Onyewu in running for contract offer from Rangers


Oguchi Onyewu’s ongoing trial with Scottish club Rangers could be one that produces a contract offer.

Rangers assistant manager David Weir says there “is a chance” that Onyewu earns a contract with the Scottish powerhouse. The former U.S. Men’s National Team defender has been training with the team in South Carolina, and could prove to be the club’s answer at centerback, a position the team is currently in the market for.

“He has done well. It’s difficult for him to come into a group he doesn’t know and make a mark or impression,” Weir said. “We all know he is an experienced player. We’re having a look at him and he’s having a look at us. It’s a difficult situation but he has handled it really well and he has socialised really well. I think there is a chance he will win a contract. We wouldn’t have invited him here if we didn’t think he had a chance.

“We’ve got until the end of the week to make our minds up. We’ll give him our thought and he will give us his thoughts and we will see where we are at. The decision has to be right for all parties. Since he left Charlton he has been training with D.C. United for a period of time. He just wants to know what his next challenge is. He still wants to play and he wants to contribute. He wants a challenge that excites him. He has options in the USA and he wants to have options in Europe too.”

Onyewu has played for seven clubs since moving to AC Milan in 2009, with his most recent stop coming at Charlton Athletic in England. As a member of the USMNT, Onyewu made 69 appearances from 2004-14 while scoring six international goals.

What do you think of the Onyewu news? How would he fare with Rangers?

Share your thoughts below.

  • Joe from El Paso

    Wishing the best for him. Another what could have been career… Had he stayed healthy.


  • Jeffrey D Burns

    A friend that played a couple NFL seasons before a bum ankle finally ended his run explained that staying healthy is about equal to ability in getting/staying at the top in most sports.

    I like Gooch’s chances to make the Gers squad … they’ve recently shown they don’t mind taking on Americans, and giving ’em playing time.

    Looking forward to seeing him do well at his next stop … in Glasgow?


  • johnnyrazor

    He’s 34 that seems old even for a CB, checked with the top Scottish clubs its also old for defenders in that league as well.


    • bizzy

      true statement…but when you have the two best players on the USMNT at 33(Dempsey) and 34(Jones) playing the striker and midfield positions respectively(which demand pace, fitness, sharpness etc) or even Tim Howard at 37 still looking sharp and athletically fit, then 34 at CB for Rangers doesn’t seem bad or far-fetched at all.


      • johnnyrazor

        Except for the major injury to Gooch and relative health for the three players you mentioned and that he hasn’t played a competitive match in a year and half.


      • bizzy

        Rangers are a big club in Scotland, and are not desperate to recruit “handicap players / washed out” players. if he CAN make the team then whether he is injury prone or hasn’t been playing really doesn’t matter. But let him make the team first I guess


      • johnnyrazor

        Rangers were a big club in Scotland and will almost certainly continue to recover now that they are in the Scottish Premiership again. They did sign a 37 year old defender and 33 year old midfielder so it appears they are looking to add some veteran leadership. The comments from the coach still don’t make me any more confident that it will happen though.


    • ANM

      Worth noting that David Weir played in central defense for Rangers–and in the CL to boot– until he was 41. I doubt he sees Onyewu’s age as an impediment.


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