Your questions answered (The Lost Questions)

Your questions answered (The Lost Questions)

SBI Live Q&A

Your questions answered (The Lost Questions)


Good morning folks. As you know, I try to make it a habit of answering all the questions submitted for the Q&As. Well, it didn’t quite work out that way the last time. There were so many questions that I left off a good number of them. I didn’t forget about them, I just needed some free time to get them done and I had to get them done so I could clear the way for the next session.

So here they are, my answers to the lost questions from the most recent Q&A. Enjoy.

LAWRENCE– Do you think Rolfe can be real option at RM? I do.

IVES– I don’t think you will get any substantial news on a second New York team for some time but the feeling around the league is that the team is coming. If I had to put a target date on it I would say 2010 or 2011.

One thing I keep hearing from readers is complaints about why MLS would consider a second team in the NYC area when the Red Bulls aren’t exactly packing them in. The fact is the MetroStars spent a decade effectively ignoring the New York City market, choosing instead to focus on New Jersey to build its fanbase. The benefit of that now is that you have a market that is relatively untapped. Yes, there are a number of Red Bulls fans from New York but there are scores of soccer fans in the five boroughs who would embrace a team located in Queens of another NYC borough. Two teams in the market can work and the natural rivalry would only help both sides thrive.

Where would you rank Zidane among the all-time greats?(or at least the ones you’ve seen play)

And 2 (sorry for length) Can you give us a brief history of the blog ex. why you started/when. Thanks

Derby has very little chance of being in the EPL next year. Where do you think Feilhaber will end up?

It’s not that I mind it. It’s just kind of weird. Do you think this would happen if I went to watch Mexico vs. US in Mexico City?

(If you ask me, we should go back to the USA ’94 ones. Not. Those were horrible.)

JOE IN ND– Ives, do you see Liverpool mounting a real title challenge this season? If not what do they need to do to win the Premier League title?

Thanks as always, keep up the good work.

Do you think it doesn’t happen more often because of 1. MLS teams reluctance to expose players to injury, 2. foreign leagues reluctance to take a player for such an odd period of time, or some other reason.

Obviously not all MLS players are high enough caliber, but I’m only asking about those that could represent something mutually beneficial for both clubs (experience for the MLS club and depth/scouting for the borrower).

JON G– What league, in your opinion, is of better quality:

1. Serie A or La Liga?
2. MLS or the Mexican League?

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