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Mid-week soccer on TV

Admit it. Every week you find yourself remember that there were soccer games you wanted to catch during the week, only you forgot they were going to be on. It is easy to forget, especially when you’ve spent the weekend watching tons of soccer.

This weekend isn’t a weekend to forget about matches. Wednesday is an international fixture date, meaning friendlies galore and some very intriguing match-ups.

The two best match-ups, or at least most high-profile match-ups on Wednesday are England vs. France and Italy vs. Spain. Unfortunately for those of us who feast on soccer on TV, you will have to hit a soccer bar (or use your internet skills) to watch one of those high-profile contests.

That doesn’t mean there aren’t good matches to see on TV. Aside from USA-Poland, which I’m sure most of you will watch very closely, there is also a pretty juicy encounter between recent African Cup of Nations winner Egypt playing host to Argentina and Sweden taking on Brazil in the Emirates Stadium in London.

Wondering what other matches are on TV this week? Here is the schedule of games. Set your TIVOs accordingly and enjoy:


3pm- FSC- Poland U-21 at England U-21


Noon- Setanta USA- Canada vs. Estonia

2pm- GolTV- Argentina at Egypt

3:30PM- FSC- USA at Poland

3:45pm- Setanta USA- Switzerland vs. Germany

5:30pm- FSC- Sweden vs. Brazil (in London)

6:45pm- Setanta USA- Austria vs. Netherlands

11pm- FSC- Croatia vs. Scotland


  1. LOL

    I also thought it was weird that he suits up for Mexico because I remember a scene in the first movie where the Newcastle reserves coach introduces him as a mexican but Santiago corrects him by saying he’s from california. big difference, haha I know.

    Anyway, a bunch of interesting matches on the buffet for wednesdays’ mid afternoon soccer munchies. Still baffled why adu wasn’t called in for the Poland match and kinda bummed that Edgar Castillo was injured after being called in for the Ghana match replacing Carlos Vela, not really surprised about Altidore not being called in either, he hasn’t been sharp lately and might be carrying an injury (although i’m not sure) plus he needs to get back to the RedBulls and start working with his team mates.

  2. Jerry…Try

    I’m not sure how this site is with international friendlies because I usually use it for clubs on the weekend, but it already looks like there are some links up for Wednesday. (Not sure if I also gave you the tip or not, but I always like helping everybody be able to watch games. Additionally, to download games within a couple of hours after being completed, you can always try

    Good luck.

  3. Can we get a red bulls update ives? Where is the Marmol situation at? Heard anything about this Vargas kid from Venezuela?

  4. Not that it matters but in the GOAL! trilogy, Santi Muniz is actually a Mexican immigrant living in california. I was quite bored at work today so I started surfing the net and found out that in the final GOAL! movie, Santi will suit up for Mexico and play against his friend Gavin and England at the World Cup, including cameos by Rafa Marquez, Gio Dos Santos, Nery Castillo, David Beckham, Cuauhtemoc Blanco, Steven Gerrard, Wayne Rooney, Frank Lampard, Theo Walcott, Oswaldo Sanchez, Hidetoshi Nakata, Ronaldinho, etc. I’ll try to find the link when I get home but that sounds kinda cool eh?

  5. Anybody know where I can find a live stream of gol tv? i know one of you guys told me about whoever that was YOU ROCK!that site keeps me good all day especially since I cant get FSC at home just wondering if I can figure out a way to catch live streams of la liga and bundesliga matches if u do plz hook a brother up

  6. Any self respecting Italian will have RAI on their cable/satellite setup…

    Which means they can catch the U21 game on Tuesday, and the World Champions take on Spain on Wednesday.

  7. Chris, I think they watched the first 20 minutes of the movie, thinking it was a documentary. Maybe the kid will even move on to Real Madrid in the future.

  8. Possibly another american in the EPL?

    Newcastle United are handing trials to a

    mystery American trialist.

    The Sunday Sun says Newcastle are close to bringing in an American youngster spotted by Dennis Wise at a youth tournament in Dallas last week to Tyneside.


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