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Columbus signs Argentine defender

The Columbus Crew has signed Argentine left back Gino Padula, French newspaper L’Equipe reported on Friday.

Padula is a 31-year-old defender who most recently played for Montpellier of the French Second Division. A one-time River Plate product who saw stints in England with Wigan, Queens Park Rangers and Nottingham Forest, Padula should challenge for the starting left back role, though he hasn’t played regular first-team soccer in three years.


  1. I remember him from QPR, part of the leaky defense that almost got them relegated a couple yrs back. But i have to agree with the crew fans. With how bad they are, anything is an upgrade.

  2. “One man gathers what another man spills.”

    Our LB situation is critical. We could have signed a Brazillian, didn’t. Could have gotten an experience MLS hand in the waiver draft (Prideaux), didn’t. So this was our last chance.

    Plus, it makes Guille happy happy to have more Argentine’s on the team.

  3. All you Nottingham Forest fans been watching Crew games lately? Seen our defense?

    We’ll give you Ryan Junge, Andrew Peterson, and Leonard Griffin, apparently Gino Padula is an upgrade or we wouldn’t have gotten him.

    …One mans trash is another mans treasure I guess… Welcome to the MLS 🙂

  4. Another Forest fan here. Utter Sh*t is speaking too highly of him as a player. He was worse. Put it to you this way, if they were paying me to take him, I’d say NO.

    My head hurts trying to comprehend this one.

  5. Maybe he’ll work out. Maybe he won’t. I’ll take any help we can get on defense right now, even better so that he’s a LB. But the next acquisition HAS to be a forward.

  6. Well if he doesn’t break the bank (which he won’t) why does it matter that he hasn’t had 1st team play in 3 years? Its better then a Lars Ricken or the other Argie Columbus was looking at…


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