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This weekend’s soccer on TV


If you’re worried about bad weather making this weekend a boring one, don’t fret. A loaded slate of soccer matches on TV will keep you entertained.

I have finally decided to fully incorporate Setanta USA into the schedule. For those of you who can’t get Setanta, I apologize. For those of you have already ordered it, you might want to mix in a few walks outside in between the 30 soccer games you watch a weekend.

Here are this weekend’s Top Five Six Matches on TV:

  • Tottenham vs. Chelsea (Carling Cup)- Juande Ramos is a cup-winning fool, can his Spurs win this all-London final?
  • Fiorentina at AS Roma– Roma’s trying to hold off Juve for second in La Liga while Fiorentina is trying to stay ahead of AC Milan for fourth.
  • Everton at Manchester City– City can catch Everton on points with a win here, Everton needs the win to stay ahead of Liverpool for fourth.
  • West Ham United at Fulham– Any time six Americans have a chance to play in an EPL match, you have to watch.
  • Hamburg at Bayern Munich– Hamburg needs a win to revive title hopes, Bayern wants a point to stay ahead of Werder Bremen.
  • Houston vs. Gamba Osaka (PPC Final)- Yes, the 1:30am kick is a bit much but you can always TIVO it (assuming you don’t watch it half-drunk after coming back from the bar/club).

Here is the full schedule of games on TV this weekend:


  • 7:30am- Setanta USA- Arsenal at Birmingham
  • 9:30am-GolTV- Werder Bremen at Eintracht Frankfurt
  • 9:45am-Setanta USA- Middlesbrough at Liverpool
  • 10am- FSC- West Ham United at Fulham
  • 11:30am- GolTV- Schalke 04 at Bayer Leverkusen
  • Noon- FSC- Manchester United at Newcastle United
  • 12:15- Setanta USA- Sunderland at Portsmouth
  • 2pm- GolTV- Recreativo Huelva at Valencia
  • 2:30pm- FSC- Juventus at Reggina
  • 4pm- GolTV- Real Zaragoza at Sevilla
  • 4:30pm- FSC- Derby at Wigan
  • Midnight- FSC- Newcastle Jets at Central Coast Mariners (Australian League Final)


  • 1:30am- ESPN Classic- Houston vs. Gamba Osaka (Pan Pacific Championship Final)
  • 7:30am- Setanta USA- Aston Villa at Reading
  • 9am- FSC- Fiorentina at AS Roma
  • 9:30am- Setanta USA- Tottenham vs. Chelsea
  • 11am- GolTV- Hamburg at Bayern Munich
  • 11am- FSC- Bolton at Blackburn
  • 1pm- GolTV- Levante at Barcelona
  • 2:30pm- FSC- Palermo at AC Milan
  • 3pm- GolTV- Getafe at Real Madrid
  • 3pm- Setanta USA- Lille at Bordeaux
  • 5pm- FSC- San Lorenzo at River Plate
  • 5:30pm- GolTV- Santa Fe at Huila


  • 3pm- Setanta USA- Everton at Manchester City

What matches will you be watching? Share your thoughts on this weekend’s schedule below.


  1. Yes, I did. But how often do you get to see Gamba Osaka? The match was good to watch and, unfortunately, Houston had problems around the net. Not to mention the monster Bare! But I was glad that they didn’t just pack it in- an entertaining preseason tournament.

  2. The PPC! After all the talk about Houston’s struggles (on paper, only), it was great to see their pre-form beat the Aussie’s post-form. Game with Osaka should be great, and (yes) I am napping today so I can watch it live.

  3. The A-League Grand Final might actually be more interesting than that PPC thingie. Didn’t DCU’s Fred play in that game last year? Might be a good match to see some possible future MLS talent…


    2/26-Estudiantes(Arg) v Lanus(Arg) 4EST
    Caracas(Ven) v Potosi(Bol) 6:20EST
    San Martin(Per) v U Cath.(Chi) 8:40EST
    2/27-River(Arg) v America(Mex) 5:30EST
    A. Nacional(Col) v Sao Paulo(Bra) 7:50EST
    Flamengo(Bra) v Cienciano(Per) 7:50EST
    2/28- Maracaibo(Ven) v Colo Colo(Chi) 7EST
    Cucuta (Col) v San Jose (Bol) 9EST

  5. Cool Ives. Like I said, keep it up. I love the all the new features, especially–as a Canadian living in the US–the CONCACAF abroad.

  6. Jamie, I’ve been meaning to do the Top 25 for some time now but have just been busy adding some new elements to the blog (like the CONCACAF Abroad update). I will bring the Top 25 back this week.

  7. Ives, keep up the amazing work. Know you’re busy, but it’s been two months now since you’ve given us your view of Europe’s top 25. Since we’ve just finished the first leg of the Champions League 16 and now have the UEFA Cup 16, how about it?

  8. Houston vs. Gamba Osaka (PPC Final)- Yes, the 1:30am kick is a bit much but you can always TIVO it [EDIT](assuming you aren’t watching it drunk with the Texian Army at the bar).

  9. I’m def. checkin out the Juve/Reggina match Sat afternoon, Houston/Gamba Osaka match just to get a little taste of MLS late night Sat when I get home, starting my Sunday with Fiorentina/Roma, and rounding out the weekend with Palermo/Milan.

  10. I didn’t say I would watch it then, but with the second half starting at 2:30am Eastern I think at least a few soccer fans will be bombed as they try pronouncing Gamba Osaka.

  11. Come on Cottagers!
    (and for the record, I will be completely drunk when I watch the Pan Pacific Final… I don’t half @ss anything!)


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