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Chris Gbandi set for Norway trial


FC Dallas defender Chris Gbandi is set for a training stint with Norwegian club FK Haugesund and a team source says the Hoops are open to selling him if the Norwegian club makes an offer.

A six-year veteran of the Dallas club, Gbandi had his contract renewed for the 2008 season but FC Dallas has expressed a willingness to let Gbandi leave on a transfer if a good bid is made for the No. 1 overall pick in the 2002 MLS Draft. Gbandi played 21 games for FC Dallas in 2007.


  1. I calculated the Galaxy’s payroll the other day and it seemed to me that they were right up against, but not over, the cap. After the Albright trade and the allocations they’ve gotten recently, they probably have enough cap space for Babayaro.

  2. Not sure I understand all of the hand-wringing about the Galaxy. Just because they have five guys whose names we have all heard before, doesn’t mean they are somehow cheating to get ahead.

    I doubt they are cheating. They are shedding salary and coming up with a two-tiered “high paid and very low paid” system.

    Second, I don’t see how this even guarantees they make the playoffs. They were pretty horrid last year, if you will recall.

  3. Dont think youll see TFC make a reach for Jazic, thats one position we dont need any help with (unless we release or trade someone else). Its all mid and forwards from here on out (I bloody well hope)

  4. LA have been stockpiling allocation money, so I guess that’s what they’re using to offset the high salaries vs. the cap. I would think picking up Babayaro means Ante Jazic may now get traded to TFC (maybe for more allocation money).

    So here’s a question, does Gullit go for Cory Gibbs, who he coached at Feyenoord? Would LA have the ability to get Gibbs as a returning US MNT player if Gibbs decided to come to MLS?

    It’ll be interesting to see next season if LA has managed to unbalance the league.

  5. They are probably using allocation money to offset some salaries, plus a Xavier or a Babayaro are not in great demand currently so they will probably make between 150-200k most likely.

  6. Is it just me or does that Babayaro signing reek of LA favoritism again? How do they have the money for Xavier, Babayaro, Donovan, Ruiz, and Beckham? Makes no sense.

    If they do have some way they’ve done it under th cap, I think all the other teams should look at that and see how the hell they’re doing it.

    Complete garbage.


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