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Report: Freddy Adu linked with move to Indonesia


Freddy Adu remains a free agent and another potential landing spot has popped up for the former U.S. Men’s National Team midfielder.

According to CNN Indonesia, Adu is in talks with Indonesian club Persija Jakarta. The report states that there has been an offer made for Adu although talks remain preliminary. The team is reportedly interested in bringing in a marquee foreign player to play in the Torabika Soccer Championship, a league which is entering its second season.

Adu most recently played for the Tampa Bay Rowdies, but joined the Portland Timbers during the offseason for a training stint. The preseason period did not produce a contract offer, leaving Adu without a club for the time being.

In the weeks since, Adu has been linked with a move to Polish second-division club Sandecja Nowy Sacz while the midfielder also reportedly received offers from Asia.

  • CVS

    The only thing sadder than reading about Freddy’s situation is having to minimize three pop-up ads to read about Freddy’s situation.


    • Al_OC

      Michael Essien, who just joined one of the clubs, is reportedly earning 800k Euro.


      • TheFrenchOne

        Wow… if Essien needs to hustle in Indonesia, I sure hope he sues his financial guy soon


      • KenC

        What? Did he blow all the money he’s earned? That’s more shocking than Freddy chasing it in Indonesia.


  • Turkmenbashy

    I didn’t even know Indonesia had a league… Oh, poor us that we read about this. On the bright side, this dude has gotten PAID for basically travelling around the world… Does Papua New Guinea have a league?


  • Al_OC

    Hey Ryan – you might get the wrong translation. The club has not made an offer for Freddy. Rather, the club has been offered Freddy since they’re looking for a playmaker.


    • SilverRey

      Seriously? Adu’s career has been fascinating! Think about everything that he has done. He may not have fulfilled your expectations, but he has traveled the world. Playing soccer. I’m jealous. You should be too.

      Liked by 2 people

  • Helium-3

    Gotta hand it to Adu man, true pimp. Won a court case against Bahia FC for about $300k from unpaid wages. Only played about 130 minutes for them. LOL


  • Dr. Tongue

    At this point play in the Indonesian League for a year or so then pen a memoir. That would be fascinating reading to learn about he was dubbed the savior of US Soccer to playing his trade in the various lower level leagues.


  • DcM

    I’d be curious to know how much money he has made since signing with MLS, and where that money has gone. Invested? To his family? Blown on prostitutes? I would definitely read this memoir, although I’m more curious to hear from the coaches.


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