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ESPN cuts Wynalda loose

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Just weeks after ESPN made the decision to remove Eric Wynalda from its broadcast team for MLS and U.S. national team games, the network has completely severed ties with the controversial analyst.

Sources have told SBI that ESPN and Wynalda have parted ways after weeks of negotiations to find a new role for Wynalda. The original plan was to have Wynalda work on Champions League broadcasts but the network and Wynalda could not agree on his role. It is believed that ESPN bought out the remaining year on Wynalda’s contract.

Wynalda sparked controversy for several remarks he made, both on and off the air. He was reprimanded by ESPN for comments he made about Jim Rome a year ago and last fall SBI reported on an unfortunate remarks Wynalda made during an MLS playoff game. Wynalda only made things worse for himself when he followed up that comment with his own explanation to SBI of what happened that night. An explanation several sources confirmed was completely fabricated by Wynalda.

Wynalda had his share of fans who loved his brash and outspoken style, but he also had several detractors who hated his over the top approach.

So what next for Wynalda? Don’t be surprised to see him wind up in San Jose as part of the Earthquakes broadcast team, assuming he doesn’t just take some time off to spend his buyout money.

What do you think of this development? Are you sad to see Wynalda leave ESPN? Are you happy he won’t be ruining Champions League matches? Are you eager to see him back on air soon? Share your thoughts below.


  1. I will miss Wynalda. I liked his directness, his fire and his knowledge of US players and soccer in general. I like the fact that he said things that we were all thinking and probably shouldn’t say. I like that he LOVES soccer and I was frequently impressed by his foresight… he would often predict the outcome of a play just before it unfolded and he was very accurate in his assessment of what was going to happen or what should happen.

    I hope he comes back in some capacity. He’s cocky but in a dynamic, engaging way. I didn’t always agree but he made me think and not gloss over like I do with Harkes’ monotone approach.

    I am sad to see Wynalda go and most distrurbed by ESPN’s thinking (or lack of). Until I hear otherwise, I believe that Wynalda was released just because he ruffles feathers. This is entertainment, ESPN, entertain us!

  2. you know why Wynalda was fun?

    it’s like watching the game with your overhyped friends who are serious, if a bit wacky, fans. JPDC definately gives better ‘analysis,’ but Wynalda cares more.

    whining? who wasn’t still complaining about the called back goal from Dempsey after halftime? you never turned to your friends and said “damn, that sucked, he got screwed” much more fun that way, don’t you think? it’s all about being a fan.

    everyone who wants soccer to ‘grow up’ and act all respectable like has apparently never watched soccer in Italy, Spain or the UK before PayPerView took over everything.

  3. Whynealda was awful, it was like listening to my seven year old complain about having to clean his room. Hey Eric, refs don’t ruin games, YOU RUIN GAMES.

    Go away. Good Riddance.

  4. all i can say is, john harkes was BRUTAL last night as the color guy for the USA – Mexico game. After Harkes performance last night, give me Wynalda anyday instead of Harkes!

  5. I enjoyed Wynalda’s style. His volatility reminded me of how it felt on the field. I thought it was refreshing and more true than the dull and/or stuffy personalities that often man the booths. For me it felt like I was on the field as his excitement, anger, and true emotion mimicked that which occurred on the field. Certainly he was brash and harsh at times, but that’s how sports are. I think true competitors know that feeling and feed off of it. I’d like to see him back in some capacity.

  6. LONG OVERDUE!!!!! I hope I never see Wynalda again, on tv or otherwise. Arrogant personality who wouldn’t have made the current USMNT.


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