SBI Stoppage Time

SBI Stoppage Time: RBNY's turnaround and a look at the MLS playoff field

SBI Stoppage Time: 10/21/10 from Soccer By Ives on Vimeo.

  • St. Addi

    Were you guys dressed for a family portrait?

    Dane Richards stock is rising as fast as he runs. He makes me squint everytime I see him sprinting up the flank because I can hardly see his legs. I think they call that Flinstone Fast. I thought Marquez was lucky to get away with only a yellow for that tackle, especially since it was obvious retaliation. Possibly some DP bias?


  • St. Addi

    A response so inane he sent it twice!

    Hey “This Guy” why don’t you change your name to “THE GUY-with brain damage who performs in male on male erotica”


  • DomiNate

    Worst to first sounds great but it isn’t true. Maybe in the NFL, MLB, or NBA that might be an achievement, but if you show me a soccer fan who wants conferences I’ll show you an idiot who knows nothing about the tradition of the game.

    Congrats NY on a great turn around, but you are 3rd at best and could fall to 5th in the the table this weekend.


  • ThaDeuce

    Hello SBI,
    Could we get a “this weeks soccer on TV” post?
    WIll ESPN have any games and will Fulham, Bolton or Rangers (I know not Rangers, but it is Celtic) be on FSC?
    fingers crossed.


  • ...

    ESPN has Everton/Tottenham at 7:45 AM Saturday

    FSC has Fulham on delay at 5 PM Saturday

    Bolton I think is delayed till Sunday on FS+

    Don’t know about Rangers.


  • Justin O

    So RBNY are Easatern Conference champions? Doesn’t that title go to the winner of the Eastern Conference final?


  • Timothy Leary

    This news brought to you by…

    Red Bull, a refreshing beverage.

    NYRB are not going all the way.


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