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Sacramento Republic surprised by 'troubling' expansion turmoil


One of the biggest storylines, and most troubling, from Tuesday’s MLS expansion deadline was the omission of the Sacramento Republic FC name from the city’s bid.

Nothing has been confirmed in regards to an independent Sacramento bid going forward without the Republic name, but the club made sure it is known the name must be a part of the expansion bid according to an agreement made during the bid preparation.

In a statement to the Sacramento Bee, managing partner and lead investor Kevin Nagle, who submitted the bid without the Republic’s authorization, said his”preference would be to keep the Republic name”.

“We are just as surprised as our fans to hear that various news outlets are reporting that a bid was submitted to MLS for Sacramento which does not reference Sacramento Republic FC,” the club statement said. “If these reports are true, this is deeply troubling to us. This journey has always been an endeavor to elevate your team, Sacramento Republic FC, to MLS.

“If the bid submitted yesterday by Mr. Nagle did not include Sacramento Republic FC, it was in violation of our agreements and without our authorization; and we will take this up with the appropriate parties immediately.”

Another report from ESPN stated the two sides are looking to merge into one bid committee with the Republic name at the forefront, but money is the difference at the moment.

  • Concorde

    More big brother. MLS tries to appropriate things that aren’t theirs, as with the Cascadia cup. MLS attempts to create artificial value and market that in front of any real historical value.


    • colininmt

      Actually, this is about one of the Republic’s owners trying to ditch the other owners at the last minute and create a new expansion proposal off of the goodwill and momentum created by Republic. Doesn’t really have anything to do with MLS trying to appropriate anything.


    • Quit Whining About Soccer in the US

      How so?
      MLS made them drop it?

      Doesn’t seem very likely, especially after the success of the Sounders, Timbers, and Whitecaps.


      • Concorde

        Yes I’m implying that MLS made them drop it. Although I obviously don’t know if that is true or not, that is exactly the sort of thing MLS, the league run by owners and marketeers, does. Near-proof in the rambling response the league gave today.


  • Joe Dirt

    All about leverage. Once Sacramento’s bid is accepted Sacramento Republic FC will have not leverage and the MLS ownership group that submitted the bid can buy the name for a song. Sure fans will be pissed but they’ll still buy season tickets.


  • Fat Albert

    $150 Million. It sounds like Nagle has it, and the other owners don’t. If Rebublic had the funds, they should have submitted their own bid. How does one become rich again?


    • AzTeXan

      All the other markets also have money. Considering the drawbacks Sac has as a media market, I don’t see how Nagel can afford to just shrug aside the good will the Republic name has generated thus far with the fans and the US soccer community. Unless he plans to buy the name, I don’t see how he can make a bid without the Republic ownership. I’d take most (if not all) of the other bids over a Republicless Sac bid


  • Rory, Bringer of Doubt

    And the door just opened for Cincinnati or Detroit to steal the second spot (St Louis will get the other one).


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