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CONCACAF President backs England bid for 2018 World Cup

In one of the more bizarre U-turns in recent memory. CONCACAF president Jack Warner is now backing England’s bid to host the 2018 World Cup. This comes just months after Warner was adamantly opposed to FIFA doing away with the rotation system for hosting the tournament, a move that has paved the way for a European nation like England to be the host in 2018.

This has to be news to U.S. Soccer president Sunil Gulati, who hasn’t been shy about U.S. Soccer’s interest in hosting the World Cup in 10 years.

What does this really mean? Well, in cased you hadn’t heard, Warner is lobbying hard for a Trinidad & Tobago friendly against England this summer. English FA officials stated that they wanted Warner to apologize for statements attributed to him regarding England.

Here is a better breakdown of Warner’s questionable comments regarding England.

For those of you who wach the Wire, Warner strikes me as being soccer’s version of Clay Davis. Anyone who watched the previous season of The Wire can appreciate that comparison.

So what this basically is is Warner jumping through some hoops to get T&T an England friendly and the big payday that comes along with that. Should U.S. Soccer be worried about its own 2018 bid potentially being hurt by Warner’s backing of England. I don’t think U.S. Soccer officials are losing much sleep over it.

What do you think of Warner’s backing of England? Worried? Not worried? Think it’s just a ploy by a crooked official? Share your thoughts below.


  1. How is this a-hole still in charge of CONCACAF? It’s not just this latest episode of sabotaging the fed for his own personal gain but an accumulation of crap.
    This is just the latest in a long string of outrages. Seriously, someone get rid of this dumb-F already.

  2. Agree with DCUinCT. Usually the only thing that will produce a 180 degree change of opinion in a crook like Jack Warner is a juicy bribe. He’s truly making like a bandit with his political posturing.

  3. I was wondering if FIFA was deciding where to send the 2010 WC if South Africa can’t hold the event, and Warner was working to get it in the US by throwing his support towards England for 2018. It is a stretch.

  4. A regional president should always back a member country desiring to host the World Cup unless the president believed it couldn’t be held successfully. Fire Jack Warner now!

  5. Thanks for uncovering this Ives. It’s amazing what Warner is able to get away with. I can live with the fact that he’ll flip-flop one issues but with so many different incidents which are covered up or result in just a slap on the wrist, it’s amazing no one has attempted to get rid of this embarrassment. Part of me thinks that once he gets this friendly…and the money he’ll pocket as a result, he’ll go back to pimping the WC in the US so he’ll have the chance to pocket some more change.

  6. Why the USSF continues to back that clown I’ll never know.

    Let’s face facts, if it weren’t for the American dollar, CONCACAF would have collapsed long ago. There is no excuse for the President of CONCACAF not to be an American.

  7. It’s simple guys.

    Mexico counts as one vote.
    The US counts as one vote.
    Costa Rica counts as one vote.
    Dominica counts as one.
    Anguilla counts a sone.
    Martinique counts as one.
    St. Kitss and Nevis count as one.
    The BVI’s count as one.
    St. Martan counts as one.
    Aruba counts a one.
    The Cayman Islands count as one.

    Get it?

    Jack promises all of these little islands money and cash. It usually goes to the corrupt officials who are promised trips and such, and little of the cash ever sees the kids/teams on the islands.

    Thus Jack pays for all of the votes and it is an easy win for him.

    Jack is also an important political ally of Sepp’s. That is why he is still in power after his numerous scandals. Sepp isn’t letting his boy go anyhwere.

    CONCACAF has a lot more in common with 1930’s Chicago than anyhting else, and it ain’t changin any time soon.

    The more muscle the US gets the better. They can then do what Mexico does, which is basically ignore Jack as they have more than enough cash and power on their own to need him.

    We are getting there.

    Why do you think Jack’s Champion’s Legau eplan finall came to fruition after many years of idle talk. He saw Superliga and went…..oh oh. He had to do soemthing.

    A strong US-Mexico, that ignores the rest of th eregion is the last thing Jack wants.
    He would be effectively cut out money wise and no criminal can have that. Can he?

    A us official told me this about Jack several ayears ago.

    “Yes, he is a crook, but he is our crook.”

    Through all of his dealings he has actually benefited us and our region. Just the way it is.

  8. Warner stays in power because every nation gets an equal vote. Yes even the smallest assbackwards banana republic with a population of 10,000 people gets as much say as Mexico or the US. Merge North and Central America with Conmebol and take our 3.5 slots with us. Let the Carribbean and Oceania playoff for a half slot.

  9. Jack Warner is a crook, a liar and a sellout and should have been locked up ages ago.

    As long as he is in charge of CONCACAF it will remain Mickey Mouse confederation.

    CONCACAF’s next president should be from the Mexico or the US.

  10. Yeah, how does one become president of CONCACAF, and how did Warner become (does he stay) president? There are countless better candidates.

  11. How long has Warner been President of Concacaf? What is keeping the U.S. and Mexico from installing a friendly SUM executive into the position?

  12. IS it just me, or is the CONCACAF website entirely worthless!

    Serioulsy it looks like Warner had one his cousin’s create it in his basement!

    DOWN WITH WARNER, BRING IN ROMNEY (B/C he sure as hell isn’t going to be president anytime soon)!!!!!

  13. Jack Warner is an embarrassment. How does he keep his position as President of Concacaf? (especially after the WC ticket scandal in T&T). He has proven to be corrupt time and time again. No wonder our region is seen as a joke.

  14. Jack being Jack.

    Says and does whatever he has to in order to get what he wants.

    No biggie.

    If he does get his freindly he will change his tune soon after.

    Jack is the true Teflon Don. He can say and do anything, including illegal things of course, and still will stay in power.

    Talk about a true dictator.


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