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Former Chivas assistant to join Klinsmann at Bayern Munich


Major League Soccer isn’t just losing players to Europe.

Former Chivas USA assistant coach Martin Vasquez is leaving the Goats to join Juergen Klinsmann’s staff at Bayern Munich.

Yes, from Chivas USA to second assistant at Bayern Munich. Not a bad career move.

A Mexican-born, USA-raised product of UCLA Cal-State Los Angeles, Vasquez made seven appearances with the U.S. national team and played in MLS with the Tampa Bay Mutiny and San Jose Clash. Vasquez, 44, joined the Los Angeles Galaxy coaching staff under Sigi Schmid in 2004 before joining Chivas USA in 2005.

The move is made even more interesting by the word that Vasquez was already set to be re-assigned by Chivas USA and removed from the team’s coaching staff. in fact, the entire Chivas USA coaching staff is due for a makeover, with head coach Preki the lone holdover.

First assistant Zoran Savic has left the club and returned to Kansas City. Goalkeeper coach Zak Abdel has joined Bob Bradley with the U.S. national team. Vasquez was already on the way out and found the mother of all rebound jobs with Bayern. Galileo Perkovich, who was let go by the Colorado Rapids, has replaced Abdel as goalkeeper coach.

Who will replace Vasquez and Savic on Preki’s staff? That’s a good question to ask two months before the start of the season.

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  1. I think this speaks volumes about the US Soccer federation. If we have a coach talented enough to assist Klinsman at Bayern Munich how did he not get him in the program! Especially considering he is a Mexican-American and the stated desire to bring in more Latino influence.

    Was he on Bob Bradley’s staff at Chivas or did he come in with Preki.

  2. I agree with Papa Bear. Chivas were a joy to watch *play* football. All the negative developments there — including underwhelming signings — do not leave me with great hope for 2008.

    Regarding Vasquez … I’ve always thought that being fired (while it sucks), is an opportunity to find something better than the s**t job at which you were working. Vasquez, obviously, did.

  3. I’m form germany and to say this is a suprise is an understatement. I can not really judge him but i can say a bit to the language barrier.

    Most german players actually can speak english, cause it is mandatory in school for a long time now. I do not think that language will be a major problem. And several of our key players are french (sagnol, ribery) italian (toni) or brazilian (lucio, ze roberto ) lucky enough soccer is an universal language. looking forward to see how this turns out

  4. wow! he must have been impressed with him, since he doesn’t even speak german (yet). that is pretty incredible. good for Vasquez.

    Now, can ANYONE imagine Arena as an assistant coach? nope.

  5. I’m wondering if Klinsmann being in charge at Bayern might lead to a couple of yanks getting a look over there… I’ve gotta think he’s become familiar with American players in his time here, and hopefully one or two left a good impression on him.

    That, and the fact that American players are dirt cheap these days (thanks to the weak dollar) could result in more yanks abroad… that’s got me worried about the MLS talent pool (particularly with expansion happening), but that’s a different post.

  6. I’m commenting here because I think this is more important than the USMNT’s new shirt, and I posted on that too. Not that I have anything to say, of course, other than “neat.” But I like to raise the comment count.

  7. WOW. That’s a HUGE step up. I thought Chivas USA was one of the best prepared, tactically and technically aware teams in the league last season. It was a shame that Galindo and Razov has the injury bug when they did otherwise the playoffs could have been a lot more interesting.
    I hope, and believe, he will succeed. Bayern is undoubtedly one of the top 5 clubs on earth and if he makes a splash, he very well could be the first American head coach in a top division in a top league. It speaks well to the progress MLS is making.

  8. I am German and I predicted the assignment of an MLS coach the moment Klinsmann was offered the job at Bayern. Klinsmann needs someone whom he completely trusts. And since he lived in the US it was clear to me that he would select an American assistant coach. And being an assistant coach to Klinsmann is more than just the typical assistant job. If Bayern are successful you can be sure that Klinsmann will give all the credits to Vasquez just as he did with Loew at the German national team. Klinsmann is not the typical coach – he is more of a supervisor, but he has a good eye for talent. The German fans might be curious and bewildered about this, but in the end Klinsmann has always made the right decisions.

  9. Nothing but good news here. It helps to have credibility that MLS is now part of the global soccer scene.

    Also, maybe Klinsman plans to bring in a lot of Spanish speaking players and wanted someone who could talk to them.

  10. Vasquez was a very good player in MLS, especially his first year in 96 with Tampa. It’s too bad he was a bit older when the league started and when he got his US citizenship (33?)or he would have made a larger mark in the league and on the national team. Congrats to him!

  11. Good for him, making such a huge move.

    I’d rather have talented players and coaches who run the risk of leaving than have to deal with a bunch of Fernando Clavijo’s.

    In the end the only way MLS can stop the bleeding is to gradually raise the cap.

  12. This is great news! It’s nice to see US/MLS coaches offered a shot at the big time like so many of our players are. Good luck to Mr. Vasquez!

  13. FYI, Vasquez is not a “UCLA product.”

    He played at Cal-State Los Angeles, a D-II program, not the University of California @Los Angeles.

    Big, big difference.


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