It is Q&A time

It is Q&A time

SBI Live Q&A

It is Q&A time


Good afternoon everybody. It is noon and it is time for the first Q&A of the new SBI.

Yes, I know, I didn’t get to all of the questions in the last Q&A on the old site (I will post those by tomorrow), but with everything going on lately I felt it was a good time to do another one.

The instructions are simple. Ask one or two soccer questions, preferably short to moderately sized, and I will look to answer them. Given the increasing site of the SBI Mafia I will put a cap on questions this time around. I will look to answer the first 50 questions posted (this way I won’t take forever to post answers). Feel free to ask questions after the 50th but keep in mind there is no guarantee they will be answered. I might answer them at a later date but am not committing to that.

Whether it is U.S. national team, Americans Abroad, MLS Draft, MLS in general or international soccer, ask your questions below and I will try my best to give you some answers and opinions.

Fire away.

NO MORE QUESTIONS. Thanks to those of you who took part. I will do my nbest to get these answered ASAP

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