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Red Bulls sign Oscar Echeverry



The Red Bulls have bolstered their forward crop by signing Colombian striker Oscar Echeverry.

The 30-year-old forward is expected to step in and push for starts and is seen as the team’s main cover for Jozy Altidore, who is expected to miss several matches.

"He’s a good striker who can stretch the game," Red Bulls head coach Juan Carlos Osorio said. "He has played at a good level, has played in competitions like Copa Libertadores, and I think he will certainly fight for a starting role.

"Hopefully Jozy does not go anywhere, but if he does then Oscar will give us some cover."

A former Atletico Nacional player, Echeverry left Nacional after last season and has been recovering from a knee injury.

Echeverry’s arrival gives depth to a forward stable that includes Juan Pablo Angel, Altidore, Francis Doe, John Wolyniec and Jerrod Laventure.


  1. I have always wanted a compendium of novena prayers. Thank you for sharing all these prayers with us. It brings joy and happiness to everyone. I know, I do feel that way.

  2. How much I like this deal really depends on how much he costs against the salary cap. Given how many games Jozy is going to miss over the summer, it probably makes some sense to have five MLS-quality (minimum) forwards on the roster – even though that leaves only 13 spots for other players (the 18 man roster is a rant for another time),

    re : Laventure – Jerrod loses his developmental status so he is for all intents and purposes gone because there is no room on the roster.

  3. Players with injuries that they aren’t over yet seem to be all the rage in MLS right now.
    Someone should sign John O’Brien.

    Am I the only one who thinks Francis Doe showed a lot of potential, and was an attacking midfielder, not a forward. I thought he was showing some real good flashes of creativity with Angel. If Doe is a forward, what do they need old gimpy knee for?

  4. can we trade a forward to houston for a defender or a d-mid?

    Posted by: wendel | February 14, 2008 at 07:12 PM


    The only DM we have to trade is Richard Mulrooney, but I doubt you’d want him at 200K+ cap it. Clark is out of the question.

    The only defenders I can see us trading are EITHER Boswell or Ianni, but it’d probably take a bit to get them as we (unlike you guys, luckily and not) have a ton of games this year, starting with the PPC next week and ending with the Champions League in 09!

    If we do good in all tournaments, we could end up with around 50-60 games played!!!

    That said, Bernardo Fallas says that Houston is poised to sign a foreign striker within the next week.

  5. Picking up a 30-yr old forward with a busted knee wasn’t the exciting news I was hoping for.

    Hopefully this guy was just the quickest to sign and there better players also coming in the pipeline, because forward was not our most pressing need. Left back, left winger and attacking midfielder were are most pressing needs, not necessarily in that order.

    This just seems like a waste of cap room to me, when RBNY needs to open up some cap space. Perhaps selling Jozy would be a good idea if we could get a large transfer fee to use –> allocation money to use on other players and expand our cap for the 2008 season.

    I’m just hoping this isn’t the beginning and end of our 2008 off-season signings.

  6. As a non-RBNY fan of the site, I hope that Francis Doe doesn’t get buried too far down the depth chart, he was fun to watch. I would prefer my attacking players to run AT defenses and take people on.

  7. Osario has been dropping hints since he got here that he is not counting on Jozy. He’s using national team commitments as cover I think. He must be assuming a summer transfer for Jozy it seems. While I’d love to see the jozy Angel combo a lot this year, I’ll hope for whatever is best for his career.

    As far as the signing-While 30+ recoving from knee injury does not sound great, I’m hoping JCO knows something about his countryman and the guy comes in and shows us something.

    Kind of wish I was hearing about a defensive signing though…

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  9. I am SO not impressed by this signing. Can we get some young players and players that are not rehabbing or coming back from rehabbing injuries?! PLEASE!!!!

  10. ——————————————
    Can he play?

    I’m kind of over the whole Metro-sign-30+-year-old-South-American-that-hasn’t-proven-he-can-play-outside-of-South-America thing.

    I guess seeing this is better than seeing “Red Bulls re-sign Sergio Galvan Rey.”

    Posted by: kpugs | February 14, 2008 at 12:23 PM
    In 2007, Sergio Galvan Rey scored 20 goals with Nacional in Colombia.

    Echeverry has only scored 19 goals total since the 2000 season.

    Just saying…

  11. Bye bye Jozy!

    Don’t kid yourselves, this is for when he ups to Europe in early August not to cover for the Olympics.

    The over-under on games he plays for NYRB thsi year is 10. I’ll be taking the under.

    Which I’m both happy and sad about….

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  13. “Hopefully Jozy does not go anywhere”

    I hope that he does go somewhere…in Europe. At this point I think Osorio might have an idea that Jozy is gone this summer. I would advise Jozy that a summer transfer is much better in terms of a young player adjusting to a new situation abroad, as opposed to leaving in the winter window. The MLS exodus will continue this summer starting with Jozy and Brad.

  14. Off topic and I apologize for that, but does anyone know if the Arsenal vs. Manchester United will be showing in the US? Thanks for the help.

  15. I guess that should compliment well with Reyna. They won’t be alone, they can talk and play cards while they recover from injuries … I am not impressed. But I am open minded…

  16. if this kid bounces back from injury… He’ll be the real deal… He played very well for Atletico Nacional. Welcome home Verde!!!

  17. Francis Doe is a part of this forward crop as well.

    I could totally see a trade happening now. I know they want depth at forward with Jozy’s summer commitments, but with all of these players, there is some trade bait here. The team is only participating in Leauge and Open Cup, so 6 forwards seems to be a bit much, unless Osorio wants to try Etcheverry or Doe at the attacking mid position, OR play a 4-3-3 or 3-4-3.

  18. Can he play?

    I’m kind of over the whole Metro-sign-30+-year-old-South-American-that-hasn’t-proven-he-can-play-outside-of-South-America thing.

    I guess seeing this is better than seeing “Red Bulls re-sign Sergio Galvan Rey.”


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