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Olympic Qualifying: The USA lineup vs. Canada


                                                                   Photo by ISI Photos

Okay folks, I know you’ve been wondering what the U.S. Under-23 national team lineup for tonight’s match against Canada will be.

Wonder no more.

According to multiple sources, this will be the U.S. team’s starting lineup for tonight’s Olympic Qualifying semifinal (and yes, there are some slight surprises):

USA Starting XI







Very interesting lineup. I think it’s fair to say Adu will play withdrawn forward. You will also have more of a box than traditional flat four midfield. Lots of opportunity for interchanging with this group. Wynne isn’t that much of a surprise, though I felt like he looked shaky in moments. His speed is pretty scary though.

Surprises? Gaven is benched after his good performance against Honduras while Kljestan starts despite coming off a bad game. In truth, this starting XI is probably the lineup most would have expected before the tournament began (with Orozco the lone real surprise, most would have penciled Patrick Ianni into that spot).

What do you think of this US lineup? Share your thoughts below?


  1. Hooray! We are playing with 2 d-mids against lesser competition again praying for a 1-0 result rather than going after a team. Yes! /sarcasm

    Bogus tactics. Nowak has REALLY let me down this tournament. When he switched to a ‘normal’ 4-4-2 vs. Panama it was the most dynamic the team has looked all tournament. Too bad it was for only 15 minutes.

    @Gabe: you are right Jozy is the only true striker, but Adu has played up top in the youth ranks as a SS and excelled. There is no reason to play him so far back at all.

    Again though, the biggest problem. 2 f’n d-mids. Is Dave Sarachan coaching the Baby Nats and they forgot to tell everyone?

    @Posted by: brett | March 20, 2008 at 04:03 PM

    He’s a regular starter for San Luis and I would rather see him than the walking yellow card/conceded PK Gooch right now. The Belgian league really isn’t better than the FMF.

  2. Once again, in case it hasn’t been said enough…. TWO FORWARDS!! Jozy needs a running mate. This is not a bad thing! It’s just his style.

  3. Da*n, Honduras and Guatemala tied (scoreless) after regulation. We’ll have to wait even longer now to get to the US-Canada match.

  4. I know this is off topic, but anyone watching the Honduras v. Guatamala game? They have a lot of fans at the game especially for a Thursday night. If they draw the same amount or more for the US game then I think they should be a serious contender for a MLS team.

  5. Not a lot of love for K. Hill around here. Personally, I thought he was one of the brightest players in a US jersey. Lame that he’s out and lame that Kljestan is in.

  6. does anyone know how I can watch this game on internet tonight? i am at work and can’t get it on tv 🙁 am dying to watch it ANY language

  7. I really don’t care stats or who subs in.


    The level of play and consistency in the 1st 3 games was just embarassing if indeed this group is as talented as we have told over and over the last 3 years or so. There is something wrong with this group and I am not sure whether it is talent, chemistry, tactics or something else. All I am sure of is this: If we were not in CONCACAF (or Oceania)these players would also be watching this game on FSC.

  8. Not a lot of love for K. Hill around here. Personally, I thought he was one of the brightest players in a US jersey. Lame that he’s out and lame that Kljestan is in.

  9. Burch? Haahahahhahahahaha

    I am hoping that the presence of Edu in midfield will allow Adu to stay upfield alongside Jozy more.

  10. I don’t understand some of the comments here. The US offense has been good in the first three games except we can’t finish for sh*t. I don’t see how adding a poor finishing forward next to Josy is going to help anything. I also don’t see how anyone can call a player that doesn’t play defense (Adu) a midfielder. So either we go with a three man midfield + Adu or we put Adu at forward.

  11. good to see wynne in their too. The TFC faithful will be happy to see him in the lineup…although we’ll be supporting Canada of course.

  12. Paul your right I have seen that attitude from Jozy and Edu. It seems that Freddy is the only one that is that good that has not let his ego go to him. Jozy and Edu are better than every one else on the team except for Freddy which can compete. But they need to still play with their hearts.

  13. f4denz – Its true, Jozy hasn’t done much at all. That said, we know what he is capable of. I put much of the blame on Nowak. His strategic choices have been nearly as odd as some of his player selections. 3 goals (2pks) in 3 games is a problem, however, and I have gotten the impression (although I could be wrong) from watching Jozy that he (and to some extent Maurice) thinks he is above everyone else. They need to play instead of copping the “superstar” attitude.

  14. I dont love that this still leaves Jozy pretty mush alone on top. Freddy can be expected to play an attacking mid I would guess. And Jozy has not really looked like himself this tourney, i think because of the lone striker role. I would rather a real 4-4-2, with Adu and Edu in the middle


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