Montreal stepping up MLS expansion efforts

Montreal stepping up MLS expansion efforts

Major League Soccer

Montreal stepping up MLS expansion efforts


The Montreal publication La Presse is reporting that (soon to be former) Liverpool owner George Gillet is joining forces with the Saputo family, owners of the USL Montreal Impact, to push for an MLS expansion team in Montreal.

The story goes on to say the group believes it could land an expansion team by 2009, which seems extremely unlikely given the fact that Philadelphia is set to join in 2010. If Montreal is to move ahead of the likes of favorite St. Louis and contenders Atlanta and Miami, it would take a bid of record proportions, but even that may not allow a second Canadian team to join MLS in the immediate future.

Ultimately money does talk and having Gillet, who owns the NHL’s Montreal Canadians, join forces with the Saputos give the Montreal expansion bid major financial muscle. Will that be enough to allow Montreal to join the expansion line?

What do you think of this story? Think having a second Canadian team before so many other American markets is a good move? Is it a bad move? Do you just want an excuse to visit the Gentlemen’s clubs in Montreal? Share your thoughts below?

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