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USMNT eliminated from Copa America following loss to Uruguay

The U.S. men’s national team entered Monday’s Copa America group stage finale vs. Uruguay needing a positive result to stay in the competition, but luck wasn’t on their side at Arrowhead Stadium.

Uruguay eliminated the USMNT after earning a 1-0 victory in Kansas City, Missouri, going undefeated in Group C play. Mathias Olivera’s controversial finish in the 66th minute was all the Uruguayans needed to oust the Americans from the tournament, adding further pressure on USMNT head coach Gregg Berhalter.

Panama’s 3-1 victory over Bolivia also sealed the USMNT’s exit from the group stage.

Despite putting ample first-half pressure on Uruguay, the USMNT rarely troubled goalkeeper Sergio Rochet.

Uruguay came close to breaking the deadlock in the 32nd minute but Tim Ream raced back to deny Facundo Pellestri from finding the back of the net.

Ricardo Pepi replaced Folarin Balogun in the 41st minute after Balogun came off with an apparent injury. The American forward scored in each of his first two Copa America appearances, but was unable to add to his tally.

Olivera propelled Uruguay in front in the 66th minute, finishing off a rebound following a set piece. Matt Turner punched away the original header from Ronald Araujo, but Olivera was in the right spot to pounce on the rebound.

VAR took a look at a potential offsides on Olivera, but the goal was given, bringing frustration to USMNT fans.

Christian Pulisic came close to tying the match up in the 74th minute, but had his deflected shot cleared off the line by the Uruguayan backline.

Uruguay would hang on for its third-straight group stage win while the USMNT endured a forgettable ending to their Copa America involvement.

The Americans will have two months off before their pair of September friendlies vs. Canada and New Zealand.


  1. You hear all the excuse or at least the various narratives from the press. The most recent WC it was the formation, Berhalter style does not create enough offense, and Reyna not playing? Now it’s the coach, refereeing, Conmebola, tv networks, etc.
    Matches still come down to the players: eleven vs eleven and eighteen game day roster. The glaring weakness I see is a lack of physicality. On the ball defending and holding the ball really require a lot of core strength and balance. Shoulder to hips strength with the ability to maintain space on the pitch, create space, or make space. Arms as levers at hip and chest level protect and create advantages. The US is played physical and it is really magnified by quality skilled opponents. Play aggressive on the ball and push skilled players wide. Refereeing is allowing players to hold grab and physical contact shoulder to shoulder.
    The US has a few players that are plateauing at club and national team level. Reyna is stagnant at club and for the US. Dortmund allowed him to move on for various reasons and he floundered at NotForest. You can say there was a better player at his position but quality finds the field at any level. Playing more central he showed more workrate for the US but a high workrate in central midfield is expected and not a surprise. The young man is narrow from shoulders to his hips. Compare him to similar players at his position internationally and he is meek. The US need Reyna to develop into an orchestrator and game changer. Weah is pretty much in the same boat. Full of potential at PSG and far from what was expected. He has great speed in the channels but not superior speed. Again he has a small frame and easily taken off the ball. Adams is a small guy full of heart and spirit but a Nunez type of player can just arm bar him and escape, get off a pass or shot. The US lacks a rangy centerback who is fast, strong, and can jump. Ream is the best passer but still not pulling off accurate line breaking diagonal passes.
    Trying not to be negative and just assessing the acclaimed player pool. Just give it an eyeball test for other top teams in Copa and even smaller countries in the Euro’s. The US especially centrally are small physically and need to play at a fevered pace to compete. They cannot do that for 90 minutes in tournament play and it didn’t work against Uruguay or Holland.
    On the positive Jedi can hold his own against anyone. He has great genetics but he puts his work in. Pulisic is just starting to transform into a fire plug physique. It is and always be a men’s game and the US still has young men playing against men.

    • Don’t forget soccer is not the top 2 sports here, and the best “athletes” play football or basketball. Soccer gets whatever is left over.

      Our 3rd or 4th best athlete in terms of physicality is competing against 1st tier athletes from the rest of the world. If you travel the world, you’ll quickly find out soccer is the #1 sport.

      Not an excuse, but just providing a perspective on why we struggle even with a player pool the magnitude of other countries (Netherlands, Uruguay, etc).

      • I am aware of the somewhat country club demo in the States. Soccer is kind of a big deal on the six continents I visit

  2. Why does McKennie think he’s an attacking midfielder? He holds onto the ball way longer than he should.

    He’s a glorified ball winner who is great in the air, with a very good work rate but that’s it. He tries to create goals when that’s not his role.

    Hopefully a new coach will see that and tell him you’re not the play maker so play your role and pass the ball quicker to someone else is a better attacker.

  3. while we should all be rallying around the fact that we got fucked again by blatantly corrupt and fixed match officiating, instead we start barking and biting ourselves, just like what those SOBs want

    way to fall in line

    I don’t care who the coach is, if we get screwed by officiating like that, we ain’t going no where. Adams gets a yellow for getting stomped? Richards gets a yellow but the play immediately resumes? offsides goal allowed? There are literally dozens more examples from the last 2 games.

    I am no GB apologist, but unless that changes…forget it

    I think a non-US coach would get that respect. There is no way in hell that world football will allow us to succeed unless we genuflect on bended knee

    and I say FUCK THAT. I would rather see us square off at midfield and throw down on all those Mrs

    I’m serious

    world football is a bunch of fake alpha eunuchs, afraid…AFRAID…to play us straight up

    • beachbum,

      Adams’ tackle was a yellow card for Adams.

      The VAR review on Uruguay’s goal is / was the technology being used for this tournament, so it is, what it is.

      On Richards’ yellow, the referee made an OBJECTIVE mistake. As a result, and after his performance is reviewed by Enrique Caceres, Head of Officiating, for CONMEBOL. it is very likely that Kevin Ortega will not get another assignment in this Copa America.

      Having said all that, that is not why we are out of the tournament.

      We are out of the tournament because we couldn’t beat Panama and we couldn’t score against Uruguay.

      Simple as that. #NoMoreExcuses

      • the Panama game was more egregiously officiated than the Uruguay game, lol


        Adams got stomped on that yellow…watch the replay
        see JRs post below on the ‘VAR goal’
        the Richards yellow restart was fixed officiating to the extreme!

        I disagree that the officiating did not impact this tournament…100% disagree

        and, NO WAY we are good enough to overcome fixed match officiating. Ask Joe Scally what he thinks. Or why Nunez, on a yellow, trucks Adams and gets nothing for it…but he does help him up after the play

        We couldn’t beat Panama because we played with 10 men for most of the game AFTER Turner got Jack Tatumed with no card issued, AFTER Barton’s previous BS through just the first 15 minutes of the game!!!…as usual by the chicken shit world football perspective of US soccer

        fine, move on from GB…ok

        unless this part changes tho…we’re screwed

        Bielsa would get the respect and all of the sudden we’d play better

        #No More Fixed Matches

      • like I said Papi…#NoMoreFixedMatches

        as soon as Turner got trucked with no penalty, anyone with a brain understood what was going on…AGAIN

        we need a coach who will get that respect from the world football powers, whoever the new coach is. schemes and ideas and the rest just a pile of steaming BS without it


    • beachbum,

      I love it…it’s the ref’s fault. Excuses, excuses, and more excuses. Keep telling yourself whatever it is you need to believe to feel better about our abysmal performances.

      I love it!

  4. 2tone,

    Bruce Arena???…Jermaine Jones???…and Landon Donovan??? Are you fucking kidding me?

    Why not add Wynalda to the coaching staff. Oh, and get Lalas out of the booth and have him coach the defense.

    While you’re add it, grab Frankie Hejduk to coach the midfielders.

    Oh, and I forgot, Pulisic is as good as Vini Jr., right?

    Can someone please buy 2tone a fucking clue?


    • He was replying to my comment that my first hire would be Jermaine Jones onto the staff.
      I’m curious why you think that would be a joke?

    • Eek.

      That’s pretty much textbook blatant banana republic corruption there. As you said it ended up not mattering because Panama took care of its own business but Holy Mother that’s a bad look.

      • To be fair I’m not sure how long it takes the Twitter guy to draw his conclusions, maybe it’s much longer than VAR has? did a whole story on the call. Basically Conmebol and most leagues use the modeling system that was used last night. If they were using the newer system UEFA uses it would have been offside, see Denmark over the weekend.

  5. Wilfred Nancy’s lineup had he been managing tonight
    Tim would be a beast RWB for Wilfred but with him unavailable I think he’d probably use Yunus and use Scally as a mobile CB. He’d use CP in the Cucho role and just let him roam wherever he wants.
    Wilfred makes too much sense, I think he’s a natural progression from Gregg. He has similar thoughts on how the game should be played and how to manage players but he actually has the ability to adjust tactically.

    • I like Nancy. Would he be willing to leave C-Bus right now, though?

      Noonan is a good shout as well.

      Also I think Matt Freese(GK) from NYCFC should be in the mix for the USMNT.

      • I don’t know if Wilfred would be interested. To partial against a guy from FCC to say on Noonan. Freese, I mean doesn’t hurt to take Callendar’s third keeper spot maybe camp cupcake.

    • Been saying it… of the likely, realistic options, I think Nancy is as good as it gets for this team in temperament and tactics. My gawd this team mopey, passive team is in desperate need of an injection of life.

    • Yeah.

      I also don’t think we need to have ourselves an American coach right now, for a variety of reasons. Say what you will about Jurgen Klinsmann but the man brought a new standard and vastly higher expectations, and players were never allowed to get comfortable. Nancy also would insist on both, and unlike Klinsmann, he actually appears to have a tactical acumen and doesn’t just throw random crap against a wall and see what sticks.

      That formation does look exactly like what Nancy would do…what do you suppose he might do with Dest when he comes back? Let him fight it out with Weah for right wingback? And could he really live with Turner’s clonky distribution out of the back? I love Turner’s shot-stopping and leadership but he looks like a baby giraffe on roller skates with the ball at his feet and I don’t see Nancy being OK with that.

  6. Something needs to change. New coach or not. I don’t care if I see a 4-4-2, 3-5-2, 4-2-3-1, 4-3-2-1 formations. I am tired of the standard 4-3-3 with zero attacking thrust. If it’s done through high energy counter attacking, quick possession, long switches, or conceeding possession and breaking with two forwards. Get the ball towards goal more often. Slow possession buildup hasn’t worked. The team is predictable and hard to watch. Slow possession is for killing off games. If I see one more unnecessary back pass I am going to explode. There is a tome to possess the ball in the back and a time to move quicker. Most national teams have become even more athletic. Even Spain has changed their style.

      • I think both are pretty far. We’ll see if either get released for Concacaf U20s or if they are invited to first team summer tours. I’d be surprised to see either get first team minutes this season and I really like both of them. Campbell, I think has a better chance because I think Terzic really rated some of the other young wingers who never did much for the first team so maybe new eyes with Sahin and staff.

    • I just don’t see two teenagers that week in week out are playing against teenagers making a difference in a match that physical, especially with a very tentative ref. Uruguay’s backline was SerieA, La Liga, Serie A, Vina is Brazil but formerly Serie A and EPL. Two teenagers aren’t going to make them sweat. Their two DMs are PSG and Real Madrid. Off the bench they brought Athleti and Spurs.

      • Yeah that’s the hard truth. The US has more talent then in the past, but still is lacking compared to the major national teams. We brought on a PSV backup striker, two championship caliber attackers, and the lone PSV starter who hasn’t sniffed our first team with significant minutes. Really hope Tillman gets more minutes in the future.

        Our starting 11 had 6 players who started regularly all last season. Scally, Richards, Pulisic, Mckennie, Jedi, Balo. That’s not going to beat the big teams. And two of those players started regularly for their Elite Euroean teams. McKennie and Pulisic.

  7. Can I say a few things: (Rant upcoming)
    1. I think the collective pressure from the press is going to force them to make a change. I’m not 100% but after listening to the pressure from all sides I’m gonna say 90% they fire him. Even the outlaws were singing to fire his mundane rear end.
    2. I like what Rob Stone said postgame, to big or go home. With the revenue upcoming it’s put up or shut up.
    3. I said w LONG time ago, my first hire would be Jermaine Jones. Just to have him on the staff (not as head coach) Toughness can’t be a sometimes thing, and he’s a guy I honestly think would help our players.
    4. We can’t do a thing about the ridiculous officiating.. But for me I would have been perfectly fine with a coach getting in that dude’s grill and getting sent off with a red. I know that sounds unprofessional and would give ammo to any naysayers, but it took us decades to kinda sorta sometimes stop getting concacrapped.. And I’m not talking a Mourinho type sissy move, I’m talking Klopp I’m in your face and I’m gonna eat your children move.

    Seriously, this is a talented group of players that with few exceptions has not played as well as the sum of it’s parts. And I remember that 94 team, they would have run through the Atlantic Wall for Bora.. Because he got them to believe they were better than they were. I wanna see Gigi Buffon loudly singing his national anthem before the game with tears in his eyes. I wanna see Beckham vs Greece when the other 10 guys resigned their fate.
    I wanna see Jermaine Jones drenched in sweat unable to get up after 120 minutes because he left it all on the field. Or Deuce crying as he got his runner up medal in 09 or Landon crying in the locker room as Bruce tried to tell him how proud he was.
    I don’t care how many times they say they’re a family in the locker room, this group of talented individuals has not yet taken it to that level. Shoot I’d even take a coach Herbie if you wanna go super old school.
    Just something and someone that makes me throw sh!t at my TV after Germany in 02 or the Confed cup in 09… Yet still feel proud.
    Cause this dude just ain’t got that guy

    • you know you have lost the press when cheery rob stone is like, “I spent more time watching that damn [bolivia] game….”

    • on revenue, just sign a few million dollar sponsorship with a travel booking site who can run ads for when you “have to book an early flight home from kansas city”

    • Yep losing money will make USSF make a change. But I don’t foresee Klopp taking the job. But yiu never know. Wouldn’t hurt to approach.

    • If a new coach is hired…. Jermaine would be perfect as an assistant. Even Landon would be a good hire as an assistant.

      I am sure there are many ex USMNT players who are fuming about this hot mess of a team, right now. This team should be a well oiled by now. Clearly they are not. And that is a coaching issue.

  8. When it comes to teams like Co0lombia, Uruguay, or the Netherlands, we don’t have that little bit of extra quality that those teams do. Also, I think those teams play together better than we do so that those teams are greater than the sum of their parts. Another thing is that Uruguay played very good defense and we didn’t take advantage of the opportunities we had. One thing I have mentioned before is that too often we try to make the perfect team goal. There was one time when McKennie came down the field with his defender behind him and had an open lane at the top of the box. Instead of shooting, he passed it off to a player that their right back was able to close down and no real shot was gotten off. While we have more good players, we are not getting better results.

    • mckennie had a brutal night. he’d get a ball top of the D back to goal and turn and fire it over goal. he’d get a ball hit to him and flick it out of bounds. he was where attacks went to end. this is the sort of night i am talking about when i say i don’t believe the midfield is up to the task.

      and it’s impossible to get this across to people because while critical of GB he so routinely starts a group that people assume, oh, this is the unit, this is all we can muster. like his formations and selections are just drilled in people’s heads. no, i do not buy musah weston LDLT etc. are as good as we can do CM.

      i’d be taking this in a different direction with wright/pulisic/reyna central, dest/campbell/jedi/keyrol wide, adams/musah sweep, and find some defenders who can mark and some competition for turner as keeper.

      i was disappointed that we neither learned the lesson how close NL was, and adjusted, nor did we seem to reward the people who carried this in march. no lesson seems to stay learned.

      • IV,

        “i was disappointed that we neither learned the lesson how close NL was, and adjusted, nor did we seem to reward the people who carried this in march. no lesson seems to stay learned.”

        What lesson was that?

        “nor did we seem to reward the people who carried this in march.”

        More of your lying BS.

        All of those players, except for Dest, were here. Only Wright’s PT was minimized but that was because Balogun was playing so well. Stop with the malarkey.

        In these kind of games, at this point in the tournament the lesson is:

        1. You might get one chance to score, make sure you take it.
        2. Make no mistakes
        3. Keep your head at all times
        4. Don’t give up the first goal
        5. If you do fall behind , make sure you have someone who can make something out of nothing on your side.

        There is very little here to do with football and most of it is about fighting like hell for 90+ minutes.

        The NL was not enough to teach this lesson to the USMNT. You can’t learn how to beat Conor McGregor by beating up your little brother.

        That’s not an excuse. It’s just pointing out that whatever the USMNT has been doing, it’s not enough to make them ready to win games like this. They have gotten close but close doesn’t count.

        In such games when their 16 are , man for man, equal or better than you, then every second and every inch counts.

        The USMNT have never been in a game remotely like this before. The Netherlands was always going to kill us, England was on cruise control, Wales and Iran were over matched by us and those NL finals? 1/2 speed practice. Every other game , including your beloved Dave Sarachan friendlies , were a Carnival Cruise vacation in comparison.

        Uruguay were clearly better but the USMNT could have won this game. It was basically a question of trying to get CP in a position where he could do some damage. If nothing else Flo ended the debate about who the #9 is. It’s him, no contest. Without him CP looked a lot lonelier. Weston left it all out on the field but he was not sharp for some reason. He looked burnt out to me.

        It’s probably the best game I’ve seen them play, which is a shame because it is too little and too late.

      • i am not some big sarachan advocate. i don’t want him back. i think he sucks on tactics. but he could identify some players. my point re sarachan is if you look at a lot of GB’s starters they are people sarachan first capped who GB then sent to U23. GB literally slows down the personnel process.

        and then i don’t believe we productively or effectively have pushed much past sarachan’s team tying france and portugal while losing to better teams. and i think sarachan just kind of picks bodies and rolls the ball out. if your coach is little better than a career bench coach rolling the ball out for your talent faster than you thought to, you are little value added.

    • What infuriated me last night was our lackadaisical effort on the ball in midfield. There were several times where we could have had the numbers pushing forward in attack but it was interrupted by a Uruguayan player coming up from behind, and lastly, why do we seem to be the only NT that needs so much time to get shots off? There were literally 3-4 times where if we were quicker to shoot we may have have scored, or at least forced the keeper into making a save the results in a put back ala the Uruguay goal smfh

  9. It was about what I expected. As I said, at some point, what you see is what you’re going to get and we’ve seen his level for a good long while now.

    He’s not awful. He’s ever-so-slightly below average, just good enough, as they say, to get you beat. I don’t hate the guy, but his limitations are plainly obvious at this point.

    Time to move along. We can do better and we should, and stuff has definitely gotten stale there. It’s been stale for awhile under Gregg.

    • “Reyna for the Olympics.”

      Gio needs a break, not more losing games.

      Plus , he’s job hunting and does not need to pick up an injury.

      • I watched the friendlies against Japan. It was hard to watch and you can tell these players were over coached throughout their lives and don’t have any spontaneity needed to break down defenses on their own.

        I knew exactly what they were going to do when they tried to attack. If I knew, the opposition will also know.

  10. We missed Dests ability to just make players look stupid. I still say Dest is the most technically gifted player we have on the dribble. Pulisic is a close second.

    Time for coaching change. Hopefully other players continue to grow in the next couple of years to push these guys. Tessman, M.Tillman, P. Aaronson, Luna, Lund, Cremaschi, J. Imasuen, Slonina, Schulte, Jonny, Paredes, Neal, Pukstas etc…

    Was not impressed with Mckennie or Musah in this tournament. Hope it’s a blip for both. Ream still our best CB. Richards was better in this game.

  11. Most USMNT fans have been screaming for GGG to be replaced ever since the end of the 2022 WC when his contract expired (if not before). We all watched the BS search that ultimately re-hired Mr. Mediocrity and has progressed this team to a group stage exit of a Home Tournament against 2 inferior opponents and 1 superior opponent. If USSF doesn’t replace Gregg now we can expect a repeat in 2 years when we host the WC.

  12. This game was a microcosm of the best of the berhalter usmnt, it felt like we were the better team for much of the game but we couldn’t score. I got up once to take a leak, hear the kids screaming, come back twenty seconds later to see we gave up a set piece goal that should have been called back…but wasn’t. I feel bad for the players, they gave it all. I feel bad for berhalter, it’s not his fault Weah got himself tossed and we lost a game we should have won. But it is absolutely time for a new set of ideas to get the best out of this team.

  13. We deserve this. GB is going through the press conference absolutely calm and relaxed, without any accountability or fear of loosing his job…… unbelievable. Insanity Is Doing the Same Thing Over and Over Again and Expecting Different Results. So we deserve this.

    • Had my blood boiling watching that, the lack of ownership, self examination. The tired excuses.. And how evasive and unaccustomed and annoyed he is by even a subtle hint of criticism. Hopeless case I’m afraid.

  14. Don’t let any of the guys at the federation who rehired Berhalter have any say in next manager search and decision. JK, BA, GB x2. Good gawd. How do you not fire the entire management staff at US soccer.

    • Meanwhile Canada just advanced under Jesse Marsch who waited for the offer only for us to rehire Berhalter. If we wanted a US manager there not many with his CV as a manager, maybe one or two others. Might be time to look for non US managers too but US soccer has seemed so opposed to in the past.

      • “Meanwhile Canada just advanced under Jesse Marsch who waited for the offer only for us to rehire Berhalter.”

      • I remember when the hiring of Marsch was announced. A lot of posters here predicted failure because his style wasn’t good enough, he wouldn’t be able to adjust, etc. It would be nice if we got someone who could mold a better team. Both in this game and vs. C0lombia, the S. American team looked to play together as a team better than we did, although the difference was less tonight.

      • They’ve scored one goal in 5 matches. They played 90 minutes over the last two matches up a man and still only scored once. Viera was a better option than Jesse Marsch. Jonathan David has 84 goals in a top 5 league in the last 4 seasons. If you add up all of our players they don’t come close to that. Larin’s 11 la Liga goals are better than anyone not named Pulisic on the US team so this isn’t 2016 Canada. Johnston, David, Davies, Larin, Buchanan, and Eustaquio have all played many games in CL. Kudos to those guys for not making the mental mistakes that US did but let’s not anoint the guy that guided Canada one “power play” goal in 450 minutes. I think they’ll probably beat Venezuela too.

      • JR: Those 5 matches were Holland, France, Argentina, Peru, and Chile. Maybe you recall that France and Argentina played in the finals of the last World Cup while Holland beat us soundly in that competition. Your response is using misleading information; it’s almost like a lie when you put out a number like that without details or context. Hardly any cupcakes in those 5 teams. Canada got a little lucky, but the bottom line is they are advancing and we aren’t.

      • Gary: I think everyone knows the 5 matches they played. They got blasted by Netherlands when they finally put in their starters, they drew France as we drew Brazil, they lost 2-0 to Argentina in which Messi and DiMaria had 3 1 on 1 with the keeper so quite lucky it wasn’t 4 or 5 – 0. Played awful against an aged Peru side getting a goal only because Peru got a red card, played bad against an aged Chile squad and needed a man advantage for 70 minutes to not lose. Making it sound like Jesse has led a master class is pure fantasy. As is the complete fallacy that they’ve still got all MLS players. It’s just not true and easily check able. Gregg’s terrible record especially the last 9 months speaks for itself we don’t need to hype Jesse Marsch he does enough of that himself.

    • Joe: nice to see you back wish it was under better circumstances. I’ve been off Berhalter since Qatar, and profoundly so since Colombia. He can’t deliver what he says his plans are and his teams are not mentally prepared. I just don’t believe we need to make up crap. There are plenty of facts to support he needs to go, none bigger than 1-0-2 his record in this tournament. Or in a must win game we had one shot in the first half and only 2 in the second half before adding our 3 striker. Perhaps the biggest, getting out of the group was said to be an accomplishment of 2022, well this group was far weaker and we didn’t advance. At home, in front of pro-US crowds in each venue.

    • Johnnyrazor,

      Not only is Marsch a better coach than Berhalter, his team is through.

      And to Gary’s point, the teams Canada played were a lot better / tougher than the teams we played.

      No one is anointing Marsch as leading a master class, but there is no way you can say that he hasn’t been a success while Berhalter has continued to be a piece of shit coach that is more concerned with establishing a great locker room.

      Give me a shit locker room, with guys who hate each other, and want to kick the piss out of each other on the practice field in an effort to be in the starting 11, over this kumbaya shit any day of the week.

      Johnnyrazor, your post / argument is shit and littered with holes.

      • Peru is last in Conmebol qualifying behind Bolivia. Chile is 8th in qualifying just ahead of Bolivia. Both are shells of their former selves. Most of their rosters are in their 30s and play in MLS or their domestic leagues. Peru and Chile are in the range of Panama in the rankings (for what those are worth, mostly because they were in the teens 5 yrs ago not recent results) Beating Peru by a goal is not something to cheer, neither is drawing against Chile while up a man for 63 minutes, in that time they managed only 6 shots. These events are not tied together Gregg can be bad and Jesse can be bad at the same time. It’s not a teeter totter.

  15. Gregg, I love ya man but it’s time. It would have been cool to see this crew grow up together and accomplish great things but when you love something sometimes you need to let it go. Let it go Gregg. Let it go team.

  16. The US got what it deserved. Honestly not sure how Comnebol gets an easy VAR offside wrong and it’s piss poor officiating across most games I’ve watched. It’s great competition but The garbage we see on the field at this tournament won’t exist at the World Cup because more than half of it gets a red card. Real refs eliminate the needless hacking and other than the odd Romanian ref do better than this. Won’t even say anything about Gregg. I think it’s self evident. He’s absolutely not the guy. Sadly Matt Crocker has slim pickings to choose from so and if they do the deed Callaghan will be interim coach for the Fall friendlies. If GGG returns then that says all you need to know about the USSF.

      • Tele,

        Why are we looking for excuses instead of holding the right people accountable?

        Using the technology and protoccol that was chosen for this tournament, the Uruguayan player was deemed onside.

        Fact of the matter is, it doesn’t matter if he was on or off…if the goal was counted or not. WE COULD NOT SCORE.

        If the game ends 0-0, we still do not go through.

        No more excuses. At this point in time, we are just not good enough, and it starts with the Head Coach, Berhalter.

      • Didn’t you and others not see the replay? Richards had an extended leg such that his toe was equal to the foot of the Uruguay player who scored.

      • Tele,

        If you’re not making excuses, then you’re just showing your lack of knowledge when it comes to the game and the rules…”must be some rule about set pieces or something that meant he was onsides???”

        Wtf?…get real. #NoMoreExcuses

      • Tele: not sure how I got dragged into this. Based on how VAR drew the line they used he was on.

      • JR, not dragging you in. He essentially repeated everything I said in response to you a half hour earlier on the previous thread. Time stamps are a bitch.

      • Papi, maybe you should look up the definition of ignorant and work on your reading comprehension. My post was in response to glove who said the player was “offside” and mine said he was “onside” and you said I was making “excuses” and then proceeded to give examples of why I was making excuses that matched what I said in a post 30 minutes earlier.

  17. At least it wasn’t by three I guess…. They played ok…better than against the Netherlands right? Adios ggg. Hope we spend the money on someone better.

  18. Berhalter, his brother, and Matt Crocker need to go.

    His brother from bringing him on, and Crocker for rehiring him.

    Should have been fired after the Jamaica game, but was extremely lucky to be hanging on this long.

    I already said we are just delaying the inevitable of his firing months ago. He was never going to last until 2026.

      • He was probably behind the decision to pull MLS out of the US Open Cup, though so don’t put the pitchforks away just yet.

      • hire him then refire him. then hire an exorcist and do a thorough search of the premises to ensure no other berhalters are hiding in cupboards or serving as corporate officers.

      • How much you want to bet that the Cabal are not prepared for regime change?

        I won’t believe that they will jettison Gregg until I see the body.

        Adult programs would have Gregg fired before he left the stadium. Of course, adult programs would have fired Bruce just after the Couva game and made him pay for his own flight home.

        Before Bob got the axe, the JK and Sunil bromance was an open secret for long time.
        Before JK got dumped, Bruce conveniently making himself available by resigning from LA. As soon as I read that I knew what that meant and I was hardly alone in thinking that.

        Right now it does not appear that anyone is waiting in the wings like the last two times.

        If it does happen, I don’t see them going for the 11 million a year, big name person out there.

        I’m sure that there are coaches out there who might do a better job than Gregg who are not ( comparatively ) big bucks and and big name.

        It’s just that I don’t know who they are.

        Your guy Nancy, I knew who he was before Columbus but I didn’t know he was that good a coach. And of course we still don’t know if Nancy’s style would translate. And have little if any time to find out.

        That remains their central dilemma, It is probably intentional but they have backed themselves into a corner where replacing Uncle Gregg is highly inconvenient and impractical.

        Now that is just like the USSF that I know.

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