CONCACAF President backs England bid for 2018 World Cup

CONCACAF President backs England bid for 2018 World Cup


CONCACAF President backs England bid for 2018 World Cup


In one of the more bizarre U-turns in recent memory. CONCACAF president Jack Warner is now backing England’s bid to host the 2018 World Cup. This comes just months after Warner was adamantly opposed to FIFA doing away with the rotation system for hosting the tournament, a move that has paved the way for a European nation like England to be the host in 2018.

This has to be news to U.S. Soccer president Sunil Gulati, who hasn’t been shy about U.S. Soccer’s interest in hosting the World Cup in 10 years.

What does this really mean? Well, in cased you hadn’t heard, Warner is lobbying hard for a Trinidad & Tobago friendly against England this summer. English FA officials stated that they wanted Warner to apologize for statements attributed to him regarding England.

Here is a better breakdown of Warner’s questionable comments regarding England.

For those of you who wach the Wire, Warner strikes me as being soccer’s version of Clay Davis. Anyone who watched the previous season of The Wire can appreciate that comparison.

So what this basically is is Warner jumping through some hoops to get T&T an England friendly and the big payday that comes along with that. Should U.S. Soccer be worried about its own 2018 bid potentially being hurt by Warner’s backing of England. I don’t think U.S. Soccer officials are losing much sleep over it.

What do you think of Warner’s backing of England? Worried? Not worried? Think it’s just a ploy by a crooked official? Share your thoughts below.

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