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USA slips to 26 in FIFA World Rankings

The U.S. national team has slipped six spots to 26th in the latest FIFA World Rankings released on Wednesday.

Three African teams jumped ahead of the United States after the recent African Cup of Nations. Ghana moved up a remarkable 29 spots to 14th, Cameroon jumped eight spots to 17 and Ivory Coast moved 14 spots to 24th. Poland (20), Russia (22), Israel (23) and Sweden (24) also moved ahead of the United States.

Don’t trying making any sense of these rankings. After all, Egypt, which just won the African Cup of Nations for a second straight time, is ranked 29th, fourth best among African teams (though it did move up six spots).

The Americans aren’t the biggest losers in the latest rankings among top 50 teams. That distinction goes to Nigeria, which went from 19 to 45 after a disappointing African Cup of Nations showing.

A handful of CONCACAF teams saw their rankings plummet. Cuba dropped 17 spots to 88, Trinidad & Tobago dropped 20 spots to 98 and Haiti dropped 27 spots to 100. That isn’t good news for T&T and Haitian players who were thinking of making moves to England this summer.

It’s not all bad for CONCACAF. Honduras moved four spots into a tie for 50 while Guatemala jumped 11 spots to 94.

Here is the full table of rankings.

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  1. Aristotle, you obviously can’t read. You ask questions that I already answered and you are just talking semantics. Of course I am not nine idiot.
    How can you say one team is better than another for certain if you have never played the two against each other or the teams have not played the same opponent thereby giving somewhat of a measuring stick? I’m saying that in addition to what I have said above, even if two teams like your example of England and the US played, and somehow the US managed a victory, this WOULDN’T mean that the US should automatically be listed higher in the rankings than England.
    You need to understand what someone is actually saying in these blogs before you start going off. Case in point, you took much of what I said out of its actual context.
    And yes, you said “Your a moron” when it should have been “You’re a moron”. Go back and read it. Until then, lay off the kid stuff, it really has nothing to do with what we are talking about. Definitely too old to get caught up in some dumb blog squabble.

  2. Kim,

    I have a hard time with your assessment that the only teams ahead of us that we would have a legitimate shot at beating are Columbia, Israel, and Mexico. What about Sweden, the team we JUST BEAT. I also would very much like our chances against Poland, Ivory Coast, and Scotland any day of the week.

    And on what exactly do you base your comment that we couldn’t beat anyone #27-38?? There are at least 5 teams there that I think a 1st tier U.S. team wouldn’t have any problem with.

    Not trying to be beligerent here, but just think you’re being a little hard on the U.S. side for no real valid reason.


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