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Crew’s O’Rourke set for a permanent move to defense

Danny O’Rourke has long been known as a tenacious ball-winner in midfield whose defensive ability can stifle an opposing attack. Columbus is banking on O’Rourke carrying those qualities to the back-line.

O’Rourke saw time at left back, right back and central defense for the Crew last season and is set for a permanent move to the back in 2008.

"His strength as a midfielder has always been defending and being a ball-winner and I think he can carry that over to the back," Schmid said. "I also think it can help his offensive game moving back a level. That is something you see in players that make that move and he is capable."

The Crew’s acquisition of former D.C. United defensive midfielder Brian Carroll will allow O’Rourke to slide into a defensive rotation alongside Marcos Gonzalez and Chad Marshall. Schmid stated that both Gonzalez and Marshall will be back in 2008. Gonzalez had been rumored to be returning to South America while Marshall’s future had been in some doubt because of concussions he suffered last season.


  1. I attended a few games at Crew Stadium last season when Orourke started and played 90 minutes on D. He was tough back there and was a great asset to a mediocre defense last season. I think he will continue to be an asset in the upcoming season.

    Love the Crew news Ives. It was a pleasant surprise.

  2. The problem with Danny “Knuckles” O’Rourke is that he is really too small to be a CB in the league (Parkhurst is an exception), and too slow to play on the defensive flank. He might be a decent choice in a three-back set up.

    I like his tenacity, but that could also make him a danger in the box where it could result in PK’s.

  3. I think this is a good move. Orourke offers almost nothing on offense but he is tenacious and hustles like crazy defensively


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