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The Morning After: A second look at USA-Panama


Good morning folks. It is the day after the USA-Panama game and while I wouldn’t call the U.S. performance beautiful, I will say that it was effective and there were far more promising signs from Thursday than there were from Tuesday.

What was promising? Well, for starters the defense was strong and tough, halting most of Panama’s handful of attacking buildups. The Michael Orozco-Maurice Edu center back tandem was thoroughly impressive. Nathan Sturgis looked good at left back while Marvell Wynne still left something to be desired at right back.

The attack produced no goals in the run of play but it still created better build-ups and possession than the Cuba game lineup. I thought Stuart Holden and Eddie Gaven were miles better than Charlie Davies and Robbie Findley in wing roles and Dax McCarty was steady for a second straight game (though I will state that he doesn’t cover enough ground to be considered an extremely effective central midfielder).

The biggest disappointment was Sacha Kljestan, who committed far too many turnovers in midfield. He put on a strong final 10 minutes, but it was not one of his better showings.

So what should we expect from the final group game against Honduras? Here’s a possibility:

I see Nowak fielding this lineup on Saturday:







This would leave Adu as the only field player to start in all three matches. I know Davies didn’t exactly show himself well on the wing against Cuba, but the roster just doesn’t have wing options and I think Gaven will wind up getting the call in the semifinals so he rests, or just plays a half, against Honduras.

I am interested to see an Orozco-Ianni pairing, particularly considering Honduras attack is pretty strong up top. Will Orozco look as good with Ianni next to him rather than Edu and can Ianni show that he is a solid option for the semis?

Here is the semifinals lineup I see Peter Nowak using (thanks for reminding me about Jonathan Spector JB):







What could change here? You could see Freeman at right back, you could see Holden replace Kljestan, with Zizzo at right wing. I think Sturgis is the team’s best option at left back so he should get the nod. Same goes for Gaven on the left flank. The players in bold are the ones I see starting in those spots for sure. With Jonathan Spector expected to be available for the semifinal, I have to believe he’ll start in central defense, with Edu sliding into midfield.

I also think Holden has to start in the semi, though that may depend on what happens against Honduras. If Holden has another solid performance then he has to get the nod. Now, if Zizzo lights it up and Holden struggles, Nowak will have a tough decision to make.

I’m sure the semifinal opponent will also dictate what Nowak does. If it is Mexico, with its speedy wingers, then I think you see a Sturgis-Freeman fullback tandem.

What do you think folks? Share your thoughts on Thursday’s match, as well as the possibilities for the Honduras match below.


  1. I haven’t seen zizzo light up one game ‘cept Brazil game. Where does all this come from? He is playing Europe, b/c he has an ITALIAN passport.

  2. JB- I dont think Sturgis will ever take games away from Bornstein atleast while Bradley is coaching.

    If he does then I think Bornstein will be serving Bob Bradley divorce papers the next day.

  3. JB

    I was actually thinking the same thing about Orozco and apparently Jozy and Freddy agree since they have been praising him because of what he brings to the table. Jozy was quoted on ESPN Deportes saying that Orozco makes the team better simply because of his ability to play out of the back with simple and accurate passes, not to mention he can also dribble his way out of trouble and is rather composed on the ball.

    To me it’s intriguing as a Mexican fan because I knew he was a US citizen and although he hasn’t quite shined for San Luis so far he does seem to have some game. I’m not particularly worried about the FMF missing out on him since we do have some options ourselves with Cata Dominguez, Gamboa, and Hugo Ayala.

    I think JB makes a great point, the senior Nats could really benefit from a CB who can play his way out of trouble and not panick and boot the ball out of bounds when under pressure, although the Orozco type is almost standard in Latin America, a player like him can really can help improve a team’s performance. For example, once Aquivaldo Mosquera left for Spain, Pachuca’s defense crumbled and their bad form took over and honestly they haven’t really recovered since.

    wow, that was kinda long but overall I think it’s good for the US to give players of a different mold, like Orozco, a chance to prove their worth.


  4. I was at the game last night and these were my observations from the stands.

    I thought Sturgis played much better. I saw him caught out of position several times Tuesday and he was making bad passes. Last night he seemed to do a good job playing the ball up the left side.

    Dax and Sacha were much better on Tuesday. Way too many poor passes and turnovers.

    Central Defense was solid all game long.

    Altidore had a better game but a lot of the time the support is slow to arrive.

    Watching Freddy live is awesome. You never know when something magical is going to happen. Plus it seems like he is having some fun on the field. There was a sequence right in front of us (we were in the 2nd row) and a Panamanian defender came in really hard from behind but Adu managed to avoid getting hit. I yelled “Watch it buddy those are million dollar legs” and Freddy looked over smiling, he nodded and gave a quick thumbs up.

    Overall I have the feeling that most of our players at this level are not used to playing against these types of teams who are going to bunker on defense and hope for a lucky break away or dead ball to score. They’ll improve with a little more experience and we’ll need it because thats how we get played in CONCACAF now. Also there seemed to be a decent crowd, I would estimate about 8000 however most everyone is on the camera side.

  5. From Soccer America




    5 Chris Seitz (Real Salt Lake)

    5 Marvell Wynne (Toronto FC)

    6 Mike Orozco (San Luis/Mexico)

    6 Maurice Edu (Toronto FC)

    5 Nathan Sturgis (Real Salt Lake)

    7 Stuart Holden (Houston Dynamo)

    6 Dax McCarty (FC Dallas)

    6 Sacha Kljestan (Chivas USA)

    5 Eddie Gaven (Columbus Crew)

    6 Freddy Adu (Benfica/Portugal)

    5 Jozy Altidore (New York Red Bulls)


    4 Sal Zizzo (Hannover/Germany)

    – Charlie Davies (Hammarby/Sweden)

    – Robbie Findley (Real Salt Lake)

    (1=low; 5=average; 10=high)

  6. Tony,

    I obviously took no offense to your critique of my post. I may have worded it better as I agree with your sentiments. Instead of saying “seeing the field better,” it would be better to say taking the opportunity.

    In that regard I mean that Freddy has always had a natural talent, that has never been in question, but I feel that his time in Portugal and working day in and day out with the likes of Rui Costa have given Freddy the confidence to play the through ball, make the run and take the shot that he might not have in MLS.

    He’s in a situation where he’s trying to prove himself on the world stage against players who are comparable, if not better, talent wise. That bodes well for the US in a competition such as this where I believe he will be the most skilled player on the field in every game we play (save maybe Mexico, but I still rate him against them as well).

    In a U-23, at this point in his career, Freddy should have the confidence that he is the best player on the field and play as such. So far, from the two games i’ve watched, he seems to be embracing that fact and controlling the attacking flow of the game.

  7. I think the biggest story line to take from the first two games has been the play of Sturgis and Orozco. Orozco warrants a look with the full national team and might even be able to pass DeMerit, Califf and the likes on the depth chart. If Bob Bradley is committed to using Spector as a right or central back than Sturgis could push Bornstein for playing time, and that didn’t look possible before this week.

  8. I disagree about Wynne – I thought he had a good game. He showed a willingness to get forward but didn’t get caught out of position in the back. Panama really didn’t create much on his side of the field. He also won quite a few long balls in the air, which is something that you can’t always expect to get from your right back.

  9. If this team could have secured the services of Bradley and Szetela along with Rogers who apparently is in Novaks dog house the U23’s would arguably be a much much better team. Bradleys pinpoint passing and holding ability are what this team lacks! He sees lanes and anticipates moves by Edu, Rogers and Altidore. He showed that ability when playing for the U20’s. Unfortunately Heerenveen will not let him go right now. But if the 23’s qualify i think there’s a chance you could see him with the team later on. In my opinion he’s the missing link to get this team playing up to their capabilities.

  10. Dax is solid. what i like about him is if he does screw up a pass or lose the ball he’ll bust his *SS to get it back. He may not be the most technically gifted player out there, but as someone posted, alot of his touches take him away from pressure.

    Holden was a beast. Hopefully he can continue this and continue to grow at Houston and become a quality possibility for the Nats

    Adu has shown promise for even more growth… he has the confidence now, and obtaining more play at Benfica will only improve…

    Altidore is not a lone-striker forward, he is in dire need of someone to run off of. Someone to take a defender or two off. he’ll excell when he gets some assistance… but until that point he will run himself to death and then be dead by the 60th-70th min marker, most likely producing little…. Nowak, help Jozy and give him another forward…

  11. Brandon:

    Without question, being at Benfica is improving his play. But I called your remark into question not because I’m picking a fight (obviously) but because I think we need to set realistic expectations about what going to Europe does for a player, especially one who is already a professional. It can’t “teach” creativity and vision. You either have it or you don’t. It can teach judgment (when to try something), instill confidence (the willingness to try something) and improve (somewhat)technical skills and tactical awareness (which enable you to more efficiently exploit your innate gifts).

    But I think we tend to over rate coaching – especially European club coaching when there are vast resources and a huge supply of proficient players undermining coaching patience. If you are Christiano Ronaldo, then Man U has patience. If you are Jonathan Spector, Man U doesn’t – because they don’t have to.

    I think improvement in Europe (if it happens) comes more from quality of competition rather than coaching. A lazy, half-hearted move might beat a guy on a 90 degree day in Dallas – but gets crushed in a Champions League qualifier. So you either try harder, or you go coach high school. You raise the game, self correct, or die.

    No amount of time in Benfica is going to make Dax McCarthy into Freddy Adu. But it may help make the “Possible” Freddy Adu into the “Actual” Freddy Adu. And that is a pretty damn good thing.

  12. ADG- out of that list:

    Bradley- commands the middle (whether you like him or not). he is solid on defense and as he’s showing currently he’s a formidable offensive threat.

    Szetela- outside of the U20’s he hasnt impressed. He struggled to get PT at the Crew, and currently loaned to a serie B team for more 1st team exp. He excelled though in the U20’s, but thats just 1 competition. If he could continue to perform that well id say YES, but at the moment, id say “just did well at U20’s”

    Rogers- after the U20’s this kid exploded (or perhaps this is when i first noticed him at the Crew). He shows huge promise scoring 3 goals in the 2nd half of the season on limited time and different locations. he shows flashiness with confidence. he wouldve been nice to have

    obviously the coaching isnt that much different as the U-20’s pretty much ran a

    4-5-1 (with adu pretty much free access to the whole field). difference from the U20’s and this tourny?? noone’s helping Altidor up top, and he’s having to run the whole half of the field with 3 defenders trailing him

  13. Zizzo is always hit or miss… he put up a huge stinker in his NCAA Championship with UCLA against UCSB in ’06. He played terrible, especially since Wynalda was hyping him up more that Landon Donovan. Has moments of class in those games to show you he has talent, but never uses it. I’m actually a huge fan, but I have seen him play some awful games. When he’s on… he’s Senior USMNT talent for sure.

  14. It seems like Gaven was far less impressive in person than he was on TV. He made a few runs at defenders that were immediately stopped, there was one horrible shot at the very beginning and then there didn’t seem to be any quality crosses coming in from him. I’ll give him credit for the ball that sent Altidore through, but gaven still seemed a gear slower in his decision making and game speed than everyone else on the team. Holden was pretty impressive last night, and there were times when he and Kljestan were open but no one chose to use them. All that said, no one looked as crisp as they did on Tuesday. There was a lot of buildup and then a give away. Whether it was someone not completing a run or off target/soft pass the build-ups were just not on point at all last night. Dax McCarty (Mini Jon Gruden) certainly was vocalizing his disappointment on a couple of incompleted runs during the game….which made him look even more like Jon Gruden, which was appropriate given the stadium.

  15. Adu has been playing quite well…nothing like the “scared to make a mistake” kid playing in MLS. Portugal is really agreeing with him.

    On Dax, I don’t think he’s that great of a traditional center midfielder, but, as mentioned earlier, he’s a solid destroyer. The only issue is that he’s just that: solid. Edu, Bradley and Clark are far better than he is in that role, so when it comes to the senior team, he’ll only see mop-up or low-level qualifying duty.

    Orozco looked really good. I must say I’ve never heard of the kid, but he looked competent and composed. If Wynne could actually control the ball, he’d be a wicked threat as a wingback. Definitely has the pace.

    I just don’t think Jozy is getting the service he needs to be truly effective. The crossing from the wings, with the exception of Gaven’s release ball and some lobs from Holden, hasn’t been there to make him an aerial threat.

    I agree with everyone else in saying that Alvarez and Rogers should not have been let go. I can see Benny being left off due to sheer rust, but leaving off two up-and-coming natural left wingers is a crime. Nowak’s judgment really needs to be brought into question there (and for his absurd formation vs. Cuba).

  16. Dax didn’t play too badly to his defense.

    Just that in the first game him & Adu were our best players so it was almost a given his performance would slip a bit.

    I thought his positioning was ok. He was linking the defense with the midfield nicely and always seems to drop back to give the outside mids & Sach a drob back pass. I would like to see him switch the point of attack quicker, but I say that about most players.

    He’s a fighter in the middle and wins some balls.

    Anyway, IF we qualify he won’t see the field b/c Bradley will be in there with hopefully Benni, Edu or even Szetela.

  17. I was pretty disappointed with Zizzo last night. It seemed like every time he had the ball, he either passed it to the opponent or an opponent took the ball off of him. It was difficult to watch.

  18. Tony,

    I understand your point. His confidence has improved and it is nice to see Peter allow him to roam the field as an CAM/Withdrawn Forward. That being said, playing with the like of Rui Costa can do nothing but further his development and it appears (at least to me) that he sees more of the field than he did as recently as the U-20 World Cup.

  19. I’ve found myself comparing this U-23 team to this past summer’s U-20 team. I really enjoyed the U-20 team, while this U-23 team has been turgid.

    So that begs the question, what’s the difference b/t the two teams. Clearly the personnel is different. Of the 5 starting midfielders in the U-20 WC, the U-23 team is missing: Bradley (club duties), Szetela (club duties?); Rogers (left off of the team). Meanwhile Zizzo has only seen a half of PT.

    I guess my question to everyone is: are Bradley, Szetela, and Rogers that important? Or is it something else (coaching? motivation? opponents tactics?) All I know is that the U-20 team played some attractive, effetive soccer against a higher level of competition…

  20. TK I disagree with just about every one of your points.

    McCarty has excellent technique. His first touch often turns him away from danger and opens the field. His ball striking is clean and accurate; he takes set pieces for FC Dallas. His spacing is good. He knows when to cover, when to track. If he loses the ball he chases as he should.

    I’m willing to bet Sullivan and Dunseth have more high-level soccer experience than you. I find their analysis insightful, particularly Sullivan’s.

    I agree youth coaches and evaluators in the US leave a lot to be desired, but making the broad generalization that US coaches aren’t overflowing with brains is not particularly relevant. It’s more about the players. And Dax is a fine player with a bright future.

  21. I think the energy Dax brings is better suited to be a 2nd half sub.

    Nowak needs to put a 2nd forward with Jozy.

    That would create more space for both Jozy and Freddy.

  22. It USSF arguement holds water when you look at his limitations.

    Poor passing technique, poor touch, poor spacing when in doubt, run, run, run, run, run.

    He gets by the old U Sway. Hard work.

    In more cultured coutries it’s brains that are valued more. Those countries seem to play nicer/more fluid and do a bit better than us. WOuldn’t you say?

    Dunseth and Sullivan aren’t great refernence points either quite honestly.

    It’s not like their level is great.

    As for US coaches. You kind of make my point. Ours are pretty average to poor compared to the world stage. Brains is not something we are overflowing with here in the good ole US. Especially if you have ever seen our youth coaches and evaluators in action.

    Dax isn’t bad, with ht eproper teaching he could have been so much more is the point.

    Want US Soccer to improve? It actually starts at the bottom with evaluators and qualified trainers and teachers. Not what we have.

  23. Eddie Gaven?

    Mr. Almost. Almost makes the pass, almost gets the cross in, almost catches the guy blowing past him.

    Having him on the roster seriously calls Novak’s judgement iunto question. If Feilhaber was on the field, Altidore would be getting some service.

  24. McCarty was excellent against Cuba. Only Adu was better. His passing is smart and decisive. McCarty didn’t have a good game last night but that has been the exception over the course of the last year. Listen to what former players Christopher Sullivan and Brian Dunseth have to say about him. They are very impressed with his positioning and decision making. Kljestan is more capable of clever play but he is soft; he pulled out of several tackles, something McCarty doesn’t do.

    I find the negativity toward McCarty mind-boggling. The whole “product of US youth system” argument fails to hold water when you consider he has earned the trust and respect of foreign coaches Rongen, Morrow, and Nowak.

  25. I did Tivo Ives, but I just couldn’t help myself. Will watch the full match later and I pay attention to Dax and see what I was missing.

    I need a Panda.

  26. Not a lot of talk about Holden, but I thought he looked good. A little isolated at times, but he plays with some purpose.

    I like Dax. He does give up the ball too much, but I do like how he gets stuck in.

  27. Theo. I hate posts like your. That first line. Not you mind you, but th ethought process.

    Different world. In Panama. They opened up and actually, you know, attacked.

    Four of our goals came from long ball outrun the opponent type stuff becuase Pan was attacking. Tons mor erooom and space. Wouldn’t you say? Talk about playing to US youth socce strengths.

    Also, this Pan team was coached much better. Was more physical, more disciplined, wasn’t the same group, different sircumstances…I could go on.

    Your comaprison has zero validity.

    Different time, place, agendas, coaches, many different players, different tactics, differnt level of physicality, etc, etc, etc…

    Don’t fall into that trap.

    Rise above it an djudge on now, and what is relevant now, and what the circumstances are NOW…not then with different circumstances.

    Huge trap that the average fan falls into all of the time.

  28. Clicking back and forth TK? Don’t you have TIVO? LOL.

    I guess steady was the wrong word to describe McCarty, but what he did do well was get into good positions to receive the ball and get it off his feet to teammates. I felt he did that well. Now, there were sequences when he turned the ball over but by my count Kljestan had more of those sequences, which is alarming considering his is the far more skilled of the two.

    What’s funny is that coming into this tournament I was about as down on Dax McCarty as anybody. I had to give him his due against Cuba and now I am trying to watch him objectively, without my past opinion of him skewing my view. Maybe I’m giving him too much credit now. That said, I don’t think he was had as some folks are saying.

    And thanks for not spoiling the Lost episode. That is grounds for SBI banishment.

  29. not impressive performance…..only players that stood out in a positive way for me were Adu & Holden….Edu & Orozco were solid….otherwise, nobody really showed too much…the first touches were poor on the whole…the passing was not crisp & has not been yet in the tourney….i am concerned.

  30. Well Ives, I guess my standard is too high because I haven’t watched th ekid play much.

    Also Ives, I must admit, I was switching between the match and LOST and on 3 occassions I saw the win th eball, then lose it with an unpressuredd bad apss, and then run hard as he could after the a few passes were made by the opp, who weren’t techinically good enough to hold it long enough, resulting in a turnover right back.

    Could have been bad timing and I missed some of his better moments, but I did get the Armas chills.

    I don’t think he is terrible, we should just be smarter at this point IMO.

    Pray former Wilmer’s success, a great guy BTW. If he is successfull, along with Sundhage, we may be able to break the political/buddy appts. by the USSF.

    Note – The 2nd tier teams in C’CAf are taking it up a notch both athlete wise and tactically. I f anyone expects cakewalks and rollovers you are nuts.

    Then again, it’s not like we had any real prep for this tourney. Just crazy IMO.

  31. How is it that the U-20’s could beat Panama 5-0 and we have to win on a pk gift? Wings are not opening up space and I think Jose still has the flu. I am starting to wonder what we would have done if Benny and Rogers were playing? In fact I am starting to wonder how we would be doing if Rongen was the coach. Hopefully the boys break out against the Hondurans, this has not been a good team which surprises me because the talent is there.

  32. When Dax has a decent game we should be happy, not the same for Klejstan, he is expected to play better then he did.

    I for one didnt expect much out of Dax and he has been a pleasant surprise. If his energy level is a detriment now it will come in handy later when the players are tired.

    TK- I couldnt agree more, Pablo has been the only one of recent with backbone of the US.

    The one thing i did take away from the commentating last night was that it is clear that being on professional teams and not made up of college players definitely helps with our play, otherwise you would see 10 McCartys on the field. 1 I like, 10 makes not a pretty game.

  33. TK, I would have agreed with you regarding McCarty in the past but in this tournament I haven’t seen the chicken with his head cut off look that McCarty has shown in the past. I have never been a fan of his play but I feel like he has been a better passer and in better positions than I can recall him ever being.

    Does that mean he’s a lockdown starter? Not really, but I think you’re letting past performance skew what you see from McCarty now. I don’t think you’re alone in doing that either.

  34. Better than against Cuba? Yes. Convincing? No.

    What seems to be missing is that team effort; we have the stars and the quality but it appears the coach assumed they’d have the team structure by just putting together on the field and that’s not the case; they remind me of the 2006 WC Brazil team; superstars but not super team. Plus I feel that this team tends to backoff when the game gets rough (which is the style Panama has always played).

    I believe that if this game had been played anywhere in Central America with a more complacent ref, we might have not won. The referee was subpar at best, with bad calls against both teams but we did get a bit of hometown love which is typical with refs from the Caribbean here in the US; outside the US our guys would have been hit alot more and there would have been alot of non-calls. That’s Concacaf soccer.

  35. Listen guys, both McCarty and Kljestan committed unforced turnovers but I felt like McCarty passed the ball better. He played better against Cuba but I don’t think McCarty was terrible.

    And when I say Kljestan was disappointing, I say that because more is expected of him, that’s what disappointing means, to not do as well as you’re expected. I still rate him ahead of McCarty, but on Thursday I felt he didn’t play nearly as well as he can. We’ll see how he does against Honduras.

  36. QUote – McCarty was a one man wrecking crew for the US offense. – End Quote

    Deserves repeating. Ives, are you English?


    Dax is exactly what is wrong with the US youth system. Can you imagine what he would be if someone taught him the proper spacing, passing techniques and psotiioning growing up?

    He would be twice th eplayer he is now.

    Dax is what is truely sad about the US youth system.

    Just some “basic, basic, soccer teaching would have that kid playing another level up. Not magic. Basic teaching form a qualified teacher. Sigh.

  37. Dax doesn’t cover enough ground? I think he is the only midfielder you could say covers a lot of ground. I thought Adu, Edu looked good. Altidore showed flashes but still lacks the last thing to separate from a defender it looked like. I thought Zizzo was better in his brief spell than Gaven was, Gaven just seems lost out there, especially with the ball at his feet. Sascha has been awful, and seems to not only turn the ball over every time but also is constantly in bad positions. Sturgis is not a left back and it showed, he had no idea how to play wide. Why is there no left footed defenders on this roster?

  38. Kljestan a dissapointment?

    C’mon… sure he had some early turnovers at the beginning of the game. but no less than McCarty. As the game when on, Kljestan actually settle down and begin to play better making some nice passes to create those scoring chances you talk about.

    McCarty in the other hand continued to play kickball instead of soccer. There was nothing consistent between the first game and the second from McCarty.

  39. Oh yeah, something I really liked that we have been missing since Ramos, Harkes, Lalas and Waldo have left. Fire.

    Holden, Wynne and Orozco weren’t taking any guff from a cynical phyical dirty Panama. Seems that’s how all their teams play. Loved the grit. They wore that team down with their own tactics, stood up for their teammates tenacioulsy and gave as good as they got.

    With C’Crap officiating, as we saw last night, that is a must.

  40. Kljestan committed too many turnovers but McCarty was steady? Are you serious Ives? McCarty was a one man wrecking crew for the US offense.

  41. Brandon:

    I don’t think Freddy’s creativity and vision have advanced. I think his confidence has. He is now being asked to do what does best instead of constantly being harped on for his supposed shortcomings.

  42. I don’t know Ives. I think Dax was clearer poorer. The kid is a 100% youth systme prodeuct idf there ever was one.

    Poor passing, runr, run, rurn, run, run without paying attention to spacing. Lose the ball? No problem, run after the ball like a chicken without a head.

    The problem of course is that it worked at the less skilled youth levels, hell it’s applauded, but when you play decent teams that are tactically adept and can pass he will look like a fool running after the ball like he is playing “monkey in the middle”.

    However in US Soccer/1970’s English soccer/bottom of the P’ship-CCC world we applaud this.

    Of course that’s why England can’t be an elite team and their success comes from inports – coaching and players. Yeah, we love those work, work, work, run, run, run guys, but when push comes to shove, against a quality team, they are exposed for what they are…limited.

    I wish the kid well but he has a ways to go. Imagine if he could complete more than half of his open, unpressured passes. I just got Arma chills…eek.

  43. A better showing than against Cuba. Altidore looked better but again, whenever the ball gets to Freddy in these matches, I find myself scooting to the edge of my seat. Benfica has served him well as his vision and creativity has clearly advanced.

  44. Is Spector still coming in for the semi and final? If so, then he is definitely starting at center back and we would probably get an Orozco-Spector CB pairing with Edu in the center midfield.


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