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You Write the Caption: Beckham and the Yeti

Good afternoon folks. I’m about an hour from departing to Salzburg and figured I could leave you with a You Write the Caption before I go.

Yes, I know, I still owe everybody the winners for the Oguchi Onyewu/Rafael Marquez YWTC, but when I saw this photo I had to post it.

Here is David Beckham and LA teammate Abel Xavier, whose head looks like its being humped by a baby polar bear:


"David Beckham is reminded why he gave up trying different hair styles and stuck with the shaved head."

"After seeing what the microphone did to Abel Xavier, David Beckham realizes he had better try a different mic."

Okay, I gave it two tries. Now it’s your turn. Give me your caption sugestions and I’ll post winners next week.

Fire away.


  1. Xavier – “If I dye my hair green then maybe Ives will finally list Seattle MLS as a category on the main page”

  2. Always on the cutting edge, the LA Galaxy introduce the league’s first Drag Queen. Abel explains how his new high-healed soccer shoes help him turn, kick, and jump, while still leaving his hair in perfect condition. Fabulous new uniforms that highlight the team’s best “attributes” will be released soon. Teammate David Beckham smiles on in full approval.

  3. Well, at least I’m getting $250 million, along with the revenue from my jersey sales, so I can afford to sit here next to a drug user and pretend to look happy.

  4. The LA Galaxy held a Elecrity Safety Course of the kids of LA. As Xavier shows what happens when you mix elecrity with water, David Beckham smiles for the camera.

  5. To abate their cap issues, the LA Galaxy annouced today that Abel Xavier has taken a pay cut and will earn supplemental income by becoming the team’s first player/hair dresser. Beckham’s approval pending.

  6. Abel:Mwrooooarr!

    Becks: Now I know how Han Solo felt, and now I have to fly in here and save everyone.

    Lalas: Help us Obi One Becknobi your our only hope!

  7. David Beckham’s press conference on his Guest Spot on LOST:

    “I didn’t think they’d make me have to fight the infamous Polar Bear in the first episode, but I guess they had to find a way to get my shirt off”


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