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Major Toronto FC news coming

Sorry to be a tease folks but if you’re a Toronto FC fan and you’re still awake, a late-night treat is coming your way in the form of some breaking news.

Check back here later on tonight for the news.


  1. Oliver, Chivas only has the rights of first refusal, which means the Goats can either sign Guevara (which they can’t afford to do) or they lose him. He is out of contract and placed on waivers.

  2. Doesn’t Chivas still have Guevara’s MLS rights? If so, I assume that a lot of the allocation $ received from SJ for O’Brien are headed to the Goats.

  3. I read a story on espn involving Toronto, then I come here and read the blurb; only then do I go back and realize you wrote it.

    I have mixed feelings about this as a Red Bulls fan.


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