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Clint Dempsey out for rest of season due to irregular heartbeat

Photo by Jennifer Buchanan/USA Today Sports

Photo by Jennifer Buchanan/USA Today Sports

Clint Dempsey’s 2016 season has come to an end.

The Seattle Sounders announced on Tuesday that Dempsey will not return this season after being diagnosed with an irregular heartbeat last month. The forward last played on August 25 and was cleared to return to practice on Sept. 14. However, Dempsey missed training last week , prompting to Tuesday’s announcement that he would be shut down for the rest of the season.

In addition to missing time on the club level, Dempsey will almost certainly miss a series of World Cup qualifiers with the U.S. Men’s National Team, including November’s Hexagonal-opening clash with Mexico.

Since Dempsey’s initial departure, the Sounders have gone 2-1-1 and are just three points out of a playoff position with two games in hand. The Sounders return to action on Wednesday against the Chicago Fire.

  • jay

    That is very sad news as a soccer fan. Deuce has four kids and was really heavily impacted by his sister dying at a young age. I’d love to see him make the World Cup but I could certainly see him reflecting on his situation and deciding to retire. I guess we’ll have to see what happens next spring. What a total bummer!

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  • Lost in Space

    Dempsey has been a fighter his entire career. Hopefully he’ll take this time in order to have this issue resolved. I wont count him out just yet, but it is this could be the beginning of the end, considering his age and the implications associated to this type of medical issue.

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  • Ronniet

    one of thee warriors of american soccer, no doubt! If this is the end of the line for his playing career, and you have to think serious conversations are being had with his family about retirement for the sake of quality of life, it was a hell of a ride and he’ll go down as one of the best!

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  • Gary Page

    As a huge Dempsey fan I am disappointed. Were he healthy I think he would break Donovan’s national team scoring record. As a pure goal scorer I think he is the best US player ever and has been so clutch so many times. The man is all heart and effort. But he has to do what’s best for him and his family long term. I won’t be surprised if he retires and hope for the best for him in the future.


    • Old School

      Kind of like Nick Rimando has done on occasion. I like the idea, but I’m not sure Clint has the desire or temperament to be on a staff (or future manager).

      I think he’d get annoyed if his players didn’t play with the same fiery passion and attitude that he possesses.


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