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Galaxy deals Cannon to San Jose, lose Mathis


                                                                                                                              Photo by ISI Photos

The shake-up of the Los Angeles Galaxy roster continued with a pair of major moves on Thursday. Goalkeeper Joe Cannon was dealt to the San Jose Earthquakes while newly-acquired midfielder Clint Mathis apperas to have passed on re-signing with LA and signed a deal in Greece instead.

The Galaxy parted ways with Cannon after spending a large part of the off-season trying to unload him. Cannon returns to San Jose, where he won an MLS Cup title in 2001. Los Angeles received allocation money in the deal and will now hand the goalkeeper duties to young prospect Steve Cronin, who recently joined his first U.S. national team camp.

According to reports out of Greece, Mathis has signed a deal with Greek club Ergotelis, which is currently in last place in the 16-team Greek league. Sources told SBI in December that Mathis was a good bet to move to Europe and his good form on the Los Angeles Galaxy’s tour of Australia and New Zealand may have served to precipitate a deal. The Galaxy acquired Mathis from the Red Bulls for a third-round draft pick. Sources within MLS have yet to confirm Mathis’ departure but the Ergotelis website shows Mathis signing. Anyone who knows Greek is welcome to translate.

The Cannon deal helps free up even more cap space for a Galaxy squad rumored to be eyeing another designated player slot. It also puts the goalkeeping job in the hands of a talented but unproven player in Cronin. Cannon was arguably the Galaxy’s best player in 2007 and remains one of the best goalkeepers in MLS.

The deal helps give San Jose a cornerstone player with strong ties to the area. Now the question is whether the Earthquakes will consider dealing Preston Burpo back to Chivas USA, which is poised to lose Brad Guzan to a large transfer this month.

What do you think of the Galaxy dealing Cannon? How about Mathis leaving MLS again? How about the Galaxy giving away a third-round draft pick for two exhibition matches worth of Mathis? Share your thoughts below.


  1. Does anyone know why the Galaxy were shopping Cannon around?? He’s a magnificent GK, and was easily the primary reason for several wins/draws by LA last year.. and they didn’t have that many! I dunno much about him, but this Cronin kid better be good.. and ready for a TON of pressure. Now as far as Clint Mathis goes… good riddance! He’s lazy and would have been grossly overpaid. Too bad we lost a 3rd round pick for him, but then again by the 3rd round of the MLS [Super]Draft I don’t see any starters coming along anyway.

  2. i’m sorry for my english.
    i’m a fun of ergotelis – greece.
    i want to inform you that our center
    2005-2006 Patrick Ogunsoto (Nigerian) was 1st scorrer in Belgium league lasr year..
    thank you

  3. I’ve spent a lot of time in Greece and can attest that the best teams in the Greek Superleague (Olympiakos, AEK. Panathinaikos) would play for the MLS Cup every year. But top to bottom, MLS is a stronger and more balanced league. Not sure Mathis will experience the same competition week in, week out. He’ll play in front of more (and more hostile) fans, though. Going into Toumba to play PAOK even makes an away CONCACAF game look tame. However, Ergotelis is currently in the last spot in the table, and there is a HUGE drop-off to the Greek second league. In any case, if Cletus takes a liking to Greek food he’ll be too fat to play more than a year, anyway.

  4. Η ΠΑΕ Διεθνής Ένωσις Εργοτέλης ανακοινώνει την απόκτηση του Αμερικανού ΔΙΕΘΝΗ μεσοεπιθετικού ποδοσφαιριστή CLINT MATHIS για ένα χρόνο.

    Translates to in English (I used the following link…not bad…

    The International Enossis Ergotelis FC announced the acquisition of American INTERNATIONAL mesoepithetikou CLINT MATHIS football player for a year.

  5. The Cletus Playbook –

    He will charm the media and fans.

    He will come in decent shape (for Cletus), say all of the right things, smile and act like a pro.

    He will start off hot. DO a couple of wow things and have everyuone drooling over him. He will be a darling. What a steal!

    He will then cool off.

    He won’t work as hard.

    He will get pulled.

    He will start partying.

    He will stop smiling and talking.

    He will pout.

    Then complain.

    Then blame others as he doesn’t produce when given the chance again to redeem himself.

    He will ultimately leave, wearing out his welcome, as he is seen as a cancer.

    We have seen it happen so many times before.

    ANyone want to place a wager?

    You can take the Cletus out of the US, but you can’t take the Cletus out of Cletus.

  6. of course, love the feed back,.. this is a great blog, by the way….

    after the mushrooms and carrots have cleared

    the fact is…

    we’ve got a hell of a lot to work to do.. eh?

  7. Good for Clint. I was irked when RBNY traded him for a ham sandwich. Now that they basically traded nothing for a ham sandwich, they actually got the better of the deal.

  8. Η ΠΑΕ Διεθνής Ένωσις Εργοτέλης ανακοινώνει την απόκτηση του Αμερικανού ΔΙΕΘΝΗ ποδοσφαιριστή CLINT MATHIS για ένα χρόνο.
    O Clint Mathis γεννήθηκε στις 25 Νοεμβρίου του 1976 στη πόλη της Τζώρτζια. Έχει ύψος 1.77 και αγωνίζεται ως μεσοεπιθετικός. Έχει στο ενεργητικό του 46 συμμετοχές με την εθνική ομάδα των Ηνωμένων Πολιτειών και έχει αγωνισθεί σε ομάδες όπως:
    Λος Άντζελες Γκάλαξι, Μέτροσταρς, Ανόβερο, Ρεάλ Σολτ Λέικ, Κολοράντο Ράπιντς και Νέα Υόρκη.

    Doesn’t say too much:
    Ergotelis announces the signing of US International Clint Mathis on a one year deal. Clint Mathis was born November 25, 1976 in a city in Georgia. He stand 1.77m and play as a midfielder/striker. He has been capped 46 time by the US and has played LA GAlaxy, Metrostars, Hannover, real salt Lake, Colorado rapids and New York

  9. “Check out the home stadium for Clint’s new club.”

    It is indeed a gorgeous stadium.

    It likely says something about the structure of the Greek league when top club Olympiakos is signing Fernando Belluschi and bottom club Ergotelis is signing Clint Mathis. Mathis wouldn’t dominate the USL at this stage in his career.

  10. the greek league is certainly an upgrade from MLS, perhaps not a monumental upgrade…but if players are leaving for Norway, why not Greece?

  11. “Olympiacos from the Greek league is into the final 16 of the Champions League. They qualified from a group with Real Madrid, Werder Bremen and Lazio. That would show there is definitely some quality in the Greek league.

    Panathinaikos advanced in the UEFA Cup.

    Would Mathis face that kind of competition during the MLS season?”

    Olimpiakos has won the Greek top league 49% of the seasons, Panathinaikos 27%, and AEK Athens 15%. Only six seasons has one of those teams NOT topped the table. That doesn’t exactly attest to the strength of the league as a whole. So, Cletus might face top-quality competition a half dozen times a season, if the cup draws work in his favor.

    The question is, what is the rest of the league really like? I don’t know, but I’m not convinced it’s dramatically superior to MLS. I AM convinced that he’ll get a raise, though. Best part – he’ll be getting paid in Euros!

  12. Mathis who?

    Seriously though, LA did themselves a favor by moving Cannon. Not because he can’t play, but because Cronin needs the time on the pitch.

  13. So the Galaxy traded a draft pic to NYRB for Mathis and then Mathis left (?) for Greece. So if it’s definitely true that he’s leaving the Galaxy, does that mean that we paid a draft pick to let Cletus showcase himself and vacation in the southern hemisphere? That seems like a crummy deal. Did Gullit nudge him out or something?

  14. BTW, are we sure that Mathis signed with this club? From looking at the pictures, he could have just met the owner of the club at a local restaurant and they had their picture taken together.

  15. “is the Greek league really that much of an upgrade from the MLS for Mathis?”

    Olympiacos from the Greek league is into the final 16 of the Champions League. They qualified from a group with Real Madrid, Werder Bremen and Lazio. That would show there is definitely some quality in the Greek league.

    Panathinaikos advanced in the UEFA Cup.

    Would Mathis face that kind of competition during the MLS season?

  16. Well, at least Cannon’s experience behind the Galaxy’s backline last year prepared him for playing with an expansion team. Now, we’ll see if Cronin is the real deal or not.

    At this point in his career, Mathis is chasing the biggest paycheck he can find. His move to Greece has nothing to do with the quality of soccer there. I’m sure that the Galaxy (or any other MLS team) weren’t going to pay him what this Greek club will.

    I heard that the Galaxy just needed bodies to fill out a roster for that Australia tour so it doesn’t surprise me that they wasted a 3rd rounder on him. In any event, it’s another nice piece of business by Lalas.

  17. As long as Cleetus lays off the Souvlaki and Grappa he should do OK.

    I was really hoping the Red Bulls could acquire Cronin. The kid can play.


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