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Greetings from Terminal B

If you are wondering where the posts have been today, you can blame it on preparations for my next trip.

SBI is headed to Salzburg, Austria for Red Bulls training camp. I will be spending a week in the land of Schwarzanegger and energy drinks. This will mark the third trip of the young year for SBI. If you enjoyed SBI’s coverage from the MLS Combine in Florida, and the US-Mexico friendly in Houston, then get ready for some coverage from Europe.

I’m not sure how frequent the posting will be–internet access will determine that–but you can rest assured that I will be bringing you an in-depth look at how Juan Carlos Osorio’s reconstruction project is going.

There will be a Red Bull doubleheader on Saturday with RBNY playing the Salzburg reserves at the Salzburg stadium before Red Bull Salzburg plays its own league match. Sunday will include a trip to Germany for an 1860 Munich match, a trip that will allow me to catch up with New Jersey native and U.S. World Cup veteran Gregg Berhalter as well as felow World Cup vet Josh Wolff.

Don’t fret non-Red Bulls fans, the SBI hotline will still be open to my sources so I will look to bring you other MLS news as the week moves along.

My flight isn’t for another few hours so I will be setting up a few posts for Friday morning. I should also have a You Write the Caption shortly so stay tuned for that.

Feel free to discuss any other news that took place today in the comments section below.


  1. Salzburg (and the rest of austria, for that matter) if beautiful. Take advantage of the opportunity! … and give JCO a swift kick in the gems when you have a chance.

  2. this is fantastic news…have a safe trip Ives, and enjoy yourself.

    i have to ask though…i thought RBNY HQ wasn’t your biggest fan? if that’s still true, were/are there any obstacles presented as far as this trip goes?

  3. Ives, that’s awesome! I hope your trip is great.

    I’d echo Jim in being interested in your thoughts on their stadium and what similarities it may have with Red Bull Park.

    Thanks for all the insight and news.

  4. hey ives,

    have fun. berhalter looked pretty good in against bayern yesterday…does he plan on coming back to the states anytime soon? as fuego fanatico said, we could sure use the help in the back.



  5. Ives, when you get back to the US and your site is skinned in Red Bull banners and you’re telling us that Red Bull has done extremely well financially the two years they’ve owned the club we’ll know the Austrian overlords have gotten to you.

    Have a great trip!

  6. Ives,

    It would be great if you could learn about the relationship between the NY and Austrian clubs, if there is any. It would be smart if they exchanged training programs, developmental players or anything. I assume this is being done at some level but you never know.

    Also would like your impressions of their stadium and any design elements to be shared with Red Bull Park.

  7. I am jealous Ives…I lived in Salzburg.

    A fun pub is the Schwaresroessel off of Priesterhaus Gasse. After a few beers in the evening, if you go to the Altermarkt Platz, there is a sausage stand. Get a Kasekrainer mit scharfes senf.

    And make sure you enjoy a fresh semmel in the morning.

    Now…I am hungry as well as jealous.

  8. Must be nice Ives, nice to see your dedication and hardwork following up in NYRB, would be nice if we could actually get an interview from any of the NYRB coaching staff or players have a safe and good time

  9. Have fun in Salzburg Ives. It is an absolutely beautiful setting and you should be sure to take a day trip out to the Lake District and maybe visit a place like Hallstatt if you have the time. Austria is definitely one of my favorite places in the world to visit. Enjoy.


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