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D.C. United draft pick Jacobson signs with Lorient


When D.C. United drafted Cal midfielder Andrew Jacobson, it thought it landed one of the best central midfield prospects in the MLS Draft, a player who was seen as a long-term prospect and potential starter.

So much for those plans.

French club Lorient has formally announced the signing of Jacobson. Ouch.

Jacobson’s departure leaves D.C. with Clyde Simms and not much else at the defensive midfield role, though Ben Olsen could still be used there if needed. D.C. lost veteran Brian Carroll in the expansion draft.

The business of drafting players is getting tougher and tougher.

D.C. fans aren’t likely to shed too many tears. Not after introducing an army of new players this week, led by designated player and star playmaker Marcello Gallardo.

What do you think of Jacobson’s departure? Share your thoughts below.


  1. Anyone who’s interested and can read French can check out an interview with Jacobsen’s coach at Berkeley (Kevin Grimes) on Mercato 365:

    He says, among other things, that J. dreamed of playing in Europe but thought he’d pass through MLS first, until it took too long to get him in contract. Grimes also says if they give him a few weeks to get back in shape he’ll be able to make an impact. Also that the system at Lorient is the same as the one at Berkeley (!?), so the transition should be easy. Hope so, cause he’s only in contract through the end of the season with Lorient.

    Good luck to you, Andrew, hope to see more about your exploits soon.

  2. One of the things I love about soccer is that it is the most international of sports. I sort of enjoy watching the migration of players from south america to north, and from north america to europe. Its just economics. The mls is clearly a minor league on an international stage, but it is still the highest level we have and I enjoy it. I agree w the few who said the mls should not try to trap players but encourage the revenue and the cred that comes from their guys transferring to a big league. My local double A baseball club has posters up of everyone who moved thru and went on to the “bigs”. Its a source of pride.
    The money is based on fan support, and more importantly tv revenue. The fact is our sport is not that tv friendly. (Or sponser friendly). If they really wanted to chase the money they could tinker with the rules to open up scoring (as the nfl has and continues to do) and add commercial breaks – the real lifeblood of tv money. I don’t think too many of us would support that. I know I would not. I’d prefer to keep the “minor league” status, route for RBNY and the mls in general, follow and route for the yanks abroad, and hope for the next good find from south america lands in NJ. And we get plenty of good international soccer to watch when I want to follow the majors

  3. I would kill to have Benny Feilhaber join Jacobson at Lorient or any other French team, even Ligue 2, as there is so much parity in those two divisions. He would get more playing time than with Derby, and would play in a league that suits his style the best out of any league in Europe. L1 is similar to the Bundesliga except the size of the players is a little smaller, but they are a bit quicker, IMHO. As a result, the ball is kept on the ground more than in the Bundesliga. It is my favorite league to watch for these reasons, and I’d kill to have Benny be a part of it…argh, it’s so frustrating because I know he can thrive there. Big shouts to Jacobson going there (we need more Nats playing there), even if he spurned my DCU.

  4. And until every team plays every other team the same number of times, home and away, the Supporters Shield is meaningless.

    I long for the day when we get a balanced schedule. However, I would not use it as an excuse to discredit DC’s Supporter Shields. Heck, the Eastern Conference is TOUGHER so the unbalanced schedule makes Supporter Shield even harder than it would be in a balanced league.

    Just think. DC United went 0w-1t-3l in its first four games last year, spotting the league 11 points … and then ended up winning Supporters Shield before the last game of the season. Pretty impressive for a team with a new coach, 50% roster turnover and a host of extra games to play.

    I wonder what they will manage to do this season.

    All credit to the Dynamo. They are a great team. But DC United (first team to repeat as Supporters Shield holders) achieved a great accomplishment in the new and improved MLS.

  5. Papa Bear,

    Fair point on the culture surrounding sports. I am not saying that people can’t offer their advice and input. I’m merely saying that a lot of it is backward looking and inane.

    Now, if people really think that paying a bunch of crappy players higher salaries or starting youth academies with poor players 10 years ago in MLS was a financially viable move (in retrospect), I just happen to disagree. I much more enjoy it when people make arguments on how the league and soccer in the US can be improved going forward. Like, for example, why does MLS have a draft anyway? Shouldn’t they just move down the ladder and sign these players eariler in the career?


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