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Johnson to Fulham all but done (Wizards wheeling and dealing)


Eddie Johnson’s pending transfer move to English club Fulham is "99 percent done" a source told SBI on Tuesday. The details of the transfer fee were not made available but Johnson is expected to join fellow Americans Clint Dempsey, Carlos Bocanegra, Brian McBride and Kasey Keller on the struggling English club as early as this weekend.

Johnson and his agent, Richard Motzkin, are in London finalizing the deal that is expected to net Major League Soccer close to $6 million in transfer fees, which would easily shatter the previous record for an MLS transfer fee, held by Clint Dempsey.

The Wizards have wasted no time preparing for Johnson’s departure. The Kansas City star is reporting that the Wizards have acquired the No. 1 overall pick in the upcoming MLS Draft for veteran defender Nick Garcia. Kansas City could used the No. 1 overall pick on highly-rated forward Patrick Nyarko, who could be called on to step in to Johnson’s starting role.

That wasn’t the only deal the Wizards completed on Tuesday. According to league sources, Kansas City is set to ship defender Jose Burciaga to the Colorado Rapids for an undisclosed draft pick.

So what do you think about these developments? Do you think Johnson is making a mistake by moving to Fulham. Do you think San Jose should have gotten more for the top pick in the draft? Are you surprised to see Jose Burciaga traded? Share your thoughts below.


  1. Seems a lot of you Quakes supporters are dissing Garcia. He may not be flashy but he’s as steady as they come. I’ve often wondered why he never got a sniff with the MNT. If Onyewu can play for the MNT then Garcia should. I think probably his lack of height is what has hurt him.

  2. I don’t think EJ is what Fulham needs. Too many question marks. And we don’t have time to for him to find his form. We need goals now!

  3. This is actually a good move for Fulham.

    Now they can put Dempsey in a position where he can start using his strengths. He is better going at guys than playing with his back to goal.

    Since Sanchez has left, Fulham look like they are playing more creative Football. The Sanchez style was terrible.

  4. I should clarify. The Johnson deal is good for KC and MLS. It remains to be seen if this will be good for Johnson and/or Fulham

  5. I am surprised about both trades. I don’t know why a team would get rid of two established defenders. If Jimmy Conrad stays healthy next season that could have been a great defensive line. However, I think the Johnson deal is worth it especially if that amount of money is correct.

  6. I’m still waiting for Fulham to splurge on a king-size, quality, premiership-level defensive MF. Everyone and their mother knows that’s what they need. Come on you Whites, 15 more days to make it happen!

    This doesn’t make a bit of difference in Fulham’s chances staying up. And.. they don’t get King from CCC’s Watford, and so EJ is next on their list?!? I’m happy for EJ, but isn’t there some other proven impact striker somewhere in Europe Fulham can afford?

  7. Wow, what a blur of activity!

    Garcia is not enough.

    EJ is making a mistake.

    Fulham is making a mistake.

    The Cottagers are going down, and they’re taking our Yanks and their reputations with them. But I’m going to be rooting really hard for them anyway, hoping that Demps and EJ go on a rampage and save the day…

  8. hopefully this makes a professional out of johnson.

    best thing that could happen to fulham for him would be the drop.

    i think garcia is worth the #1 pick, at the end of the day, MLS Cup winning sides are a mix of strong, experienced foreign talent and USMNT player pool players that don’t get callups like Garcia.

    a sound, conservative trade.

  9. I can’t believe this Garcia for the top pick thing. An average, moderately expensive central defender for the top pick in the draft?

    San Jose needs a forward like Nyarko. Sure they lost Goodsen to Europe but he can be replaced cheaper than this.

    I still don’t buy this happened as reported.

    Posted by: Matt | January 15, 2008 at 09:45 PM


    Believe it …. posted on …. nothing other than player for pick

  10. I can’t believe this Garcia for the top pick thing. An average, moderately expensive central defender for the top pick in the draft?

    San Jose needs a forward like Nyarko. Sure they lost Goodsen to Europe but he can be replaced cheaper than this.

    I still don’t buy this happened as reported.

  11. Aristotle,

    Sunderland are in trouble, even if they get Sidwell.

    I think Wigan, Bolton, Birmi have had spurts due to new managers. I still see one (a spurt) coming for Fulham.

    And I know its hard not to look, but just worry about Fulham, 7 wins and I bet they stay up, maybe 8.

    I see Sunderland going down, then a fight between Fulham/Bolton/Wigan/Birmingham….and honestly Newcastle has some TOUGH upcoming games…I don’t see them going down, but I forsee a scare coming for them.

    Readings defense is so porous, they aren’t a guarantee to stay up either.

  12. Why does it seem like there is a funnel for American players to Fulham. To me, Fulham have always seemed like a “championship” side that were out of their element in the EPL. I hear Craven Cottage is a lovely place but can’t our boys do better. For petes sake Benfica were after Eddie not too log ago. Fulham will be happy with a top 12 finish year in and year out. Rubbish

  13. Dannyc58:

    I really hope Fulham stays up too, but to be honest even though there is a lot of time left, I have given up hope. The reason I feel that way is I think even if Fulham improves it will not be enough. What three teams (other than Derby) can you see them finishing in front of? Sunderland, Birmingham, Bolton, and Middlesbrough, and even Wigan seem pretty tough to beat right now as they fight to stay out of the relegation zone. Which two of these teams can you see Fulham beating? I think all of the higher teams are safe.

  14. Garcia a thug? That’s ridiculous. Great trade for KC though. Wizards desperately need a high draft choice with no other forwards out there to acquire.

    EJ is a streaky speedster that’s pretty much poison in the locker room. He’ll mess Fulham up. Their problem now.

  15. aristotle,

    They (Fulham) have a pretty high amount of debt, so I hope thats not their plan.

    I really really hope they stay up, and think that Hodgson(sp?) is the man. I just hope he can get them some height.

  16. Nick Garcia is a 5’10” (generously) centerback with average pace that’s a bit rough in the tackle. He’s good in certain situations, but some teams can expose his weaknesses. Overall he’s at best an average starter, more likely approaching borderline starter status. Playing alongside Conrad, Garcia might actually look better than he is.

    This draft might not have a sure bet impact starter (Maurice Edu)for 2008 that’d be at least average league-wide among starters at his position. But it probably does. This trade is truly mind-boggling.

    Burciaga moving out makes sense since he lost his spot to Harrington.

  17. Maybe Fulham are building a team they think might help them get back to the Premier League after they are relegated? Sounds silly with so much time left, but when you consider that they are making purchases like EJ who is unlikely to help them now when they need it most, what else can they be doing?

  18. EJ, welcome to the Cottage.

    In a year, I’m going to tell all my fellow Fulham supporters “I told you so” just like last year when I heard doubts about Dempsey.


  19. Kpugs,

    They finished 15th for starters. And secondly they would have stayed up with a tie on the final day.

    Was Tevez incredible and inspirational during that run? Undeniably no question.

    Were Mark Noble, Robert Green, James Collins and Bobby Zamora a big part of that, of course.

    Only those that watched highlights think it was all Tevez, those of us that watched all 90+ minutes know the truth.

    I’m not an EJ fan, of course–and I am a West Ham fan. So to read someone even jokingly compare the two I found and find comical.

    I want Fulham to stay up, I just don’t see how this signing helps that, personally.

    West Ham was a team that finished 9th the season prior, Fulham finished 16th last year. Its not like their struggles this year are out of nowhere.


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