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Nicol in Honduras, could Revs be eyeing Guevara?


From the ‘Things that make you go hmm’ department comes word out of Honduras that New England Revolution head coach Steve Nicol is there doing some scouting. He has watched two games so far and today he will watch a game between Motagua and Victoria.

Guess who plays for Motagua? Yes, Mr. Amado Guevara, the exiled former MLS MVP. Two things we know are that Guevara is desparate to return to MLS and the Revs are in dire need of a playmaking midfielder. Coincidence? I doubt it.


I’m not sure what the status of Guevara’s MLS rights are (his MLS contract expired in December) but it’s safe to say Chivas USA has his rights, if anybody does.

Would the Revs consider adding the volatile playmaker? It wouldn’t shock me in the least.

What do you think about the Revs potentially adding Amado Guevara? Like the idea? Hate the idea? Share your thoughts below.


  1. I also would like to see the RedBulls give him another try. He’s a fantastic player though he has a temper so does my son from Bolivia. But it is really because they love the game so much.

  2. nathanj and dan,

    You said it all. It seems pretty absurd to be even discussing this. Say it out loud and see how hard it makes you laugh!

    “Steve Nicol wants to sign Amado Guevara to play for the New England Revolution.”

    Hilarious isn’t? Put another way we could say Steve Nicol has gone through a huge transformation and changed his values.

  3. Not a chance, Nicol likes team players, guys that will bleed for you. Guevara is a me first player only looking out for himself and would not dare play defense. No way Guevara comes to NE

  4. No way in he11 is Nicol looking at Guevara. Just not going to happen. Nicol doesn’t put up with those type of shenanigans. Guevara should give up his quest to come back until he matures as a human being.

  5. Amado Guevara has a problem, he lacks professionalism. Although his game can be fine most of the time, he lost me after a few matches while he played at RBNY.
    His “smart” play to pretend to be hit by a towel, his affectionate greetings to the visiting team, etc… his walking away from the bench after being subbed, all that … and his unability to pickup the language, it just gest me… it irritates me now.
    No, I don’t want to see him in the MLS.

  6. If RBNY still had Amado, I would not be a fan of the team. I can guarantee you that.

    Amado sulking + Youri in Germany to watch soccer = waste of time.

    Reyna + Angel = Professionals with strong work ethics. No matter what the win/loss columns say, its a pleasure to root for both of them.

  7. I think Michael F. is suggesting that if we had Amado instead of Reyna, we’d be a much better team. No one would doubt that Angel is better.

  8. Pete, you are spot on. Angel is WAY better than Amado. I wonder, though, with a professional like JPA on the team, what impact that would have on Amado. He likes to be the head honcho, but faced with a player of Juan Pablo’s class, he may actually settle down and try to emulate the calm professionalism of Angel.

    NAH!! He’d whine and cry about not making a million dollars!

  9. wouldnt be a bad move to go for Guevara. But I think Nicol maybe looking at defender Victor Bernardez. Guevara is not the only talented player in Honduras. I suspect Nicol is not there for just Guevara.

  10. John, the Guevara to Toronto trade died when Guevara balked at going to Toronto. Chivas USA wound up giving Toronto something else for Nagamura, can’t remember what.

  11. Doesn’t Nicol have a “hard time” dealing with Latin players? I’m going on what I’ve heard in the past. Not my opinion of the man.

  12. I think if the RBNY never traded him, we’d be a lot better team.

    Posted by: Michael F.

    Considering we got the DP slot that we used to sign Angel, I’m going to have to say we would absolutely NOT be a better team.

  13. The subject of what allows a club to hold a player’s rights is a hot topic currently. Is there a reference that would say why Houston would still hold the rights to Ramiro Corrales, if the Revs would still hold the rights to Jeremiah White, and who, if anybody, holds the rights to Mr. Guevara?

  14. Please no. The Revs seem to have always had the great chemistry going (post-Alexi anyways) and I’m pretty sure Amado can’t help it.

  15. If Randy Moss can work in New England, why can’t Amando?

    If I were Steve Nicol I wouldn’t bet on it. He’s past his best, and even if he wasn’t, the baggage he carries isn’t worth it.

  16. The Revs can have him!

    And I would not be surprised at all if he’s huge for them. Former Metro players tend to find wonderful form once they leave NJ.


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