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Toronto FC targets Colombian playmaker Montano

Toronto FC’s quest for an attacking midfielder has led the Canadians to South America, where the club is set to look at Colombian playmaker Johnnier Montano.

The youngest player to ever play for the Colombian national team (he made his debut at 15), Montano is set to join Toronto’s training camp in Bradenton, Florida in the coming days with an eye toward potentially becoming Toronto FC’s first signing off the off-season, a source within MLS told SBI on Saturday.

Montano had established himself as one of the top players in the Peruvian league, and was slated for a transfer move to Alianza, but the move hit a snag when it was learned that Montano had a previous agreement with Alianza’s arch-rival, Universitario de Deportes. Montano has been ruled ineligible to play in Peru because of the conflict and is ready to try his luck in MLS.

Montano gained notoriety early in his career by appearing for Colombia as a 15-year old (and being on the country’s Copa America roster at 16), accomplishments that helped Montano make a move to Italian club Parma. He spent five uneventful seasons in Italy with Parma, Verona and Piacenza before bouncing around the Colombian league before settling in Peru with Sport Boys.

Can Montano play? The 30 25-year-old playmaker enjoyed a strong stint with Sport Boys, scoring nine goals. The skill is there, as is the goal-scoring ability, but the long list of clubs he has played for in the past eight years makes you wonder just how stable a player he is. (and yes, he is 25, not 30, having played in the 1999 Copa America as a 16-year-old.)

Here are some video clips of Montano with Sport Boys:

Montano with a nice pass

Montero with a 40-yard blast

A UEFA Cup goal against PSV during his time with Parma

What do you think of Toronto looking at Montano? Share your thoughts below.


  1. “Gallardo, Beckham, Angel, etc will be good exposure to our league, but players like montano, etc will make this league great”

    Agreed 100% man.

    Once we have veryone’s attention, the quality of play is what will keep people coming back.

  2. I like that Mo is going after someone younger. He has the skills to play that is for sure.

    Good for a manager looking for younger talent and doing real scouting. Instead of bringing in over aged types.

  3. Also, we are in the UNITED STATES OF AMERICA, teams will succeed financialy, the league will gain fans, and futbol will becuase great in the US. Honestly, with all the money we have…LURE players to the MLS, and make the MLS like La Liga

  4. I’m Colombian, I love the signing not because he’s a Colombian player but because again, the league is scouting and getting young talent. Gallardo, Beckham, Angel, etc will be good exposure to our league, but players like montano, etc will make this league great

  5. Craze, stop diluting the meaning of the word ‘fact’. I think the phrase you were looking for was ‘wild conjecture based on nothing’

  6. @craze

    “the MSL sucks, I know for a fact he’ll dominate.”

    I don’t know how to counter your obvious command of soccer. You must be right.

  7. Great idea. I think he could have a Marinelli-type impact. The league should be focusing exclusively on Brasil, Colombia, and Argentina right now, bc that’s where the talent is at, and those are the guys that are gonna make the league exciting. In that respect, DCU is the model.

  8. Thanks Ives for changing the age, it causes too much confusion when so many of us take your words as scripture. Keep up the great work.

  9. Id love to see him come, we are defo lacking in midfield (as many have mentioned), looks like the type of player we need, hopefully him and Musampa pan out!

  10. Ives,

    I’m pretty certain Montano also scores the sweet freekick goal at the end of clip #1 (the sound goes out midway thru but it looks like the same player). On his assist, the narrators talk about his recently expanded waistline but also say he has talent to spare. So it doesn’t sound like he has a real passion for physical fitness.

    I remember his moment of fame for being the Copa American youngster. Whether or not he can “dominate” it’s pretty clear he had some talent quite recently and he’s still young.

    Toronto really needs some midfield creativity and should be looking at players like Montano. Just keep him away from any jelly donut eating contests.

  11. Ives,

    so far only only Wiki has said he’s 30. Soccernet and random Colombian sites have said he’s 25. If he signed with Parma in 1999 right after he was with the Colomban National team at the age of 16, it would make complete sense.

  12. @Posted by: Hanz Frankeluffen | February 16, 2008 at 01:36 PM

    Everyone I’ve ever heard say ‘x player will dominate in MLS’ has been served a hot bowl of STFU by the end of the season. I haven’t seen ANYONE ‘dominate’ in MLS. There are some people who are clearly a cut above, but no one who ‘dominates’

    Montano, if he has any of his old form is a good addition for the league and TFC especially, but to say he is going to be remarkably better than Blanco or Angel or Beckham or Emilio is pure comedy.

  13. Hey Hanz,

    You gotta house you want to wager?
    I’ve seen him play up close.

    What do you have in your bank account? Any amount.

    Upgrade for TFC. Dominate? Euro-snobbish-ignorant stupidity.

    Where did you play with him in Italy?
    The youth teams? Reserves?

    Why aren’t you in MLS domiating?

  14. This signing rings of Denilson. Much like the Brazilian, Montano was a prodigy who turned out to be a flash in the pan. If he signs, I bet he’ll either get cut before the end of the season or won’t make it to season 2.

  15. Yes please.

    Seriously, at this late date, any #10 with a history of decent scoring and playmaking ability is fine by me, regardless of journeyman status. I just want a #10 in camp, practicing with the boys so TFC can get off to a flier against the Crew.


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