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So long Denilson: FC Dallas bust signs with Palmeiras


FC Dallas fans, it is a sad day in Frisco. Brazilian star Denilson has decided to pass up a chance to play for the Hoops again and will instead become the wasted signing of Brazilian club Palmeiras.

No word yet on who FC Dallas will bring in to pick up the slack in the dribble tricks and can’t beat anybody off the dribble department.

Are you sad to see him go? Are you happy as can be that another penny won’t be spent on him by MLS? Share your thoughts below.


  1. In the first game, he sat out on the wing and waited for the rest of the team to shuttle the ball over there so he could do his fancy-dancy ball tricks. Later, he tried to go by a defender and got stripped badly. It was good news for MLS. He came over expecting a Middle Eastern retirement league pay day and instead got a quick initiation into the quality of the league.
    I suspect it was an eye-opener to the league’s higher-ups not to underestimate the league they’ve created. I hope it was for FCD.

  2. No doubt Denilson was a bust. I was able to watch him play several times and it was clear that he did not appreciate the physical nature of play in MLS. This guy actually did his best to avoid contact on the pitch and was reluctant to contest for a 50/50 ball. Most of these things could not be seen on TV but it was obvious in person. Glad to see him go. I agree with everyone above who writes that his price was mitigated by his brief tenure. Kudos to the management of FC Dallas.

  3. I’d like to take back my comments about making a mistake putting a franchise in Dallas. You guys are right, they are growing in popularity.

    My comments for KC stand, however.

  4. What a loss! Look at that winning smile!

    Michael Bradley has gone beyond the absurd to something I can’t even think of an adjective for. I didn’t think this could continue without Alves, but apparently I was wrong.

    And man, DC United fans are so hardcore for asserting that other cities shouldn’t have franchises. Oh man! Burn!
    Oh wait – your city doesn’t actually even want you? How’s that Poplar Point plan coming?
    Shot down? Hm, well at least you have RFK right? The stadium that even the Nationals moved out of? That you will be the sole tenant of for years, aside from the occasional “Cirque de Soleil: On Grass!”? Oh, word. Well, enjoy!

  5. Don’t let the door hit you on the way out. This is an example of a name not being as important as the play on the pitch. FC Dallas is too classy an organization (minus Carlos Ruiz) to not have a REAL designated player.

  6. You know, it was fun having Denilson in the league for half-a-year. He was flashy, but couldn’t make a pass or keep possession long enough to save his life.

    So it’s good he’s gone too. FC Dallas was smart when they structured the deal and didn’t spend much in return for some decent press attention and an interesting reason to watch FC Dallas at least once.

    I personally think he’s the highest profile washout in awhile. Kinda interesting to watch, like reading about Britney only through the headlines in the tabloids.

    Not so sure Reyna was garbage and he was injured for a chunk of time (which could be a knock against him, but can also be a reason for not performing optimally). One more season and then we’ll see. But at his salary I can’t see how he can get away with only being a great lockerroom influence.

    Yves, dude, do you really put LA second in the West after Houston? Really? I know Ruiz, Donovan, and Beckham, but Ruiz isn’t a know quantity. His output has been a lot less lately than it was in the beginning. He could end up another Pavon (I don’t think its that dire, but it’s not unthinkable).

    It’s unclear what the defense will be like and the left attacking midfield slot is still a question mark. I can see Chivas coming second at this point. FC Dallas… they could be third, but they still have questions up front…

    Don’t know if the Rapids can do better than three, but I’m not sure LA is second. 😎

    And I say that as an LA fan.

  7. Piling on vomitUNTD would be too easy, so I won’t.

    The signing was definitely not a banner move for the Hoops, even at the time it happened, but was it an all-time bad move? Hardly

    Not being tied to him for more than a year (three months, really) was good foresight on the part of Hoops management.

  8. As far as I’m concerned the only point of bringing in a “Denilson” is to bring fans to the games… Let’s be serious here… Dallas doesn’t exactly have the most fans. Not to bash them, but unless the games are all sell-outs, then there’s room for improvement.

    There are three kinds of DP’s, one’s that make the team better, one’s that put bums in the seats, or a combination of the two.

    Denilson brought some fans to the games, and joined half-way through the season from what I remember (thus only counting 200K against the salary cap last season). As far as I’m concerned, he’s not the biggest bust in MLS. Reyna definatly is, he’s garbage, and was there for the whole season.

    …Still waiting for a DP in Toronto.

  9. 53rd minute. A cross into the box goes off a teammate’s head it falls in front of Bradley, who was making his run into the area and volleys it home past the ‘keeper.
    Dad really needs to put this kid in a position Heerenveen is.

  10. This coming from a mouthpiece of the team that signed Reyna to a multi-year deal? LOL

    Yeah, he was a bust, but his salary was prorated to what only amounted to 10 or 11 games. Big f’ing deal. There have been far worse signings.

  11. Dallas was going to make him an offer. A fair offer probably would have been an insult to Denilson, though. $40,000? (No, I’m not missing a 0).

  12. Glad to be rid of that expense. Hopefully we can do something with the young players we have right now.


    get a life. your team has the same problem FCD has had over the last two years good season and no playoff success. The only difference is we are a team making money.

  13. Seriously,

    VamosUNTD. Any franchise with a soccer specific stadium can take umbrage to what you just said.

    FC Dallas is growing. KC, well… I’m sure they’ll look good in baby blue this year.

  14. How can anyone be sad? Seriously. In order to miss someone, they have to bring something to the table that clearly makes the team better…. Denilson brought nothing but his open wallet and filled it with some quick cash.

  15. vamosuntd:

    get off your dc united high horse and face the fact that FC Dallas was one of 3 MLS franchises to make money last year. ya what a mistake we are.

  16. Speaking of Nick’s, from MLSNet …

    Sakiewicz to lead push for Philly team
    Nick SakiewiczFC Pennsylvania LLC, the group trying to lure the 16th Major League Soccer club to Chester, Pa., added a huge piece to its puzzle with the hiring of Nick Sakiewicz as CEO and operating partner. more >

    Guess the good people of Philly can always support the Red Bulls or DC United …

  17. He was the biggest mistake MLS has made since… well, to be honest, i can’t think of a worse mistake. Huh.

    OOHHH here we go:

    Biggest mistake since granting Kansas City and Dallas franchises (no offense to their fans, if there are any).

  18. I think Ricardinho might take over from his compatriot in that department. Let’s just hope it was Denilson’s bad influence who caused Rico to play like that toward the end of last season. Buzz Carrick says he’s looking good, so FC Dallas fans should cross their fingers.


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