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Champions Cup: DC trounces Harbour View


Raise your hands if you were a D.C. fan worried about advancing in the Champions Cup. D.C. made it look easy in posting a 5-0 win against Harbour View on Tuesday. Luciano Emilio and Devon McTavish (yes, Devon McTavish) netted a brace each to push D.C. to the Champions Cup semifinals against the winner of the Pachuca-CD Motagua series, which concludes tonight after a 0-0 tie in its first game.

While Emilio and McTavish scored the goals, Brazilian midfielder Fred enjoyed a stellar performance, scoring a goal and setting up another.

MLS can make it two for two tonight if Houston can beat CD Municipal in the second leg of their series. Houston tied the Guatamalan club, 0-0, in the first leg in central America. Kickoff is set for 8:30pm (FSC).

What did you think of last night’s performance? If you’re a D.C. fan are you feeling better about the season? Still waiting for Marcelo Gallardo to sprinkle gold dust? Would you rather face Pachuca or Amado Guevara’s CD Motagua? Share your thoughts below.


  1. John and Bootsy, no one is trying to hype the Merconorte into a big deal. But the only reason I pointed it out is because some halfwits tried to claim it the Metros had never even qualified and represented MLS internationally, and it needed to be explained to them that their assertions were wrong (or lies).

    Done and done.

  2. The Metros’ accomplishments in the Merconorte were not really something you want to hang your hat on. To be fair, it’s absolutely not the Metros’ fault that they picked up two of their three wins by forfeit. But at the same time, given the Metros’ performance in the other four matches, it’s hard to imagine them doing well against Guadalajara if they’d actually played them.

    Meanwhile, DC fans need to acknowledge that HVFC was the weakest of the eight teams in this year’s CCC. Remember what happened the last time we advanced over HVFC?


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