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Antonee Robinson staying focused on Copa America, Fulham future

Antonee Robinson has continued to develop into one of the more consistent left backs in the English Premier League and despite growing interest from many of the league’s giants, the veteran fullback is focused on what’s in front of him.

Robinson recently concluded his third Premier League campaign with Fulham, logging six assists in 37 league appearances. The 26-year-old has now totaled over 150 appearances for the Cottagers, which also featured one season in the EFL Championship.

Manchester City, Liverpool, Manchester United, and Chelsea have all been linked with Robinson over the past two seasons despite him signing a long-term contract extension last summer, which will take him through the 2027-28 season.

Robinson now heads into U.S. men’s national team duty before the 2024 Copa America competition, and although the growing interest from top-six clubs is there, the USMNT’s No. 1 left back is happy with his current situation.

“I want to keep on developing. I’m very settled here, I love the club. It wasn’t a difficult decision to sign,” said Robinson in an interview with The Athletic. “I signed the deal because I was very happy at Fulham. Interest from other [teams] is great. Obviously it comes down to, if someone wanted me enough to pay what Fulham would want, and if Fulham saw that as a good idea, then I’d leave.

“But until that happens, and I have no idea if it would, I’m just looking forward to the Copa [América] and then starting next year with Fulham, pushing on, and trying to help the team get to even better finishing spots,” Robinson added.

After a 10th place finish during the 2022-23 campaign, Fulham took a minor step back this season, finishing in 13th overall. Marco Silva’s men ended the season with a 4-2 road win over Luton Town and will be eager to begin the new campaign on a high note next August.


  1. it’s a good decision. FFC is generally good to americans (ie less biased), gets you in an amazing big city, and is a stable base for pursuing USMNT by playing regularly. personally i think, as with mcbride and others before him, it’s best to know when to “stop.” to me something is off in the fans thinking when they are really successful for a season, first instinct is to move them someplace else.

    • He’s probably still moving this summer. He’s just saying his management will take care of it and let him know when he needs to know.

    • IV,

      “Personally i think, as with mcbride and others before him, it’s best to know when to “stop.”

      You’re trying to be funny right? Good one!

      Brian was 32 years old when he FIRST signed with Fulham.
      Clint was 25 and it took him a few years before he became the desirable player we all know and love. He was 27-28 when time came for him to leave Fulham.

      Our current guys are facing similar decisions much younger.
      There’s also more money out there.

      I get you love to tell other people how to handle their money money and tell them how to live their lives from your high school and select team perspective ( they didn’t pay you did they?) but I doubt these kids are going to listen to any of us.

      “to me something is off in the fans thinking when they are really successful for a season, first instinct is to move them someplace else.”

      It’s the media that usually first pushes that.

      Some of them are idiots and some of them have been following the game longer than you’ve been on a select team.

      And it is not the fans who will be moving these guys if they do move.

      They are commodities, business assets. They are not in as much control of these moves as maybe they might wish to be. Their desirability is often fragile and very short term. Josh has a chronic ankle injury that has plague him for some time. Tyler would be of interest to a lot of teams but he’s missed most of his Leeds time and now nearly all of his Bournemouth time. If he does move on from Bournemouth it will be at discount rates.

      The point is Josh may never be as hot as he is right now.

      So things are not necessarily as simple as following your select team approach to life as a pro soccer player..

      • Anyone honestly think if Man U had put in a bid for McBride that he would have said no Fulham is really my ceiling?

      • JR,

        SAF was famous for bringing in veterans he admired for one last hurrah ( Henrik Larsson, Laurent Blanc) and even slightly less vintage players ( Cantona, 26, Berbatov, 27) but as much as I admire McBride, he was never at that level as a player.

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