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Guzan’s Celtic trial begins, transfer looming


Chivas USA and U.S. national team goalkeeper Brad Guzan has begun his trial with Scottish power Celtic and all signs point to a bid for his services from the Scottish champions and Champions League participants.

As SBI told you two weeks ago, Celtic has kept up its chase for Guzan even after re-signing Polish veteran goalkeeper Artur Boruc. At this point, Guzan’s Celtic trial is more of a formality as Celtic and MLS settle on a transfer fee. Guzan must still apply for a work permit since he doesn’t qualify through normal means, but sources don’t believe the work permit issue will keep Guzan from joining Celtic.

Guzan, 23, is coming off a stellar performance for the U.S. national team in a 2-0 win against Sweden on Saturday. The reigning MLS goalkeeper of the year made a handful of world-class saves and strengthened his status as a top candidate for a transfer move.

It remains to be seen what Chivas USA will do for a goalkeeper after letting veteran Preston Burpo go in the expansion draft. Teams with multiple options in goal include the Red Bulls, FC Dallas and Chicago Fire, which may all be open to trading a goalkeeper.

What do you think of this development? Share your thoughts on Guzan’s potential move to Celtic below.


  1. Why would Guzan want to go to Celtic? They have a downright awful defense that would be near embarrassing at the MLS level and Boruc, an inferior ‘keeper to Guzan, would start ahead of him.

    This seems like a real loser of a scenario for the young kid.

  2. I think Bob Bradley deserves a lot of credit for this move. Hes let Guzan see some action at the NT level, which has certainly given Brad an opportunity to show off his skills against international players.

    As far as the SPL, they are low-balling the shit out of the MLS. When the pound is 2-1 to the dollar, 1 million pounds is an incredible devaluation of Guzan’s talent, which IMO, will challenge our boy Howard for that number 1 spot come 2010. Considering the outragoues fees SPL/EPL clubs pay for marginal talent, I have to believe that there going to get more than 1 million pounds for Guzan. And if they don’t, you have to say it speaks more to the MLS, then Guzan’s abilities…

  3. Boruc is highly over-rated, but Celtic is poorly managed so who knows what will happen.

    Gordon Strachan makes Bruce Arena look like Alfred Ramsey. Boruc has also made some ridiculous gaffes in the SPL. However, Guzan would do well to play in a real pressure environment like the Old Firm. MLS pales in comparison to that sort of intensity. At least he won’t be nearly as controversial as Boruc; and he might get Champions League minutes.

    Guzan can go to Celtic if he likes ( I for one will still support him), but surely there is a better opportunity for him elsewhere.

    Tottenham could certainly use a decent keeper for example…

  4. I love the fact that he will have to fight a world class keeper day in and day out if he wants minutes. He seems willing to step into the ring, we should back him up.

  5. I like the move for Guzano, but not for that amount of money. The MLS heads are idiots if they let him go at that price. We can get at least double that amount. No respect for the MLS Golakeeper of the Year!!!

  6. New York has multiple options in goal??? That’s like saying Christy Turlington and Martha Stewart both wear bathing suits.

    My source tells me that Rimando and Burpo are the likely targets. This is the same source that told me of the Garcia trade before reported anywhere on the net (including the KC Star newspaper), so I have faith in what he says.

  7. As far as MLS losing talent this offseason, there is also the fact that 1 million euros gets you @2 million dollars. Americans are half price, and bring a TV audience. A couple more Yanks in Scotland, and we should see them on FSC.

  8. Rosie McCaffrey’s in Phoenix, AZ ( ).

    I am not surprised MLS players are moving to Europe: More money (even in Denmark), better quality opposition to increase your own abilities.

    Likewise, South Americans moving to MLS. (Except for the quality part.) Besides more money, they are also guaranteed they will actually *get* that money, which is by no means certain in most leagues down there. (Being that most of the teams are borderline bankrupt at best.) That’s also why you are seeing more South Americans move to Mexico …

  9. Impressive the amount of experts on Guzan. I’m actually shocked since this is a East-coast centered blog and Chivas USA gets little or no attention around here.
    If the MLS get only 2mil for the Guzan xfer than Garber and co. are idiots for undervaluing THE BEST GOALKEEPER IN THE MLS. Then again what else can we expect from the head honchos of the MLS.
    I love the move as a Celtic fan, but I’m dying (like Mr. Orange in Reservoir Dogs) inside as a CHIVAS USA ticket holder. We have NO BACK UP PLAN. Rumor is that we’ll go after Osvaldo Sanchez. (Excuse me I just barfed in my mouth).
    This offseason makes me just want to go somewhere and watch Comex paint dry.

  10. Guzman is still learning his trade and could gain alot by working with Boruc on a daily basis. Milan were rumoured to be making a run at the Polish keeper. Good for Celtic fans in America to finaly see a yank in hoops! Hail! Hail!

  11. Is is just me…or is MLS loosing more talented players than normal? Normal…as in compared to other off seasons past.

    Posted by: Trevallion | January 21, 2008 at 03:55 PM

    I sense this too. Maybe I’m crazy, but there seems to be a dash for the door by decent Americans, in particular, and for the Nordic countries, in particular.

    In their stead we seem to be getting a rush from Argentia and maybe other South American countries. Could the future of our league be a better payday for young South Americans looking to get recognized?

  12. KingSnake. Out of curiosity. Where do you watch Celtic? They are my favorite Euro club and I haven’t seen a match in ages.

  13. I think this is a good move for Guzan. I dont think Celtic would buy him if they didnt plan on selling Boruc in the summer. Celtic dosent waste money in most cases.

  14. Guzan is ready to play in Europe although he may not be able to challenge Boruc right away. I actually think his skills are comparable, but GK is one of those positions where you don’t change the incumbent unless he is injured or in poor form. Guzan can bide his time until Boruc leaves in the summer for big money.

    I think Guzan stays at Celtic for a year or two before they sell him for big money to an even bigger club. He has all the skills and is well developed for such a young keeper. He is only going to get better. Howard is the USA #1, but I think Guzan has moved into #2, especially since the current cycle is pointing to 2010 and his rivals (except Howard) are all well over 30.

  15. How do the Fire have a lot of options at GK?
    Pickens is surely gone and they have Bush and the young kid they just drafted.

    Lots of luck to Guzan. The U.S. really does produce a lot of upper-echelon keepers. Guzan seemed to have trouble with the ball at his feet against Sweden but maybe I was just drinking…well, I was drinking, but you know.

  16. The only thing I don’t like about the deal is that Guzan needs consistent first team playing time to keep up his rapid development pace. At the rate he’s going, he’ll be in contention for the #1 jersey in 2010.

  17. Btw, if El Guzano does move on, Chivas USA should get an appropriate replacement to go with their other “wonder signings”, Curtin and Eskandarian. I suggest Nick Rimando …

  18. There is a lot of interest in Boruc and Celtic might not be able to pass up an offer for one of their most saleable assets. Shame as he has been a fantastic player for them.

    I’ve always wondered why Celtic has not bought an American player given their heavy touring and involvement in youth soccer here. They must have seen a good bit of MLS in preparation for their All Star appearance in 07, maybe this is the first of more to come.

    Still the questions is can Guzan obtain a work permit?

  19. I watch Celtic every week, or damn near. Guzan is an excellent keeper, but not in Boruc’s class. (Yet, anyway.) Guzan is *definitely* better than Celtic’s backup, Mark Brown, so he should be #2 as soon as he is settled. The one thing that Guzan does have is the mentality to succeed in Europe, as he has always shown mental toughness, ever since getting shelled in his first year, but not panicking and keeping his head in the game. If Boruc does move on, Guzan very well could become the #1 …

  20. only a million pounds? That’s silly low on a keeper as talented as Howard was when he went on to Man United. If there’s any position in which MLS should have some leverage on its at GK, Guzan shouldn’t leave for anything less than 2 or 3 million pounds

  21. Boruc is a world- class keeper. Unless he is transferred somewhere else within a year or so, this could be a bad move. All the best to Guzan.


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