Olympic Qualifying: Canada routs Guatemala (Mexico's hopes wounded)

Olympic Qualifying: Canada routs Guatemala (Mexico's hopes wounded)


Olympic Qualifying: Canada routs Guatemala (Mexico's hopes wounded)


You know all that bad blood between Mexico and Guatamala? All that tension and animosity between the two soccer nations? Well, Guatemala scored some sweet payback today, though it came at the cost of an embarrassing defeat.

The Guatemalans suffered a 5-0 loss to Canada in Olympic Qualifying, a result that meant little to Guatemala, which had already qualified for the semifinals. What the score means is that Mexico must now beat Haiti by five goals tonight to advance to the Olympic Qualifying semifinals.

Yes, that’s right, five goals.

That sound you hear is Hugo Sanchez punching a wall.

What will happen now? Well Haiti still has something to play for, and can actually qualify for the second round with a win, so don’t expect Haiti to lay down for Mexico. If anything, the Haitians are in perfect position to take advantage of a desperate Mexican team.

As for what this all means for the United States? Well, if Haiti wins, then the USA faces Guatemala. If Haiti ties Mexico then the USA will meet Canada in the decisive semifinal. And if Mexico manages to score five or six goals in a shutout win? Well, then we get the USA-Mexico semifinal we were all expecting to happen before the day began.

Check back in here for a running commentary on Mexico-Haiti, but for now feel free to share your thoughts on the Canada-Guatemala result and what it means for Mexico. Share your thoughts below.

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