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Hugo Sanchez fired as Mexico coach


Hugo Sanchez has been fired as head coach of the Mexican national team.

The greatest player in Mexican soccer history lasted barely more than a year before three failed attempts to beat the United States and a disastrous Olympic Qualifying campaign did him in before he even had a chance to coach a World Cup qualifier.

The move seemed inevitable after Mexico’s shock failure to qualify for the Olympics with its best generation of young players ever.

How will Sanchez be remembered? He will be remembered for whining about referees and complaining about terrible field conditions. Most importantly, he will be remembered for being the subject of several You Write the Captions for photos like the one shown. In that regard, Sanchez will certainly be missed.

All joking aside, I think Sanchez saw it coming. His demeanor before the last U.S.-Mexico game was very telling. Gone was the bravado from earlier in his tenure. He tried his best to temper expectations but after making things so difficult for his predecessor, Ricardo LaVolpe, Sanchez was never going to be given a long leash.

If the Mexican federation is smart, it will turn to someone like Jose Pekerman, who would be ideally suited to work with the young generation of stars currently rising through the Mexico ranks. Whoever the coach is, they will probably be given a longer leash than  Sanchez by a federation that will be desperate for some stability.

What do you think of the news? Shocked? Happy? Sad? Laughing at Mexico’s national team? Share your thoughts below.


  1. The firing of hugo sanchez was great new for Mexico’s National Team. He had no sense of tactics and was awful in making in game adjustments. Mexico has a very good crop of young talent and for the first time have enough players in Europe to fill the the starting lineup…exept the goalie position.


    defense: Osorio, Marquez, Salcido, Osorio

    Midfield: Giovani, Pardo, Guardado, Vela

    offense: Castillo, Franco, De Nigris

    Golie: Ochoa (in mexico’s league…being scouted by european clubs)

    Under 23 prospects: Edgar Castillo, Hector Moreno, Dominguez, Andrade, Villaluz, guardado, vela, Giovani, montes (youngster from pachuca that scored on DC), ochoa.

    I don’t remember their names but there are 16 and 17 year olds in mexicos league with talent.

    The U.S also has some good young players.

    With a good coach the U.S might have more than they can handle. Yet, it also benefits the U.S for mexico to have a better coach. High level of competition will only raise the level for both squads.

  2. honestly, anyone who didnt see this coming is blind… Sanchez set the bar high and failed to clear it… and his arrogance clearly was the downfall of the team.. constantly putting pressure on them, while may work with some, doesnt on others

    depending on who they get could make or break the team for 2010, and they better find someone quick with qualifiers coming up…

  3. As a USMNT supporter honestly I am sad…b/c this guy was terrible and that can only benefit the USMNT. Just imagine if the MEX Fed hired someone with a clue! MEX would be formidable.

  4. The arrogance issue for Mexico is real. Hugo, the team as a whole, and the majority of the fan-base refuse to believe what is now obvious – the US is a better team. People can argue about talent, and I actually think Mexico has more and better, but this is a team game.

    Hugo continued the recent pattern for Mexico – no respect for their opponents. Every team must craft and execute a game-plan designed to exploit the weaknesses of the other team, that mitigates their strengths, and to give their team the best chance at a result. Respect your opponent enough to actually craft a game-plan to win.

    It’s an easy choice and it’s a big part of why the US has risen as a program. Mexico has the talent needed to dominate CONCACAF and advance a round or two in the World Cup, but they want to cling to the idea that they belong with the Argentinas and Brazils of the world.

    Hugo did nothing to change the culture of the program and seemed to think that a full embrace of the arrogance was the answer. If Mexico ever takes a dose of humility and approaches games with respect for their opponent, regardless of who that opponent is, they’ve got a bright future.

    The answer for Mexico isn’t to be found in tactics, roster selections, etc. It’s right between their collective ears. You can’t change the current reality without first understanding what and why it is…..

  5. Too bad, he was a great coach for ….. us, never a doubt thank Mexico would fail to play its best against the US when he was around.

    Still he had it coming, he loudly undermined the previous coach, was arrogant and dismissive of the US and the progress we have made, then did a lousy job of coaching his team. He was a disaster.

    I’ll miss him but in truth we don’t need him to beat Mexico.

  6. Christian said: “Next is the myth that all Mexican players are arrogant and pompous, ”

    I don’t know about everyone else, but I was talking about the *fans*, not the players.

    I’ve played many games from Salinas, CA to Columbus, OH to Raleigh, NC where the assumption was always that “the gringo” has no idea what he’s doing – kinda like the hoops players’ attitude toward Woody Harrelson at the beginning of “White Men Can’t Jump.”


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