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Bradley does it again; another goal, assist for the Heerenveen scoring machine


                                                          Photo by ISI Photos

Michael Bradley is a goal-scoring machine.

The U.S. national team midfielder scored in his third straight league match and upped his goal total in all competitions to 13 as he notched a goal and assist in Heerenveen’s 5-1 thrashing of VVV Venlo on Wednesday.

The goal was Bradley’s ninth in league play, moving him within three goals of tying Brian McBride for most league goals scored in a season by an American in a European first division (McBride netted 12 for Fulham in 2006/2007). Bradley’s 13 goals in all competitions is believed to be a record for an American in a season.


  1. Comparing Michael Bradley to me is completely absurd. I’m a world-class player who dominates the best leagues in the world as well as international competitions. Mike is a nice player, but his skillset is not even close to mine and, not to be mean, but practically all his goals have been wide-open strikes from six yards out (as Yank at Oxford pointed out) as opposed to my gorgeous 30 yard blasts and lovely, looping assists. Have you ever even seen Mike show the ability to run at defenders, yet? I realize that the instinct is to overrate the player you’re a fan of and vice-versa but this is ridiculous. Mike is a nice player who MAY one day be an Owen Hargreaves or, at-best, Paul Scholes type. You should be ecstatic if he turns into Paul Scholes (who, by the way, can’t hold my jock strap)

  2. While I tend to agree that a team such as Ajax, PSV, etc would be a good place for Michael, I highly doubt that H’vn would be anxious to sell him to a rival (who they are currently battling for a CL spot). However, they sold Ruud to PSV so who knows.

  3. oh hai.
    michael bradley’s passing has definetly improved. Hes one of the few americans who can pass the ball so effectively. in the last two games hes been the one to deliver an unstoppable assist, both times by a single touch on the ball, so his vision is exceptional you would have to say, and execution of the passes is perfect.

    as far as transfers, i agree with the people saying he should maybe try to stay in the dutch league, preferrably on a team with teammates who are top drawer. Even if he doesnt score as many goals, if he can 1.5x or double his assist tally then itll boost his value. because you have to agree, his goals havent been fabregas-like jawdroppers, they have merely been the product of perfect positioning.
    And if he can do perfect positioning + some goals + crapton of assists + exceptional defense, i think itll make his stock higher than it is currently.

    the seemingly best way to improve his game is to surround him with even more dangerous strikers, when they get those perfect service, itll make the highlight reels, and because his style doesnt involve flair like adu’s, the best way to get yourself noticed is to be a ROCK solid midfielder who can get involved in both attack and defense, and with a more un-specialized playing style, he can have better success in other leagues. If he went to the premiere league, he wouldnt have any freedom on the ball to play his game. players have to change their playing style to play in the EPL and it takes time, and at 20, the bench isnt going to improve his play in those curcial years as much as possibly a move to a top 10 team in spain or italy, or even a top 5 team in holland. I dont think he should learn to play in the EPL, its a little to scrappy and MB isnt meant to be a ball holder, he is more:

    ball win >> distribute ball >> golazo kind of player, who can locate perfectly a rebound or get on the end of a cross in the box and finish.

  4. Regarding Bradley’s season in a historical perspective for American players…

    (Blatantly stolen from Goff’s blog, as he quotes from Paul Kennedy of Soccer America)

    Bradley’s 13 goals in all competitions are a record for an American-bred and -born player in a European first division. He previously shared the record of 12 goals with DaMarcus Beasley at PSV in 2004-05 and Brian McBride at Fulham last year. Bradley’s nine league goals tied the record for an American-born and -bred player in a European first division set by Eric Wynalda at German club Saarbruecken in 1992-93 and McBride at Fulham last year.

  5. kpugs: I think it’s actually important to consider the numbers. What happens if Bradley stays with Heerenveen next year (hypothetically) and scores only 7 goals? That might not be an indicator of how he’s actually playing, but clubs at the next level might stop paying attention to him, thinking he’s taken a step back. There is something to be said for striking while the iron is hot. That said, as you say, it is important for him to be in a good situation, not just a good team. He should look for a club a slight step up from Heerenveen (stronger contender in UEFA or in the Champs League) where he still can be a first XI player. If that doesn’t exist, then he should stay. Heerenveen is still in the thick of the fight for the second Champions League spot in the Eredivisie. I am looking forward to seeing Bradley fight to win it.

  6. Haig, Wynalda’s big year — I think he scored 12 or 13 goals — came with Saarbrucken in the German first division, the Bundesliga.


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