegri’s men has five league matches left on their schedule as well, sitting nine points clear of fifth place AS Roma.


  1. Weston still seems to have so much talent, and so much eagerness to
    compete, even if his cash value hasn’t panned out as much as he and all of us once hoped. I just wish he could find a coach who could inspire him to do the hard work that the very best teams require, but in a more cheerful, upbeat, even joky way than the cool, withdrawn impression I get from Allegri’s body language.

    I don’t know if my impression of McKennie is correct either, since I don’t follow much soccer gossip. But just from the occasional sentence or two that comes out in mainstream media, like a recent very anodyne Washington Post article, he just seems like a really extraverted, cheerful guy who would like to spend as much time as possible just enjoying himself while he’s still young, like eating out and night life and joking and hosting parties and so on.

    That’s certainly true of many celebrity pro male athletes, perhaps even more so in the NBA, NFL, etc. But even there, the guys who also have really solid careers don’t look quite as, er, chubby to me as he does. (Not to be prejudiced against people who carry a little extra weight — I’m one of them, but I’m not an athlete, just a fan.)

    It wouldn’t be fair to belabor that point, since he has obviously already put his head down and done a lot of hard work at Juve, for which I hope he will receive due credit. And again, he has so much talent, and so many other selling points, like his many languages.

    So maybe if all of us cross our fingers, he’ll get some other good offers soon. He may never be a Kevin De Bruyne, but a lot of European teams and coaches would surely welcome, say, another Kalvin Phillips. He’s already come so far; I just wish there was another, coach more like, say, Jürgen Klopp (but younger) who could help Weston get more of that happy, bubbly energy back into his play on the field.

    We all know that pro soccer is just a huge money-making business, which seems to be part of what has exhausted men like Klopp and Guardiola, so that it’s not as fun for them either anymore. So many coaches these days seem so serious and worried so much of the time, especially now late in the season when the players are tired and worried as well.

    I don’t know what the secret is to projecting happy optimism from the sideline, just to give the players a little boost when they most need it. Unai Emery has actually impressed me the most, now that he’s overcome the language barrier. Wilfried Nancy I haven’t seen as much, thanks to the TV blackout in MLS, but he also seems promising, still on his way up.

    Are there any coaches that come to mind for any of you, who might be a better fit for Weston?


  2. He should definitely be on a higher wage. He could move to MLS and probably triple that salary. Salary maximizing is crucial for athletes who have a limited window to do so. He would probably double that salary in the EPL.

    • Well Reijnders at AC Milan makes less than that and Mkhitaryan at Inter makes more so it’s probably in the ball park. Wes would make more in MLS but pretty much every NT regular would. Edson Alvarez makes more for West Ham but Tyler makes a similar salary at Bournemouth so it would depend where he ended up in EPL.

  3. This will be interesting. Juve has/have repeatedly told Weston that he was not in their plans and shopped him without takers during the duration of his current contract. Although his Leeds loan last year did not go well, when he has played for Juve, I think Juve would be hard pressed to say he did not perform, especially this year.

    I don’t know if the 2.5 mil euros is a good salary in world football for Weston, but why would he agree to be tied up for another two years with a club who really haven’t valued him? Especially with no raise. On the other hand: its Juve.

    I wonder if we see Weston on the bench, or some did not dress games in the near future.

    • From a completely selfish point of view, I hope it all shakes out so wherever he ends up, whichever manager he plays for- it ain’t Allegri. In spite of his stellar play- following Weston’s Juve games is like watching grass grow..

      • Then again, Weston has played his best ball for Allegri so Allegri has to get a lot of credit for squeezing that out of Weston.

        Weston has not played at such a consistently high level for any other coach.

        Weston owes Allegri something.

        Guys at Weston’s level mainly want to know one thing about a coach, can he make them better? Allegri made Weston better.

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